Label Title AKA Director Year Country
20th Century Fox Alien
Ridley Scott 1979 GB
20th Century Fox Baffled
Philip Leacock 1972 GB
20th Century Fox Eagle Has Landed, The
John Sturges 1976 GB
20th Century Fox Inferno
Dario Argento 1980 IT
AFI Classics Tattooed Tears
Joan Churchill, Nicholas Broomfield 1978 US
Applause/Roadshow 11th Commandment, The
Paul Leder 1987 US
Applause/Roadshow Death Trap
Tobe Hooper 1976 US
Applause/Roadshow Death Weekend The House by the Lake William Fruet 1976 CAN
Applause/Roadshow Edge of Sanity
Gerard Kikoine 1988 GB
Applause/Roadshow Lust for Freedom
Eric Louzil 1987 US
Applause/Roadshow Redneck Zombies
Pericles Lewnes 1988 US
Applause/Roadshow Shriek of the Mutilated
Michael Findlay 1974 US
Australian Don's Party
Bruce Beresford 1976 AUS
Australian Popular Video Stork
Tim Burstall 1971 AUS
Australian Video/Star Video Breaker Morant
Bruce Beresford 1979 AUS
Australian Video/Star Video Man from Snowy River, The
George Miller 1982 AUS
Avatar Bridge to Hell
Luis Ciccarese, Umberto Lenzi 1986 IT
Avatar Dog Tags
Romano Scavolini 1986 IT, US
Avatar Trap, The
Giuseppe Patroni Griffi 1987 IT, SP
Avatar/Cannon Blood Tracks
Mats Helge Olsson 1986 SWE
Avatar/Cannon Street Trash
Jim Muro 1986 US
Avatar/Cannon Strike Commando
Bruno Mattei 1986 IT
Avatar/CBS/FOX Unhinged
Don Gronquist 1982 US
Avatar/CIC Stagefright
Michele Soavi 1986 US, IT
Avenue One Hellzapoppin'
H.C. Potter 1941 US
BBC Blake's 7: Duel
Vere Lorrimer, Douglas Camfield, Michael E. Briant 1978 GB
BBC Blake's 7: Orac
Michael E. Briant, Vere Lorrimer 1978 GB
BBC Blake's 7: The Aftermath
Vere Lorrimer, David Maloney, Fiona Cumming 1978 GB
BBC Blake's 7: The Beginning
Michael E. Briant, Pennant Roberts, Vere Lorrimer 1978 GB
BBC Doctor Who - Ark in Space
Rodney Bennett 1974 GB
BBC Doctor Who - Pyramids of Mars
Paddy Russell 1975 GB
BBC Doctor Who - Revenge of the Cybermen
Michael E. Briant 1975 GB
BBC Doctor Who - Terror of the Zygons
Douglas Camfield 1975 GB
BBC Doctor Who - The Brain of Morbius
Christopher Barry 1976 GB
BBC Doctor Who - The Five Doctors
Peter Moffatt 1983 GB
BBC Doctor Who - The Robots of Death
Michael E. Briant 1977 GB
BBC Threads
Mick Jackson 1984 GB
Blue Angel Caligula's Slaves! Part II

Blue Climax Wanted Women Jessi's Girls Al Adamson 1975 US
Box Office Int. 3 on a Meat Hook
William Girdler 1972 US
Box Office Int. Adios Amigo
Fred Williamson 1975 US
Box Office Int. Black Cavalry Soul Soldier John ‘Bud' Cardos 1970 US
Box Office Int. Black Samurai Black Terminator Al Adamson 1976 US
Box Office Int. Brother, Cry for Me
William White 1970 US
Box Office Int. Cathy's Curse
Eddy Matalon 1976 FR, CAN
Box Office Int. Dr. Jekyll's Dungeon of Death The Jekyll Experiment James Wood 1982 US
Box Office Int. Driller Killer, The
Abel Ferrara 1979 US
Box Office Int. Drive-In Massacre
Stuart Segall 1976 US
Box Office Int. Executioner 2
James Bryan 1982 US
Box Office Int. Honky
William A. Graham 1971 US
Box Office Int. Howling of a Winter’s Night Screams of a Winter Night James L. Wilson 1979 US
Box Office Int. Legacy of Satan
Gerard Damiano 1973 US
Box Office Int. Mad, Bad Bud Flatfoot Steno 1973 IT, WG
Box Office Int. OSS 117 Murder for Sale
Lorenzo Cerrato, Jean-Pierre Desagna 1968 FR, IT
Box Office Int. Ruthless Four, The
Giorgio Capitani 1968 IT, WG
Box Office Int. Scavengers, The
Robert Lee Frost 1969 US
Box Office Int. Street Kids of America Cruisin' High John Bushelman 1975 US
Box Office Int. Thorn, The The Divine Mr. J Peter Alexander 1973 US
Box Office Int. Victim, The Straight on Till Morning Peter Collinson 1972 GB
Box Office Int. Vietnam Hell Or Glory Don't Cry, It's Only Thunder Peter Werner 1981 US
Box Office Int. Warhead Prisoner in the Middle John O'Connor 1975 US, IS
Caballero/Rodox Aunt Peg Goes to Hollywood
Paul Vatelli 1981 US
Caballero/Rodox Baby Cakes
Robert C. Chinn (as Bob C. Chinn) 1982 US
Caballero/Rodox Black Silk Stockings
Billy Thornberg
Caballero/Rodox Butterflies
Joseph W. Sarno (as Joe Sarno) 1972 SWI
Caballero/Rodox Candi Girl
John Christopher 1977 US
Caballero/Rodox Centrefold Celebrities
Bobby Hollander 1982 US
Caballero/Rodox Centrefold Celebrities No.1
Bobby Hollander 1982 US
Caballero/Rodox Centrespread Girls
Robert McCallum 1982 US
Caballero/Rodox Confessions of a Woman
Anthony Spinelli 1977 US
Caballero/Rodox Cry for Cindy
Anthony Spinelli (as Wendy Locke) 1976 US
Caballero/Rodox Danish Escort Girls
John Hilbard 1976 DEN
Caballero/Rodox Debbie Does Dallas
Jim Clark 1978 US
Caballero/Rodox Deviations
Domingo Lobo 1983 US
Caballero/Rodox Erotic Interlude

1981 US
Caballero/Rodox Filthy Rich, The
Michael Zen 1980 US
Caballero/Rodox For Members Only

Caballero/Rodox For the Love of Pleasure
Edwin Brown 1980 US
Caballero/Rodox Girl from S.E.X., The
Paul Vatelli 1982 US
Caballero/Rodox I Like to Watch
Paul Vatelli 1982 US
Caballero/Rodox Intimate Illusions Boiling Point Paul Levis 1983 US
Caballero/Rodox Juliet Anderson Gets Physical
Domingo Lobo 1981 US
Caballero/Rodox Let's Talk Sex
Paul Vatelli 1983 US
Caballero/Rodox Lips
Paul Vatelli 1981 US
Caballero/Rodox Mafia Girls Love, Lust and Violence Norbert Meisel 1975 US
Caballero/Rodox Manhattan Mistress
Joe Davian 1981 US
Caballero/Rodox Master and Ms. Johnson, The
Peter Balakoff 1981 US
Caballero/Rodox My First Time The First Time Anthony Spinelli 1978 US
Caballero/Rodox Mystique
Roberta Findlay (as Robert W. Norman) 1979 US
Caballero/Rodox Nasty Nurses
Paul Vatelli 1983 US
Caballero/Rodox Oriental Babysitter
Leonard Burke 1976 US
Caballero/Rodox Portrait of Seduction
Anthony Spinelli 1976 US
Caballero/Rodox Private Teacher
Gary Graver 1983 US
Caballero/Rodox Seka's Fantasies
Bobby Hollander 1981 US
Caballero/Rodox Sex Games
Paul Vatelli 1983 US
Caballero/Rodox Sometime Sweet Susan
Fred Donaldson 1974 US
Caballero/Rodox Superstars featuring Bridgette Monet

1983 US
Caballero/Rodox Superstars featuring Seka

1983 US
Caballero/Rodox Swedish Erotica Vol. 42

1982 US
Caballero/Rodox Swedish Erotica Vol. 43

1982 US
Caballero/Rodox Swedish Erotica Vol. 44

1982 US
Caballero/Rodox Swedish Erotica Vol. 45

1983 US
Caballero/Rodox Swedish Erotica Vol. 46

1983 US
Caballero/Rodox Swedish Erotica Vol. 47

1983 US
Caballero/Rodox Swedish Erotica Vol. 48

1983 US
Caballero/Rodox Swedish Erotica Vol. 49

1983 US
Caballero/Rodox Talk Dirty to Me Part 2
Tim McDonald 1982 US
Caballero/Rodox Temptress, The

Caballero/Rodox Vanessa

Caballero/Rodox Velvet High
John Christopher 1980 US
Cannon Badge of Courage The Dirty Two Teodoro Ricci (as Tonino Ricci) 1969 IT
Cannon Black Moon Rising
Harley Cokliss 1986 US
Cannon Bloodfingers!
Kuan Shan 1972 HK
Cannon Deathly Riders The Loners Sutton Roley 1971 US
Cannon Family Enforcer Death Collector Ralph De Vito 1975 US
Cannon Forest 2, The

Cannon Human Tornado, The
Cliff Roquemore 1976 US
Cannon Revenge Joshua Larry Spangler 1976 US, MEX
Cannon Scalps
Fred Olen Ray 1983 US
Cannon Sea Ghost, The Der Seewolf Wolfgang Staudte, Sergiu Nicolaescu 1978 WG, ROM
Carnaby Paul Raymond's Erotica
Brian Smedley-Aston 1980 GB
Castle Video Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers
Fred Olen Ray 1988 US
CBL Nail Gun Massacre, The
Terry Lofton, Bill Leslie 1987 US
CBS/FOX Africa Blood and Guts Farewell Africa Gualtiero Jacopetti, Franco Prosperi 1966 IT
Ridley Scott 1979 GB
CBS/FOX Amazons
Alejandro Sessa 1987 US
CBS/FOX Bad Dreams
Andrew Fleming 1988 US
CBS/FOX Bad Medicine
Harvey Miller 1985 US
CBS/FOX Bad Taste
Peter Jackson 1988 NZ
CBS/FOX Barbarian Queen
Héctor Olivera 1985 US, ARG
CBS/FOX Beast Within, The
Philippe Mora 1981 US
CBS/FOX Big Red One, The
Samuel Fuller 1980 US
CBS/FOX Bizarre
Giuliana Gamba 1987 IT
CBS/FOX Black Caesar
Larry Cohen 1973 US
CBS/FOX Black Gunn
Robert Hartford-Davis 1972 US
Douglas Cheek 1984 US
CBS/FOX Challenge, The
John Frankenheimer 1981 US
Jack Hill 1973 US
CBS/FOX Commando
Mark L. Lester 1985 US
CBS/FOX Contagion
Karl Zwicky 1987 AUS
CBS/FOX Cut and Run
Ruggero Deodato 1985 IT
CBS/FOX Cycle Savages, The
Bill Brame 1969 US
CBS/FOX Damien: Omen II
Don Taylor 1978 US
CBS/FOX Damnation Alley
Jack Smight 1977 US
CBS/FOX Dawn of the Dead
George A. Romero 1978 US
CBS/FOX Death By Dialogue
Tom Dewier 1988 US
CBS/FOX Death Flash
Tony Zarindast 1987 US
CBS/FOX Death Hunt
Peter R. Hunt 1981 US
CBS/FOX Deathmaster, The
Ray Danton 1972 US
CBS/FOX Deathstalker II
Jim Wynorski 1987 US
CBS/FOX Demon of Paradise
Cirio H. Santiago 1987 US
CBS/FOX Demon, The
Larry Cohen 1976 US
CBS/FOX Demonwarp
Emmett Alston 1988 US
CBS/FOX Destination Moonbase Alpha
Tom Clegg 1975 GB
CBS/FOX Devouring Waves
Lamberto Bava (as John Old Jr.) 1984 IT, FR
CBS/FOX Dirt Bike Kid, The
Hoite C. Caston 1986 US
CBS/FOX Empire Strikes Back, The
Irvin Kershner 1980 US
CBS/FOX Entity, The
Sidney J. Furie 1982 US
CBS/FOX Equalizer 2000
Cirio H. Santiago 1986 US, PHIL
CBS/FOX Evil Dead 2 - Dead By Dawn
Sam Raimi 1987 US
CBS/FOX Fingers

CBS/FOX Fix, The
Will Zens 1984 US
CBS/FOX Foxtrap
Fred Williamson 1986 US
CBS/FOX Glass Jungle, The
Joseph Merhi 1989 US
CBS/FOX Hell's Angels on Wheels
Richard Rush 1967 US
CBS/FOX Hot Times
Jim McBride 1974 US
CBS/FOX House Where Death Lives, The
Alan Beattie 1980 US
CBS/FOX Imagemaker, The
Hal Weiner 1986 US
CBS/FOX Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Don Siegel 1955 US
CBS/FOX Joysticks
Greydon Clark 1983 US
CBS/FOX Killer, The Pigs Marc Lawrence 1972 US
CBS/FOX Kung Fu Emporer
Pao Hsueh-Li 1981 HK
CBS/FOX Last Battle of Yang Chao, The
Wu Man Sheung 1978 HK
CBS/FOX Last Plane Out
David Nelson 1982 US
CBS/FOX Maniac Cop
William Lustig 1988 US
CBS/FOX Masterblaster
Glen R. Wilder 1986 US
CBS/FOX Mini-Skirt Mob, The
Maury Dexter 1968 US
CBS/FOX Mondo Cane
Gualtiero Jacopetti, Franco Prosperi 1962 IT
CBS/FOX Mondo Cane 2 Mondo pazzo Gualtiero Jacopetti, Franco Prosperi 1965 IT
CBS/FOX Mongrel
Robert A. Burns 1983 US
CBS/FOX Moonshine County Express
Gus Trikonis 1976 US
CBS/FOX Neptune Factor, The
Daniel Petrie 1973 CAN
CBS/FOX Night of the Comet
Thom Eberhardt 1984 US
CBS/FOX Night of the Creeps
Fred Dekker 1986 US
CBS/FOX Night Screams
Allen Plone 1987 US
CBS/FOX Nightmare Never Ends, The Cataclysm Tom McGowan, Greg Tallas, Philip Marshak 1980 US
CBS/FOX No Mercy
Richard Pearce 1987 US
CBS/FOX Omen, The
Richard Donner 1976 US
CBS/FOX Out of the Body
Brian Trenchard-Smith 1988 AUS
CBS/FOX Park Is Mine, The
Steven Hilliard Stern 1985 US
CBS/FOX Pieces
Juan Piquer Simón 1981 PUERTO RICO, SP, US
CBS/FOX Predator
John McTiernan 1987 US
CBS/FOX Pretty Poison
Noel Black 1968 US
CBS/FOX Race with the Devil
Jack Starrett 1975 US
CBS/FOX Rebel of Shaolin
David Lin, Ko Pao 1982 HK
CBS/FOX Recruits
Rafal Zielinski
CBS/FOX Saturn 3
Stanley Donen 1979 GB
CBS/FOX Scared to Death
William Malone 1980 US
CBS/FOX Scream Blacula, Scream
Bob Kelljan 1973 US

CBS/FOX Slumber Party Massacre II
Deborah Brock 1987 US
CBS/FOX Sorority House Massacre
Carol Frank 1986 US
CBS/FOX Stunt Man, The

CBS/FOX Take a Hard Ride
Antonio Margheriti (as Anthony M. Dawson) 1975 IT, US
CBS/FOX Tales from the Crypt
Freddie Francis 1972 GB
CBS/FOX Terror in the Swamp
Joe Catalanotto, Martin Folse 1985 US
CBS/FOX Thing with Two Heads, The
R.L. Frost 1972 US
CBS/FOX Thrillkill
Anthony Kramreither, Anthony D'Andrea 1983 CAN
CBS/FOX Trip, The
Roger Corman 1967 US
CBS/FOX Unmasking the Idol
Worth Keeter 1986 US
CBS/FOX Visiting Hours
Jean-Claude Lord 1981 CAN
CBS/FOX Warning Sign
Hal Barwood 1985 US
CBS/FOX Witching, The
Bert I. Gordon 1971 US
CBS/FOX Wizards
Ralph Bakshi 1976 US
CBS/FOX Zardoz
John Boorman 1973 GB
CEL Adventures of Barry McKenzie, The
Bruce Beresford 1972 AUS, GB
CEL Beyond Reason
Telly Savalas 1977 US
CEL Big Bad Mama II
Jim Wynorski 1987 US
CEL Comeback, The
Pete Walker 1977 GB
CEL Cult of the Dead
Juan Ibanez, Jack Hill 1968 US, MEX
CEL Day of the Triffids, The
Steve Sekely 1962 GB
CEL Devil Bat
Jean Yarbrough 1940 US
CEL Doctor and the Devils The
Freddie Francis 1985 GB
CEL Edge of the Axe
José Ramón Larraz (as Joseph Braunstein) 1988 SP, US
CEL Fifth Missile, The
Larry Peerce 1986 US, IT
CEL Hercules Vs the Sea Monster
Albert Band
1965 IT, US
CEL Heroes Three Warriors Three Lau Shing-Hon 1983 HK
CEL In the Realm of the Senses Ai No Corrida Nagisa Oshima 1976 JAP, FR
CEL Mixed Blood
Paul Morrissey 1984 US, FR
CEL Mondo New York
Harvey Keith 1988 US
CEL Monster from Green Hell
Kenneth L. Crane 1958 US
CEL Nest, The
Terence H. Winkless 1988 US
CEL Never Too Young to Die
Gil Bettman 1986 US
CEL Possession: Until Death Do You Part
Lloyd A. Simandl, Michael Mazo 1987 CAN
CEL Protector, The
James Glickenhaus 1985 US, HK
CEL Slumber Party Massacre, The Slumber Party Murders Amy Jones 1982 US
CEL Special Effects
Larry Cohen 1984 US
CEL Stabilizer, The
Arizal 1987 INDONESIA
CEL Story of O Part II
Eric Rochat 1984 FR
CEL That Man Bolt
Henry Levin, David Lowell Rich 1973 US
CEL Undersea Adventures of Captain Nemo

1975 US
CEL/Star Broken Oath
Cheng Chang Ho 1977 HK
China Power Murder of Murders, The

CIC Ace High
Giuseppe Colizzi 1968 IT
CIC Airport '77
Jerry Jameson 1977 US
CIC Airport '80: The Concorde
David Lowell Rich 1979 US
CIC Airwolf
Donald P. Bellisario 1984 US
CIC April Fool's Day
Fred Walton 1986 US
CIC Archer and the Sorceress, The
Nick Corea 1981 US
CIC Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, The
Colin Higgins 1982 US
CIC Bloodline
Terence Young 1979 US, WG
CIC Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
Daniel Haller 1979 US
Jeannot Szwarc 1974 US
CIC Cat People
Paul Schrader 1981 US
CIC Clue
Jonathan Lynn 1985 UIS
CIC Delta Fox
Beverly Sebastian, Ferd Sebastian 1977 US
CIC Django Strikes Again
Nello Rossati 1987 IT, SP, WG
CIC Double Target
Bruno Mattei 1987 US, IT
CIC Eiger Sanction, The
Clint Eastwood 1975 US
CIC Escape from Alcatraz
Don Siegel 1979 US
CIC Funhouse, The
Tobe Hooper 1981 US
CIC Gator Bait Swamp Bait Ferd Sebastian, Beverly Sebastian 1972 US
CIC Intruder

CIC Island, The
Michael Ritchie 1980 US
CIC My Bloody Valentine
George Mihalka 1981 CAN
CIC Night Hawks
Bruce Malmuth 1981 US
CIC Nothing Underneath
Carlo Vanzina 1985 IT
CIC Prophecy
John Frankenheimer 1979 US
CIC Videodrome
David Cronenberg 1982 CAN
CIC Warriors, The
Walter Hill 1979 US
CIC-Taft Amazon Women on the Moon
Joe Dante, Peter Horton, Robert K. Weiss, Carl Gottlieb, John Landis 1987 US
CIC-Taft Birds, The
Alfred Hitchcock 1963 US
CIC-Taft Black Cobra
Stelvio Massi 1987 IT
CIC-Taft Black Cobra 2
Stelvio Massi 1988 IT
CIC-Taft Blades
Thomas R. Rondinella 1988 US
CIC-Taft Bloodstone
Dwight H. Little 1988 US
CIC-Taft Bride of Frankenstein
James Whale 1935 US
CIC-Taft Creature from the Black Lagoon
Jack Arnold 1954 US
CIC-Taft Dracula
Tod Browning 1931 US
CIC-Taft Dracula's Daughter
Lambert Hillyer 1936 US
CIC-TAft Framed
Phil Karlson 1974 US
CIC-Taft Frankenstein
James Whale 1931 US
CIC-Taft Friday's Curse
Timothy Bond, Richard Friedman
CIC-Taft Grayeyard Disturbance
Lamberto Bava 1987 IT
CIC-Taft Hydra
Amando De Ossorio (as Gregory Greens) 1985 SP, US
CIC-Taft Incredible Shrinking Man, The
Jack Arnold 1957 US
CIC-Taft Invisible Man, The
James Whale 1933 US
CIC-Taft Ivory Ape, The
Tom Kotani 1980 US, JAP
CIC-Taft Mummy, The
Karl Freund 1932 US
CIC-Taft Murder Gang
Al Adamson 1975 US
CIC-Taft Neither the Sea, Nor the Sand
Fred Burnley 1972 GB
CIC-Taft Powder Keg Dynamite Douglas Heyes 1970 US
CIC-Taft Private School for Girls
Noel Black 1983 US
CIC-Taft Satan's Sadists
Al Adamson 1970 US
CIC-Taft Sentinel, The
Michael Winner 1976 US
CIC-Taft That Man Bolt
Henry Levin, David Lowell Rich 1973 US
CIC-Taft Thing, The
John Carpenter 1982 US
CIC-Taft This Island Earth
Joseph M. Newman, Jack Arnold 1955 US
City Lites Big Foot Snowbeast Herb Wallerstein 1977 US
City Lites Cobra Against Ninja
Joseph Lai 1987 HK, US
City Lites Crime of Defeat The Fifth Day of Peace Giuliano Montaldo 1970 WG, YUG, IT
City Lites Fearmaker, The
Anthony Carras 1969 MEX, US
City Lites Hit Team, The Company of Killers Jerry Thorpe 1968 US
City Lites House of Evil The Evil Gus Trikonis 1978 US
City Lites Night Watch Firehouse Alex March 1973 US
City Lites Returning, The
Joel Bender 1983 US
City Lites Texas Burns At Night Summer Heat Jack Starrett 1982 US
Cobra Buffalo Rider
George Lauris 1976 US
Cobra You and Me
David Carradine 1974 US
Color Climax Confessions of a Lesbos Honey
Ilias Milonakos
Columbia Camille 2000
Radley Metzger 1969 US
Compact Black Cat, The
Edgar G. Ulmer 1934 US
Compact Plan 9 from Outer Space
Edward D. Wood Jr. 1958 US
Crystal Screen Entertainment 30 Winchesters for El Diablo Gold Train Gianfranco Baldanello (as Frank G. Carroll) 1965 IT
Crystal Screen Entertainment Alien Attack
Lee H. Katzin, Charles Crichton 1977 GB
Crystal Screen Entertainment Cannibals
Jesús Franco (as Jess Franco) 1980 FR
Day Connection Cannibals
Jesús Franco (as Jess Franco) 1980 FR
Daynight Video Warrior & the Ninja, The Warrior 2 H. Tjut Djalil 1985 INDON
Delta 1001 Nights
José María Elorrieta (as Joe Lacy) 1968 SP, IT
Delta Agent On Ice
Clark Worswick 1986 US
Delta Angels in Hell

Delta Angry Gun, The The Return of Ringo Duccio Tessari 1965 IT, SP
Delta Apache Woman
Giorgio Mariuzzo (as George McRoots) 1976 IT
Delta Assignment, The
Mats Arehn (as George Bisset) 1977 SWE, NORWAY
Delta Backdoor Brides

Delta Bloodthirsty Butchers
Andy Milligan 1970 US
Delta Cain's Revenge Fury at Sundown Antonio Margheriti (as Anthony M. Dawson) 1969 IT, WG
Delta Combat Shock
Buddy Giovinazzo 1986 US
Delta Danny Travis The Last Word Roy Boulting 1981 US
Delta Deadline Auto Theft
H.B. Halicki 1983 US
Delta Enforcer II Death Collector Ralph De Vito 1975 US
Delta Everyday Heroes Herowork Michael Adrian 1977 US
Delta Evil Judgment
Claude Castravelli 1984 CAN
Delta Fight for Your Life Un marinaio e mezzo Tommaso Dazzi 1985 IT
Delta Final Tactic Force Five Walter Grauman 1975 US
Delta First Strike
Allan Kuskowski 1986 US
Delta French Quarter Undercover
Joseph Catalanotto, Patrick C. Poole 1985 US
Delta Game of Survival Tenement Roberta Findlay 1985 US
Delta Gatling Gun, The
Robert Gordon 1972 US
Delta Haunts
Herb Freed 1976 US
Delta Home Before Midnight
Pete Walker 1978 GB
Delta Hot Water Junior Jim Hanley 1984 CAN
Delta Killing Machine
José Antonio De La Loma (as Anthony Loma) 1983 MEX, SP
Delta Lucky Johnny
Jose Antonio Balanos 1971 MEX
Delta Madron
Jerry Hopper 1970 US
Delta Malta World War 2 Hell Boats Paul Wendkos 1969 GB
Delta Mob Busters
Winston Richard 1986 US, HK
Delta Mob War
Bobby Davis 1978 US
Delta Night Angels Night Flowers Luis San Andres 1979 US
Delta Operation Eagle

Delta Oracle, The
Roberta Findlay 1985 US
Delta Peace Killers, The Rebel's Revenge Douglas Schwartz 1971 US
Delta Point Two Two Stone Cold Dead George Mendeluk 1979 CAN
Delta Prime Suspect
Jeffrey Hayden 1974 US
Delta Probability Zero
Maurizio Lucidi 1968 IT
Delta Red Blood, Yellow Gold
Nando Cicero 1968 IT, SP
Delta Return of Kid Barker, The
Robert J. Emery
Delta Ricco
Tulio Demicheli 1973 SP, IT
Delta Run Man Run
Sergio Sollima 1968 IT
Delta Savage Guns

Delta Single Bars Single Women
Harry Winer 1984 US
Delta Tainted
Orestes Matacena 1985 US
Delta Three Way Split
Gordon Hessler 1976 SP, US, VENEZ
Delta Thunder Run
Gary Hudson 1986 US
Delta Tomb, The
Fred Olen Ray 1986 US
Delta Torn Allegiance
Alan Nathanson 1984 US
Delta Virgin Terror Rings of Fear Alberto Negrin 1978 IT, WG, SP
Delta Visitor, The
Giulio Paradisi 1978 IT, US
Delta Woman in the Rain A Hell Black Night Paul Hunt 1976 US
Delta Young Landlords, The

1983 US
Divine Video (Palace) Desperate Living
John Waters 1977 US
Divine Video (Palace) Female Trouble
John Waters 1974 US
Divine Video (Palace) Pink Flamingos
John Waters 1972 US
Eagle Brothers Grimm X-Rated Cartoons
Arthur King 1986 US
Eagle Men Behind the Sun
Tun Fei Mou 1988 HK
Eagle Shocking Africa
Alfredo Castiglioni, Angelo Castiglioni
1982 IT
Electric Blue Exposé House on Straw Hill James Kenelm Clarke 1975 GB
Electric Blue Hardcore
James Kenelm Clarke 1977 GB
Elite Video/Videoscope I Will Fight No More Forever
Richard T. Heffron 1975 US
Embassy Billy the Kid v. Dracula
William Beaudine 1965 US
Embassy Call Him Mr. Shatter
Michael Carreras 1974 HK, GB
Embassy Confessions of a Police Captain
Damiano Damiani 1971 IT
Embassy Corpse Grinders, The
Ted V. Mikels 1971 US
Embassy Escape from New York
John Carpenter 1981 US
Embassy Eye for an Eye, An
Steve Carver 1981 US
Embassy Fear No Evil Mark of the Beast Frank LaLoggia 1980 US
Embassy Final Exam
Jimmy Huston 1981 US
Embassy Homebodies
Larry Yust 1973 US
Embassy Howling, The
Joe Dante 1980 US
Embassy Humongous
Paul Lynch 1981 CAN
Embassy J.C.
William F. McGaha 1971 US
Embassy Nightcomers, The
Michael Winner 1971 GB
Embassy Paradise
Stuart Gillard 1981 US
Embassy Premonition, The
Robert Allen Schnitzer 1975 US
Embassy Prom Night
Paul Lynch 1980 CAN
Embassy Slumber Party Massacre
Amy Jones 1982 US
Embassy Special Effects
Larry Cohen 1984 US
Embassy Telephone Book, The
Nelson Lyon 1971 US
Embassy Vice Squad
Gary A. Sherman 1981 US
EMI Convoy
Sam Peckinpah 1978 US
Empire Films Assault of the Rebel Girls Cuban Rebel Girls Barry Mahon 1959 US
Empire Films Crawling Hand, The
Herbert L. Strock 1963 US
Empire Films Horror Express
Eugenio Martin (as Gene Martin) 1972 SP, GB
Empire Films Rocket Attack USA
Barry Mahon 1960 US
Eros Annie the Virgin of St. Tropez Virgin of the Beaches Zygmunt Sulistrowski 1975 FR, BRAZIL
Eros Inhibition
Paolo Poeti (as Paul Price) 1976 IT
Eros My Swedish Aunt
Mario Siciliano 1980 IT
Eros To Be Twenty
Fernando Di Leo 1978 IT
Essex/Pink Seduction of Amy, The
Jean Rollin (as Dale J. Martin) 1976 FR
Film and Cable Services Barcelona Kill
José Antonio De La Loma 1972 SP
Film, Video & Cable Sales Dawn of the Mummy
Farouk Agrama (as Frank Agrama) 1981 US, IT, EGYPT
Film, Video & Cable Sales Executioner, The The Assassination Reza S. Badiyi 1972 IS, WG
Film, Video & Cable Sales Finishing School
Narciso Ibañez Serrador 1969 SP
Film, Video & Cable Sales Last Train, The
Pierre Granier-Deferre 1973 FR, IT
Filmpac Curse of the Cannibal Confederates, The The Curse of the Screaming Dead Tony Malanowski 1982 US
Filmpac Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
Dwight H. Little 1988 US
Filmpac Just Ask for Diamond
Stephen Bayley 1988 GB
Filmways Amazons, The

Filmways Big Zapper, The
Lindsay Shonteff 1973 GB
Filmways Come Play with Me 2
Erwin C. Dietrich (as Michael Thomas) 1980 WG, SWI
Filmways Crazed
Richard Cassidy 1982 US
Filmways Dusty
John Richardson 1982 AUS
Filmways Emanuelle on Taboo Island
Enzo D'Ambrosio, Humberto Morales 1976 IT, VENEZUELA
Filmways Evil Dead
Sam Raimi 1982 US
Filmways For Your Height Only
Eddie Nicart 1982 PHIL
Filmways Frankenstein Island
Jerry Warren 1981 US
Filmways How Sleep the Brave
Lindsay Shonteff (as Lyndon James Swift) 1981 GB
Filmways Linda Story of Linda Jesús Franco (as Jack Griffin) 1980 WG, SP
Filmways Little Boy Lost
Terry Bourke 1978 AUS
Filmways Long Swift Sword of Siegfried, The
Adrian Hoven, David F. Friedman 1971 WG, US
Filmways Love Camp
Jesús Franco (as Jess Franco) 1977 SWI, WG
Filmways Mad Jo
Rudolf Zehetgruber (as R.Z. Gruber) 1968 WG
Filmways Madame Olga's Pupils
José Ramón Larraz (as José L. Gil) 1981 SP
Filmways No.1 of the Secret Service
Lindsay Shonteff 1978 GB
Filmways Play Dead Killer Dog Peter Wittman 1982 US
Filmways Primitives Savage Terror Sisworo Gautama Putra 1979 INDONESIA
Filmways Sunnyboy & Sugarbaby
Franz J. Gottlieb 1979 WG
Filmways Super Monster
Noriaki Yuasa 1980 JAP
Filmways Superbug Rides Again
Rudolf Zehetgruber 1972 WG, SWI
Filmways Swedish Sex Service

Filmways Three Swedish Girls in Hamburg Nympho Girls Walter Boos 1980 WG
Filmways Virgins on the Run

Filmways Wild & Beautiful in Ibiza Die Schönen Wilden von Ibiza Siggi Götz 1980 WG
Filmways VTC (K-Tel) 2019 After the Fall of New York
Sergio Martino (as Martin Dolman) 1983 IT, FR
Filmways VTC (K-Tel) Alien Terror
Ciro Ippolito (as Sam Cromwell) 1980 IT
Filmways VTC (K-Tel) Alone in the Dark
Jack Sholder 1982 US
Filmways VTC (K-Tel) Ark of the Sun God, The
Antonio Margheriti (as Anthony M. Dawson) 1984 IT, TUR
Filmways VTC (K-Tel) Black Cat, The
Lucio Fulci 1981 IT
Filmways VTC (K-Tel) Blood Rush Rush - The Assassin Teodoro Ricci (as Anthony Richmond) 1983 IT
Filmways VTC (K-Tel) Blue Sunshine
Jeff Lieberman 1977 US
Filmways VTC (K-Tel) BMX Bandits
Brian Trenchard-Smith 1984 AUS
Filmways VTC (K-Tel) Caged Fury
Cirio H. Santiago 1980 PHIL
Filmways VTC (K-Tel) Chosen, The
Jeremy Paul Kagan 1981 US
Filmways VTC (K-Tel) Death Collector Enforcer II Ralph De Vito 1975 US
Filmways VTC (K-Tel) Devonsville Terror, The
Ulli Lommel 1983 US
Filmways VTC (K-Tel) Every Girl Should Have One
Robert Hyatt 1979 US
Filmways VTC (K-Tel) Final Executioner
Romolo Girolami (as Romolo Guerrieri) 1983 IT
Filmways VTC (K-Tel) Harry Tracy
William A. Graham 1982 CAN
Filmways VTC (K-Tel) Hitchhike
Pasquale Festa Campanile 1977 IT
Filmways VTC (K-Tel) Hotwire
Frank Q. Dobbs 1980 US
Filmways VTC (K-Tel) Instructor, The
Don Bendell 1983 US
Filmways VTC (K-Tel) Little Sex, A
Bruce Paltrow 1981 US
Filmways VTC (K-Tel) Man Called Blade, A
Sergio Martino 1977 IT
Filmways VTC (K-Tel) Nutcracker

Filmways VTC (K-Tel) Raiders of Atlantis The Atlantis Interceptors Ruggero Deodato (as Roger Franklin) 1983 IT
Filmways VTC (K-Tel) Returning, The
Joel Bender 1983 US
Filmways VTC (K-Tel) Shark Hunter, The
Enzo G. Castellari 1979 IT, SP
Filmways VTC (K-Tel) Shocking Asia
Rolf Olsen (as Emerson Fox) 1974 WG
Filmways/K-Tel Aces Go Places Mad Mission Tsang Chi-Wai (as Eric Tsang) 1981 HK
Filmways/K-Tel Adam and Nicole Erotic Inferno Trevor Wrenn 1975 GB
Filmways/K-Tel Guyana: Crime of the Century
René Cardona Jr. 1979 MEX, SP, PANAMA
Filmways/K-Tel Human Animals
Eligio Herrero 1983 SP
Filmways/K-Tel Hustler Squad
Cesar Chat Gallardo 1976 PHIL, US
Filmways/K-Tel Melody in Love
Hubert Frank 1978 WG
Filmways/K-Tel Naked Country, The
Tim Burstall 1985 AUS
Filmways/K-Tel Ninja Mission, The
Mats Helge Olsson (as Mats Helge) 1984 SWE, GB
Filmways/K-Tel Probability Zero
Maurizio Lucidi 1968 IT
Filmways/K-Tel Red Alert
William Hale 1977 US
Filmways/K-Tel Shocking Asia 2: The Last Taboos
Rolf Olsen 1985 HK, WG
Filmways/K-Tel Siege
Paul Donovan, Maura O'Connell 1982 CAN
Filmways/K-Tel Sleepaway Camp Nightmare Vacation Robert Hiltzak 1983 US
Filmways/K-Tel Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The
Tobe Hooper 1974 US
Filmways/K-Tel Van Nuys Blvd.
William Sachs 1979 US
First Call High Crime
Enzo G. Castellari 1973 IT, SP
GA International 12 Plus One 13 Chairs Nicolas Gessner, Luciano Lucignani 1969 IT, FR
GA International Cain's Way Cain's Cut Throats Kent Osborne 1969 US
GA International Death Promise
Robert Warmflash 1977 US
GA International Dirt Riders
Dale White 1979 US
GA International Gemani Affair, The
Matteo Ottaviano (as Matt Cimber) 1973 US
GA International Ginger
Don Schain 1971 US
GA International Manhunt Hired To Kill Fernando Di Leo 1972 IT, WG
GA International Place Called Today, A
Don Schain 1972 US
GA International Superman! The Musical
Jack Regas 1975 US
Galaxy Achilles
Marino Girolami 1962 IT
Galaxy Skin 'Em Alive
Mario Siciliano 1979 IT
Galaxy Sticks of Death
Ava C. Caparas 1980 US
Galaxy Zombi Holocaust
Marino Girolami (as Frank Martin) 1980 IT
Global Video/K-Tel Charley One-Eye
Don Chaffey 1972 US
Global Video/K-Tel Keoma - Half Breed
Enzo G. Castellari 1976 IT
Global Video/K-Tel Kirlian Witness, The The Plants Are Watching Jonathan Sarno 1981 US
Global Video/K-Tel Sex and the Animals
George Costello 1969 US
Global Video/K-Tel Two Fathers' Justice
Rod Holcomb 1984 US
Go Anzac Story, The

Go Big Combo, The
Joseph H. Lewis 1954 US
Go Cottonpickin' Chickenpickers
Larry E. Jackson 1967 US
Go Cry of Battle
Irving Lerner 1963 US, PHIL
Go Flesh Feast
Brad F. Grinter 1969 US
Go God's Little Acre
Anthony Mann 1958 US
Go Haunted and the Hunted, The Dementia 13 Francis Ford Coppola 1963 US
Go Hello London
Sidney Smith 1958 GB
Go Kiss Me Quick
Russ Meyer 1964 US
Go Men In War
Anthony Mann 1957 US
Go Sex & the Office Girl

Go She Freak
Byron Mabe 1967 US
Go Shotgun Wedding
Boris L. Petroff 1963 US
Go Subscription

Go Unknown World
Terrell O. Morse 1951 US
Go Wonderful World of Girls, The
Peter Perry (as Arthur P. Stootsberry) 1965 US
Gold Key Bruce King of Kung Fu
Bruce Le [Huang Kin Lung] 1980 HK
Gold Key Crazy Mama
Jonathan Demme 1975 US
Gold Key Dolemite
D'Urville Martin 1974 US
Gold Key Dragon Force
Key Nam Nam (as Michael King) 1981 HK
Gold Key Edge, The
Allan Levine 1984 CAN
Gold Key Night After Night After Night
Lindsay Shonteff (as Lewis J. Force)
Gold Key Terminal Island
Stephanie Rothman 1973 US
Golden Lion Beast in the Cellar, The
James Kelly 1970 GB
Golden Lion Bizarre Graffiti

Golden Lion Blood on Satan's Claw
Piers Haggard 1970 GB
Golden Lion Doomwatch
Peter Sasdy 1972 GB
Golden Lion Elvis Live from Hawaii
Marty Pasetta 1973 US
Golden Lion Flesh and Blood Show, The
Pete Walker 1972 GB
Golden Lion Gold Rush, The
Charles Chaplin 1925 US
Golden Lion Healers, The
Harry Martin
Golden Lion Love Letters from Teralba Road
Stephen Wallace 1977 AUS
Golden Lion Magnificent 7 Deadly Sins, The
Graham Stark 1971 GB
Golden Lion Mean Streets
Martin Scorsese 1973 US
Golden Lion Not Now, Darling
Ray Cooney, David Croft 1972 GB
Golden Lion Raw Deal
Russell Hagg 1977 AUS
Golden Lion Satan's Slave
Norman J. Warren 1976 GB
Golden Lion This Is America 1

Golden Lion This Is America 2

Golden Years of Hollywood Cabinet of Doctor Caligari, The
Robert Wiene 1919 WG
Goldseal Convoy Busters
Stelvio Massi 1978 IT
Goldseal Diary of a Closeted Nun Story of a Cloistered Nun Domenico Paolella 1973 IT, WG, FR
Goldseal Five Dolls for an August Moon
Mario Bava 1970 IT
Goldseal Force Four
Michael Fink 1975 US
Goldseal Long Arm of the Godfather, The
Leonardo Bonomi (as Nardo Bonomi) 1972 IT
Hollywood Classics And Now the Screaming Starts
Roy Ward Baker 1973 GB
Hollywood Classics Asylum
Roy Ward Baker 1972 GB
Hollywood Classics Vault of Horror
Roy Ward Baker 1973 GB
Hollywood House Alice, Sweet Alice Communion Alfred Sole 1976 US
Hollywood House Battle Beyond the Sun
Aleksander Kozyr, Mikhail Karyukov 1959 USSR
Hollywood House Bill & Coo
Dean Riesner 1947 US
Hollywood House Buck Rogers

Hollywood House Day It Came to Earth, The
Harry Thomason 1979 US
Hollywood House Dementia 13 The Haunted and the Hunted Francis Ford Coppola 1963 US
Hollywood House Dick Tracy vs Cueball
Gordon Douglas 1946 US
Hollywood House Dracula
Tod Browning 1931 US
Hollywood House Flash Gordon

Hollywood House Freaks
Tod Browning 1932 US
Hollywood House Ghosts on the Loose
William Beaudine 1943 US
Hollywood House Godzilla Vs the Thing!
Inoshiro Honda 1964 JAP
Hollywood House House on Haunted Hill
William Castle 1958 US
Hollywood House Lost World, The
Harry O. Hoyt 1925 US
Hollywood House M
Fritz Lang 1931 WG
Hollywood House Mysteries of the Gods
Charles Romine 1976 US
Hollywood House Naughty Nostalgia

Hollywood House Night of the Living Dead
George A. Romero 1968 US
Hollywood House Phantom of the Opera, The
Rupert Julian 1925 US
Hollywood House Phantom Planet
William Marshall 1961 US
Hollywood House Plan 9 from Outer Space
Edward D. Wood Jr. 1956 US
Hollywood House Seven Samurai, The
Akira Kurosawa 1954 JAP
Hollywood House Son of Godzilla
Jun Fukuda 1967 JAP
Hollywood House Terror, The
Roger Corman 1963 US
Hollywood House Things to Come
William Cameron Menzies 1936 GB
Hollywood House Vampyr
Carl T. Dreyer 1931 FR, WG
Hollywood House Voyage to a Pre-Historic Planet
Curtis Harrington 1965 US
Hollywood House Wasp Women
Roger Corman 1959 US
Horror Vision Doomwatch
Peter Sasdy 1972 GB
Hoyts Polygram Murphy's Law
J. Lee Thompson 1986 US
IFM/Filmpac Vampire Happening, The
Freddie Francis 1970 WG
Intercontinental Stacey
Andy Sidaris 1973 US
Intermedia Pictures Escape from Berlin

International Video House Charge!
Giuseppe Rosati 1973 IT, SP
Intervision Adventures of a Plumber's Mate
Stanley Long 1978 GB
Intervision Black Panther, The
Ian Merrick 1978 GB
Intervision Blazing Flowers
Gianni Martucci (as George Hilton) 1977 IT
Intervision Brood, The
David Cronenberg 1979 CAN
Intervision Cocodile
Sompote Sands 1978 HK, THAI
Intervision Crocodile
Sompote Sands 1978 HK, THAI
Intervision Death Dimension
Al Adamson 1978 US
Intervision Don't Go Near the Park
Lawrence D. Foldes 1979 US
Intervision Eagle in a Cage
Fielder Cook 1970 GB, YUG
Intervision Hardcore
James Kenelm Clarke 1977 GB
Intervision House of the Living Dead
Ray Austin 1973 SA
Intervision I'm Going to Be Famous
Paul Leder 1978 US
Intervision Jekyll and Hyde Portfolio, The
Eric Jeffrey Haims 1971 US
Intervision King of Kong Island
Roberto Mauri (as Robert Morris) 1968 IT
Intervision King Solomon's Treasure
Alvin Rakoff 1976 CAN, GB
Intervision Kingdom of the Spiders
John ‘Bud' Cardos 1977 US
Intervision Man Outside, The
Samuel Gallu 1967 GB
Intervision Mean Johnny Barrows
Fred Williamson 1975 US
Intervision Mistress of the Apes
Larry Buchanan 1979 US
Intervision Night Creature
Lee Madden 1977 US
Intervision Outlaw Riders
Tony Houston
Intervision Sisters of Death
Joseph A. Mazzuca 1972 US
Intervision Unknown Powers
Don Como 1977 US
K.V. Video Couple Perverse Un couple, parmi tant d'autres... mais si pervers Jean-Paul Marise 1974 FR
K.V. Video Seven Women for Satan
Michel Lemoine 1974 FR
K&C 2069: A Sex Odyssey
Sam Kopetsky 1969 US
K&C 40 Graves for 40 Guns Machismo Paul Hunt 1970 US
K&C 99 Women
Jesús Franco 1968 WG, IT, SP
K&C Axe California Axe Massacre Frederick R. Friedel 1977 US
K&C Behind Convent Walls
Walerian Borowcyzk 1977 IT, WG
K&C Below the Belt
Bethel Buckalew 1971 US
K&C Bermuda Triangle, The
Rene Cardona Jr. 1977 MEX, IT
K&C Beyond the Door II Shock Mario Bava 1977 IT
K&C Biggest Battle, The Battle Force Umberto Lenzi 1977 IT
K&C Black Veil for Lisa, A Death Has No Sex Massimo Dallamano 1968 IT, WG
K&C Blood Voyage
Frank Mitchell 1976 US
K&C Bluff The Con Artists Sergio Corbucci 1976 IT
K&C Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw
Mark L. Lester 1975 US
K&C Boob Tube, The
Christopher Odin 1974 US
K&C Brain of Blood
Al Adamson 1971 US
K&C Bummer The Sadist William Allen Castleman 1973 US
K&C Cat O' Nine Tails, The
Dario Argento 1971 IT, FR, WG
K&C Charleston
Marcello Fondato 1976 IT
K&C Child, The
Robert Voskanian 1976 US
K&C Chorus Call
Antonio Shepherd 1979 US
K&C City of the Living Dead, The
Lucio Fulci 1980 IT
K&C Cobra
Umeji Inoue 1975 JAP
K&C Colour Me Dead
Eddie Davis 1970 AUS
K&C Come One Come All
Sebastian Gregory (as Tony Vorno) 1970 US
K&C Commandos Sullivan's Marauders Armando Crispino 1968 IT, WG
K&C Countess Died of Laughter, The
Franz Antel (as François Legrand) 1973 WG, IT
K&C Cry Sweet Revenge Uncle Tom's Cabin Géza von Radványi 1965 WG, FR, IT
K&C Cyclone
René Cardona Jr. 1977 MEX, IT
K&C Deathhead Virgin, The
Norman Foster 1973 PHIL
K&C Depraved Relations Liaisons perverses Edgar P. Sullivan 1975 FR
K&C Devils of Darkness
Lance Comfort 1965 GB
K&C Doomwatch
Peter Sasdy 1972 GB
K&C Emanuelle's Daughter: Blue Belle
Massimo Dallamano 1975 GB, IT
K&C Erika's Hot Summer
Gary Graver 1970 US
K&C Erotic Adventures of Pinocchio, The
Corey Allen 1970 US
K&C Erotic Adventures of Superknight, The
Raphael Nussbaum 1976 US
K&C Erotic Adventures of Zorro, The
William Allen Castleman (as Col Robert Freeman) 1971 US, WG, FR
K&C Exotic Dreams of Casanova, The
Dwayne Avery 1971 US
K&C Extreme Close-Up
Charles De Santos (as Charles De Santi) 1981 US
K&C Eyes Behind the Stars
Mario Gariazzo (as Roy Garrett) 1978 IT
K&C Fabulous Bastard from Chicago, The
Greg Corarito 1969 US
K&C Futz
Tom O'Horgan 1969 US
K&C Games Guys Play, The
Jerry London 1975 US
K&C Girl in the Streets A Scream in the Streets Carl Monson 1972 US
K&C Girl Who Knew Too Much, The
Mario Bava 1962 IT
K&C Girls for Rent I Spit on Your Corpse Al Adamson 1974 US
K&C Hard Heads, The

K&C High Velocity
Remi Kramer 1975 US
K&C Hitchhikers, The
Ferdinand Sebastian, Beverly Sebastian 1971 US
K&C How to Suceed with Sex
Bert I. Gordon 1970 US
K&C Hungry Pets, The Please Don’t Eat My Mother! Carl Monson 1972 US
K&C Inglorious Bastards
Enzo G. Castellari 1977 IT
K&C Island of Terror
Terence Fisher 1966 GB
K&C Jump Fury on Wheels Joe Manduke 1971 US
K&C King Kong Vs. Godzilla
Inoshiro Honda 1962 JAP
K&C Lady Godiva Rides Again
Stephen C. Apostoloff (as A.C. Stephen) 1968 US, SWI
K&C Linda Lovelace for President
Claudio Guzman 1975 US
K&C Lonely Wives
Hubert Frank 1972 WG
K&C Love and Death in a Woman's Prison Behind Bars Rino Di Silvestro 1972 IT
K&C Love Boccaccio Style

K&C Loves of Cynthia, The Sexy Sisters Arnold Baxter 1974 DEN
K&C Magic Christian, The
Joseph McGrath 1969 GB
K&C Mantis in Lace
William Rotsler 1969 US
K&C Masters, The Flower in His Mouth Luigi Zampa 1975 IT
K&C Mother Up Your Teddy Bear Don Joslyn 1970 US
K&C Mr. Superinvisible
Antonio Margheriti (as Anthony M. Dawson) 1970 IT, WG, SP
K&C Naked Came the Stranger
Radley Metzger (as Henry Paris) 1975 US
K&C Naughty Nymphs

K&C Night of the Big Heat
Terence Fisher 1967 GB
K&C Night of the Sorcerers, The
Amando De Ossorio 1973 SP
K&C Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill, The
A.P. Stootsberry 1966 US
K&C Ocean Oceano Folco Quilici 1971 IT
K&C Orgy Box, The The Toy Box Ron Garcia 1970 US
K&C Paranoia
Umberto Lenzi 1969 IT, FR
K&C Pets
Raphael Nussbaum 1973 US
K&C Plugg
Terry Bourke 1975 AUS
K&C Ramrodder, The
Van Guylder 1969 US
K&C Rattlers
John McCauley 1976 US
K&C Reason To Live, a Reason To Die, A Massacre at Fort Holman Tonino Valerii 1972 IT, FR, SP, WG
K&C Revenge of Trinity
Mario Camus 1970 SP, IT
K&C Ribald Tales of Robin Hood, The
Richard Kanter 1969 US
K&C Road to Atlanta

K&C Roseland
James Ivory 1977 US
K&C Run Joe Run
Giuseppe Colizzi 1974 IT, SP, FR
K&C Sahara Cross Desert Chase Tonino Valerii 1977 IT, TUNISIA
K&C Schoolgirl Hitchhikers Jeunes filles impudiques Jean Rollin (as Michel Gentil) 1973 FR
K&C Secret Sex Lives of Romeo and Juliet, The
A.P. Stootsberry 1969 US
K&C Secrets of Sweet Sixteen What Schoolgirls Don't Tell Ernst Hofbauer 1973 WG
K&C Sexcapades of Celestine, The
Jesús Franco (as Clifford Brown) 1974 FR
K&C Sexual Freedom U.S.A.

K&C Sexual Liberty in Private

K&C Shadow of Chikara, The
Earl E. Smith 1976 US
K&C Shark
Samuel Fuller 1968 MEX, US
K&C She's 17 and Anxious
Aristide Massaccesi (as Joe D'Amato) 1977 IT
K&C Sinai Commandos
Raphael Nussbaum 1968 IS, WG
K&C Ski Spectacular

K&C Skippy and the Intruders The Intruders Lee Robinson 1969 AUS
K&C Soldier of Fortune
Pasquale Festa Campanile 1976 IT, FR
K&C Space War
Jun Fukuda 1977 JAP
K&C Starlet
Richard Kanter 1969 US
K&C Subterfuge
Peter Graham Scott 1968 GB, US
K&C Sunburst Slashed Dreams James Polakof 1974 US
K&C Sunstruck
James Gilbert 1972 AUS
K&C Sweet Georgia
Edward Boles 1972 US
K&C Sweet Sugar
Michel Levesque 1972 US
K&C Tale of the Dean's Wife, The
Benjamin Onivas 1970 US
K&C That Lady from Peking
Eddie Davis 1970 AUS, US
K&C Thirsty Dead, The
Terry Becker 1973 US, PHIL
K&C Toys Are Not for Children
Stanley H. Brasloff 1972 US
K&C Viva Max
Jerry Paris 1969 US
K&C Weekend Lovers
Dwayne Avery 1969 US
K&C Wilbur and the Baby Factory
Tom Wolfe 1970 US
K&C Wild Gypsies
Marc B. Ray 1970 US
K&C X from Outer Space, The
Kazui Nihonmatzu 1968 JAP
K&C Yeti
Gianfranco Parolini (as Frank Kramer) 1977 IT
K&C Younger the Better, The
Alois Brummer 1973 WG
K&C Zebra Killer, The Panic City William Girdler 1974 US
K-Tel Bees, The
Alfredo Zacharias 1978 US, MEX
K-Tel Catastrophe
Larry Savadove 1976 US
K-Tel Children of the Night Daughters of Darkness Harry Kumel 1971 BEL, FR, IT, WG
K-Tel Convict Women Thunder County Chris Robinson 1974 US
K-Tel Death Machines
Paul Kyriazi 1975 US
K-Tel Dog Day
Yves Boisset 1983 FR
K-Tel Executioner, The Massacre Mafia Style Duke Mitchell 1974 US
K-Tel For Love... Or Murder Kemek Theodore Gershuny, Don Rene Patterson 1970 IT, WG
K-Tel Friday the 13th: The Orphan
John Ballard 1977 US
K-Tel Gone in 60 Seconds
H.B. Haliki 1974 US
K-Tel Hard Rock Zombies
Krishna Shah 1984 US
K-Tel Ironmaster, The
Umberto Lenzi (as Humphrey Milestone) 1982 IT, FR
K-Tel Junkman, The Gone in 60 Seconds II
1982 US
K-Tel Kampuchea Express
Lek Kitiparaporn 1981 THAI, IT
K-Tel Killer Likes Candy, The
Federico Chentrens (as Richard Owens), Maurice Cloche 1968 IT, FR, WG
K-Tel Mission Hill
Robert Jones 1982 US
K-Tel New York After Midnight
Jacques Scandelari 1983 US, FR
K-Tel No Time to Die
Helmut Ashley 1984 WG, INDON
K-Tel Rooster

K-Tel Sword of the Barbarians, The
Michele Massimo Tarantini (as Michael E. Lemick) 1982 IT
K-Tel Throne of Fire
Francesco Prosperi (as Franco Prosperi) 1983 IT
K-Tel Tornado Patrol

K-Tel White Fire
Jean-Marie Pallardy 1983 FR, TUR, GB
King Curious Case of the Campus Corpse, The
Douglas Curtis 1978 US
King of Video 13 Styles Strike

King of Video 4D Man, The
Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr. 1959 US
King of Video Adios Amigo
Fred Williamson 1975 US
King of Video Alice, Sweet Alice Communion Alfred Sole 1976 US
King of Video All About Gloria Leonard
Gloria Leonard 1979 US
King of Video All in the Sex Family

King of Video Analyse Your Sex

King of Video Animals, The Five Savage Men Ron Joy 1971 US
King of Video Anita

King of Video Aphrodesia

King of Video Astro Zombies

King of Video Aunties Secret Society

King of Video Awakening of Annie, The Virgin of the Beaches Zygmunt Sulistrowski 1975 FR, BRAZIL
King of Video Baby Rosemary
Harold Perkins 1976 US
King of Video Back Seat Cabbie
C. Walsh 1969 US
King of Video Bar Maid

1970 US
King of Video Barracuda - The Sea Monster
Harry Kerwin 1977 US
King of Video Battleship Potemkin
Sergei Eisenstein 1925 USSR
King of Video Beachcomber

King of Video Bedspread, The

1969 US
King of Video Behind Locked Doors
Charles Romine 1968 US
King of Video Bells of Rosarita
Frank McDonald 1945 US
King of Video Billy the Kid Returns
Joseph Kane 1938 US
King of Video Black Cavalry Soul Soldier John ‘Bud' Cardos 1970 US
King of Video Black Deep Throat Queen of Sex Guido Zurli (as Albert Moore) 1976 IT
King of Video Blackmail
Alfred Hitchcock 1929 GB
King of Video Blazing Flowers
Gianni Martucci (as George Hilton) 1977 IT
King of Video Blob, The
Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr. 1958 US
King of Video Blood and Sand
Fred Niblo 1922 US
King of Video Boss Nigger Black Bounty Hunter Jack Arnold 1974 US
King of Video Britt Blazer

1970 US
King of Video Bruce and the Golden Chaku

King of Video Bruce Lee and the Iron Finger
Tu Lu-Po 1978 HK
King of Video Bruce Versus Bill
Lam Kwok Cheung 1981 HK
King of Video Cantonen Iron Kung Fu
Li Chao 1979 HK
King of Video Carnival of Flanders

King of Video Cathy's Curse
Eddy Matalon 1976 FR, CAN
King of Video Chaku Master
Luis San Juan
King of Video Challenge of White Fang
Lucio Fulci 1974 IT, WG, FR
King of Video Chaperone, The

King of Video Charlie Chaplin: Caught in a Cabaret
Charles Chaplin, Mabel Normand 1914 US
King of Video Charlie Chaplin: The Adventurer
Charles Chaplin 1917 US
King of Video Charlie Chaplin: The Count
Charles Chaplin 1916 US
King of Video Charlie Chaplin: The Cure
Charles Chaplin 1917 US
King of Video Charlie Chaplin: The Fireman
Charles Chaplin 1916 US
King of Video Charlie Chaplin: The Floorwalker
Charles Chaplin 1916 US
King of Video Charlie Chaplin: The Immigrant
Charles Chaplin 1917 US
King of Video Charlie Chaplin: The Rink
Charles Chaplin 1916 US
King of Video Clones, The
Paul Hunt, Lamar Card 1973 US
King of Video Code Name Rawhide
Ken Stewart 1971 US
King of Video Computer Conspiracy, The The Swiss Conspiracy Jack Arnold 1975 US, WG
King of Video Crazy, Crazy Love
Carlo Veo 1976 IT
King of Video Cry for Cindy
Anthony Spinelli (as Wendy Locke) 1976 US
King of Video Cry Uncle
John G. Avildsen 1971 US
King of Video Daily Double 6-9

King of Video Danish Modern

King of Video Death Journey
Fred Williamson 1975 US
King of Video Delilah

1969 US
King of Video Devil's Garden, The
Robert C. Chinn (as Bob Chinn) 1975 US
King of Video Dinosaurs

King of Video Dinosaurus
Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr. 1960 US
King of Video Dirt Bike Bangers

King of Video Dirty Gang
Stelvio Massi 1977 IT
King of Video Dracula Sucks
Philip Marshak 1979 US
King of Video Dragon vs The Five Brothers
Liu Yueh-Lin 1978 HK
King of Video Duel Master, The

King of Video Dynamite

King of Video Emanuelle and Joanna

King of Video Encounter with the Unknown
Harry Thomason 1973 US
King of Video Equinox The Beast Jack Woods, Dennis Muren (uncredited) 1969 US
King of Video Eruption
Stanley Kurlan 1976 US
King of Video Executive Wives Hot and Blue Jean Desvilles (as Georges Fleury) 1972 FR
King of Video Eye of the Dragon

King of Video Fantasy in Blue
Roger Kramer 1975 US
King of Video Farewell Scarlett
Cecil Howard
King of Video Farewell to Arms

King of Video Female Chauvinists
Jay Jackson 1977 US
King of Video Fighting Ace Brutal Revenge Chang Chih-Chao 1979 HK
King of Video Fighting Life
Wang Chung Kwong
King of Video First Time, The
Anthony Spinelli 1976 US
King of Video Fist Full of 44’s
Jaacov Jaacovi 1975 US
King of Video Flying Deuces
A. Edward Sutherland 1939 US
King of Video Forest, The
Don Jones 1981 US
King of Video Franchette
Arlo Shiffen 1969 US
King of Video Fright in the Night

King of Video Fugitives, The

King of Video General, The
Buster Keaton 1927 US
King of Video Good Bad & Losers

King of Video Great Guy
John G. Blystone 1936 US
King of Video Gulliver's Travels
Dave Fleischer, Willard Bowsky, Roland Crandall, Thomas Johnson, Seymour Kneitel 1939 US
King of Video Gums
Robert J. Kaplan 1976 US
King of Video Harvey Harvey Swings
1970 US
King of Video Harvey Swings

1970 US
King of Video Hawk and the Dove, The
Fabrizio Lori 1981 IT
King of Video Hell Town
Charles T. Barton 1938 US
King of Video High Finance

King of Video His Girl Friday

King of Video Holocaust 2
Elo Pannacciò (as John Johnathan) 1979 IT
King of Video Hookers Convention

1979 US
King of Video Horn-A-Plenty
Joseph W. Sarno 1970 US
King of Video Horror on Snape Island Tower of Evil Jim O'Connolly 1972 GB, US
King of Video Hot House

King of Video Hot Lunch
Harold Perkins 1978 US
King of Video I Am Furious
Alain Patrick 1969 US
King of Video I Love You, I Love You Not
James Bryan 1974 US
King of Video I Stand Condemned
Anthony Asquith 1935 GB
King of Video I Wish I Was in Dixie

King of Video Incredible Kung Fu Mission
Chang Hsin-Yi 1979 HK
King of Video Infrasexum
Carlos Tobalina 1969 US
King of Video Inspector General, The
Henry Koster 1949 US
King of Video Involuntary Birds

King of Video Jaws of the Dragon

1976 HK
King of Video Journey Into Fear Burn Out Daniel Mann 1974 CAN
King of Video Joy of the Dragon

King of Video Joys of Georgette

1969 US
King of Video Kill the Shogun
D. Young Lee 1981 HK
King of Video Killer Elephants
Som Kit 1978 HK
King of Video Killer Nun, The
Giulio Berruti 1978 IT
King of Video Kiss Me Mate

1969 US
King of Video Kung Fu Cook
Kirk Wang 1982 HK
King of Video Kung Fu for Sale
Su Jen-Ping 1985 HK
King of Video Lady Delia

King of Video Lady of Burlesque
William A. Wellman 1943 US
King of Video Legend of Hillbilly John, The
John Newland 1972 US
King of Video Legend of Witch Hollow, The The Witchmaker William O. Brown 1969 US
King of Video Life and Death Struggle
Jang Cheol 1974 SOUTH KOREA
King of Video Linguine del piano

King of Video Lip Service
Ron Sullivan (as Henri Pachard) 1983 US
King of Video Little Lord Fauntleroy
John Cromwell 1936 US
King of Video Love Cycle

King of Video Love File

King of Video Love of a Nympho

King of Video Love Swedish Style
Maurice Smith 1971 US
King of Video Loves Vicious Circle

King of Video Lucifer's Lust Fuck for Peace

King of Video Mad, Mad Kung Fu
Ho Meng-Hua, Chien Yueh-Sheng 1979 HK
King of Video Made for Each Other
John Cromwell 1939 US
King of Video Magic of the Rolling Stones, The Ladies and Gentlemen, The Rolling Stones Rollin Binzer 1974 US
King of Video Magnificant Kick, The
Daniel Lau 1980 HK
King of Video Maids, The

King of Video Man in the Iron Mask, The
James Whale 1939 US
King of Video Mantis Boxer

King of Video Mars Atacks the World
Robert F. Hill, Ford Beebe 1938 US
King of Video Massage Parlor

King of Video Massage Parlor Wife
Barry Spinello 1974 US
King of Video Master of Terror

King of Video McMasters, The
Alf Kjellin 1969 US
King of Video Meet John Doe

King of Video Meet Sweet Myra

King of Video Midnight Jogger

1970 US
King of Video Mother Knows Best

1970 US
King of Video Mrs. Stone's Thing
Joseph F. Robertson 1970 US
King of Video Murder in the Orient
Manuel G. Songo 1974 PHIL
King of Video Musical Mutiny
Barry Mahon 1970 US
King of Video My Deep Hunger

King of Video My Swedish Cousins

1970 US
King of Video Natasha, the Deadly Drop

King of Video New York Escapees Blackout Eddy Matalon 1978 CAN, FR
King of Video Night of the Warlock Satan's Lust
1971 US
King of Video Nobody's Boy
Yugo Serikawa, Jim Flocker 1970 JAP
King of Video Nympho Cycler

King of Video One Last Score

King of Video Outlaw, The
Howard Hughes 1943 US
King of Video Panic
Teodoro Ricci (as Anthony Richmond) 1982 IT, SP
King of Video Panorama Blue
Alan Roberts 1974 US
King of Video Panty Party Panty Girls
1972 US
King of Video Peggy

King of Video Personals

King of Video Porn in Hollywood

King of Video porno amore di eva, Il

King of Video Private Life of Henry VIII, The
Alexander Korda 1933 GB
King of Video Professionals, The

King of Video Project Kill
William Girdler 1976 PHIL
King of Video Psyclomaniacs Psychomania Don Sharp 1972 GB
King of Video Raquel's Motel

1970 US
King of Video Referral Service

King of Video Refinements in Love
Carlos Tobalina 1971 US
King of Video Relations

King of Video Return of the Ninja Master

King of Video Revenge of the Shaolin Kid, The
Yu Han Sang 1978 TAIWAN
King of Video Riverboat Mama

King of Video Sales Girls, The

King of Video Santa Fe Trail
Michael Curtiz 1940 US
King of Video Schlock
John Landis 1972 US
King of Video School of Hard Knocks

1970 US
King of Video Secret Agent, The
Alfred Hitchcock 1936 US
King of Video Secret Fantasy

King of Video Secret of the Snake and Crane, The

King of Video Secretaries Spread

1970 US
King of Video Separate Vacations

King of Video Sex Connection, The
Charles Ferrer 1969 WG
King of Video Sexy Dozen, The
Norbert Terry, Max Sieber 1969 SWI
King of Video Shoot the Piano Player
Francois Truffaut 1960 FR
King of Video Sicilian Connection
Ferdinando Baldi 1973 IT, FR
King of Video Sixteen

King of Video Ski Party

King of Video Smokey and the Hot Wire Gang

King of Video Snow Job
Arlo Shiffen 1969 US
King of Video So Young, So Lovely, So Vicious

King of Video Something to Sing About
Victor Schertzinger 1937 US
King of Video Son of Blob
Larry Hagman 1971 US
King of Video South of Santa Fe
Joseph Kane 1942 US
King of Video Southern Comforts
Bethel Buckalew 1971 US
King of Video Southward Ho
Joseph Kane 1939 US
King of Video stallone, Lo
Tiziano Longo 1976 IT
King of Video Star Trek: Amok Time
Joseph Pevney 1967 US
King of Video Star Trek: Catspaw

King of Video Star Trek: Daggers of the Mind

King of Video Star Trek: Miri
Vincent McEveety 1966 US
King of Video Star Trek: Shore Leave
Robert Sparr 1966 US
King of Video Star Trek: Space Seed
Marc Daniels 1966 US
King of Video Star Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever

King of Video Star Trek: The Menagerie
Marc Daniels, Robert Butler 1966 US
King of Video Star Trek: The Squire of Gothos

King of Video Star Trek: The Trouble with Tribbles

King of Video Star Trek: Tomorrow Is Yesterday

King of Video Story of the Drunken Master

King of Video Sullivan's Marauders Commandos Armando Crispino 1968 IT, WG
King of Video Svengali

King of Video Swap Meet
Brice Mack 1979 US
King of Video Sweet Dianne

King of Video Sweet Taste of Joy
C. Walsh 1970 US
King of Video Swinging Ski Girls
Don Trendall 1981 US
King of Video Switch, The
Joseph W. Sarno (as Joe Sarno) 1974 US
King of Video Tapestry of Passion
Alan B. Colberg 1976 US
King of Video Tarzan of the Apes

King of Video Tarzan the Fearless
Robert F. Hill 1933 US
King of Video Taste of Decadence, A
Gerd -----?
King of Video Taste of Hell, A
Neil Yarema, Basil Bradbury 1973 US, PHIL
King of Video Taste of the Savage
Alberto Mariscal 1971 MEX
King of Video Teenage Jail Bait

King of Video Teenager
Gerald Seth Sindell 1974 US
King of Video terno a letto, Il
Guido Zurli 1979 IT
King of Video They Made Me a Criminal
Busby Berkeley 1939 US
King of Video Third Man, The
Carol Reed 1949 US
King of Video Thirty-Nine Steps, The
Alfred Hitchcock 1935 GB
King of Video This Love for Hire

King of Video Those Dirty Dogs
Giuseppe Rosati 1973 IT, SP
King of Video Three Way Split
Gordon Hessler 1976 SP, US, VENEZ
King of Video Tobacco Roddy

King of Video Tom Brown's Schooldays

King of Video Town Called Hell, A

King of Video Tunnel, The
Maurice Elvey 1935 GB
King of Video Turned-On Girl
C. Walsh 1970 US
King of Video Under Western Stars
Joseph Kane 1938 US
King of Video Unkissed Bride
Jack H. Harris 1966 US
King of Video Use the Back Door

1970 US
King of Video Voodoo Black Exorcist
Manuel Caño 1972 US, SP
King of Video Welcome Home, Johnny
James Howard 1974 US
King of Video West of the Divide
Robert North Bradbury 1933 US
King of Video White Zombie
Victor Hugo Halperin 1932 US
King of Video Wow It's Cindy

King of Video Writing Kung Fu

King of Video Yellow Rose of Texas
Joseph Kane 1944 US
King of Video Young Hitch Hikers

King of Video Yvonne from 6-9

KMH Prime Time Amazon Jail
Oswaldo De Oliveira 1985 BRAZIL, US
Lone Star Mark of the Witch
Tom Moore 1970 US
Macro Hunters of the Golden Cobra
Antonio Margheriti (as Anthony M. Dawson) 1982 IT
Macro Renegade
Enzo Barboni (as E.B. Clucher) 1987 IT
Magnetic Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
Russ Meyer 1970 US
Magnetic C.C. and Company
Seymour Robbie 1970 US
Magnetic Capricorn One
Peter Hyams 1977 US
Magnetic Dirty Mary Crazy Larry
John Hough 1974 US
Media Albino Whispering Death Jurgen Goslar 1977 SA, WG
Media Alice Cooper and Friends

Media Alice in Wonderland
Bud Townsend 1976 US
Media American Nightmare
Don McBrearty 1982 CAN
Media Assault on Precinct 13
John Carpenter 1976 US
Media Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
John De Bello 1977 US
Media Beyond Evil
Herb Freed 1979 US
Media Boy and His Dog, A
L.Q. Jones 1974 US
Media Bruce Lee Fights Back from the Grave
Lee Doo-Yong 1976 HK
Media Can I Do It 'Til I Need Glasses?
I. Robert Levy 1977 US
Media Centrefold Girls
John Peyser 1974 US
Media Cheerleaders, The The 18 Years Old Schoolgirls Paul Glickler 1972 US
Media Demented
Arthur Jeffreys 1980 US
Media Demonoid
Alfredo Zacharias 1979 MEX, US
Media Devil Times Five
Sean MacGregor 1973 US
Media Dorm That Dripped Blood, The Pranks Jeffrey Obrow, Stephen Carpenter 1981 US
Media Electric Light Voyage
Astralvision 1979 US
Media Fade to Black
Vernon Zimmerman 1980 US
Media Flesh Gordon
Michael Benveniste, Howard Ziehm 1974 US
Media Flower Out of Place, A

1974 US
Media Fyre
Richard Grand 1978 US
Media Halloween
John Carpenter 1978 US
Media Hansel and Gretel
Lotte Reiniger 1954 US
Media Haunting of Julia, The
Richard Loncraine 1976 CAN, GB
Media Hell Night
Tom DeSimone 1981 US
Media Home Sweet Home
Nettie Pena 1980 US
Media House of Shadows
Richard Wulicher 1976 ARG
Media I Drink Your Blood
David Durston 1970 US
Media I Miss You Hugs & Kisses
Murray Markowitz 1978 CAN
Media If You Don't Stop It You'll Go Blind
Bob Levy, Keefe Brasselle 1974 US
Media Man from Clover Grove, The
William Hillman 1974 US
Media Nocturna
Harry Hurwitz (as Harry Tampa) 1978 US
Media Once Upon a Girl
Don Jurwich, Jack Conrad 1976 US
Media Rebal Rousers
Martin B. Cohen 1969 US
Media Roller Boogie
Mark L. Lester 1979 US
Media Slithis
Stephen Traxler 1977 US
Media SS Girls
Bruno Mattei 1976 IT
Media Sudden Death
Eddie Romero 1975 US
Media Terror on Tour
Don Edmonds 1980 US
Media To All a Goodnight
David Hess 1980 US
Media Wackiest Wagon Train, The

1976 US
Medusa (CBS/FOX) Barbarian Queen
Héctor Olivera 1985 US, ARG
Medusa (CBS/FOX) Blastfighter
Lamberto Bava (as John Old Jr.) 1984 IT, FR
Medusa (CBS/FOX) Devouring Waves Monster Shark Lamberto Bava (as John Old Jr.) 1984 IT, FR
Medusa (CBS/FOX) Link, The
Alberto De Martino 1983 IT, WG
Merlin Bloodsuckers Incense for the Damned Robert Hartford-Davis (as Michael Burrowes) 1970 GB
Merlin Last Horror Film, The
David Winters 1982 US
Merlin/CIC-Taft Dark Star
John Carpenter 1974 US
Merlin/CIC-Taft Dead of Night Deathdream Bob Clark 1972 CAN
Merlin/CIC-Taft Kill Alex Kill
Tony Zarindast (as Mohammed T. Zarindast) 1976 US
Merlin/CIC-Taft Killer's Moon
Alan Birkinshaw 1978 GB
Merlin/CIC-Taft Massacre at Central High
Renee Daalder 1976 US
Merlin/CIC-Taft Night of the Juggler
Robert Butler 1979 US
Merlin/CIC-Taft Rebels
Noel Nosseck
Merlin/CIC-Taft Witchfinder General
Michael Reeves 1968 GB
MGM/UA Clash of the Titans
Desmond Davis 1981 GB
MGM/UA Ewoks: The Battle for Endor
Jim Wheat, Ken Wheat 1985 US
MGM/UA Shaft in Africa
John Guillermin 1973 US
Robert Day 1965 GB
MGM/UA Telefon
Don Siegel 1977 US
MGM/UA Village of the Damned
Wolf Rilla 1960 GB
MGM/UA Westworld
Michael Crichton 1973 US
NCR Abductors, The
Pavlos Filippou (as Paul Philip) 1972 GR
New World Crime Story - Blood Feud
Abel Ferrara 1987 US
New World Crime Story - Final Chapter
Colin Bucksey, Paul Krasny 1987 US
New World Crime Story - On the Streets of Chicago It's War
Abel Ferrara 1986 US
Nostalgia Merchant Abe Lincoln in Illinois
John Cromwell 1940 US
Nostalgia Merchant Bedlam
Mark Robson 1946 US
Nostalgia Merchant Body Snatcher, The
Robert Wise 1945 US
Nostalgia Merchant Cat People
Jacques Tourneur 1942 US
Nostalgia Merchant Citizen Kane
Orson Welles 1941 US
Nostalgia Merchant Flying Leathernecks
Nicholas Ray 1951 US
Nostalgia Merchant Fort Apache
John Ford 1948 US
Nostalgia Merchant Gay Divorcee, The
Mark Sandrich 1934 US
Nostalgia Merchant Hunchback of Notre Dame, The
Willaim Dieterle 1939 US
Nostalgia Merchant I Walked with a Zombie
Jacques Tourneur 1943 US
Nostalgia Merchant Isle of the Dead
Mark Robson 1945 US
Nostalgia Merchant King Kong
Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack 1933 US
Nostalgia Merchant Lassie's Greatest Adventure
William Beaudine 1963 US
Nostalgia Merchant Leopard Man, The
Jacques Tourneur 1943 US
Nostalgia Merchant Magnificent Ambersons, The
Orson Welles 1942 US
Nostalgia Merchant Mary of Scotland
John Ford 1936 US
Nostalgia Merchant Mighty Joe Young
Ernest B. Schoedsack 1949 US
Nostalgia Merchant Mr. Lucky
H.C. Potter 1943 US
Nostalgia Merchant Murder My Sweet
Edward Dmytryk 1945 US
Nostalgia Merchant None But the Lonely Heart
Clifford Odets 1944 US
Nostalgia Merchant Racket, The
John Cromwell, Nicholas Ray 1951 US
Nostalgia Merchant Room Service
William A. Seiter 1938 US
Nostalgia Merchant She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
John Ford 1949 US
Nostalgia Merchant Sinbad the Sailor
Richard Wallace 1947 US
Nostalgia Merchant Son of Kong
Ernest B. Schoedsack 1933 US
Nostalgia Merchant Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, The
H.C. Potter 1939 US
Nostalgia Merchant Suspicion
Alfred Hitchcock 1941 US
Nostalgia Merchant Swing Time
George Stevens 1936 US
Nostalgia Merchant Tall in the Saddle
Edwin L. Marin 1944 US
Nostalgia Merchant Thing, The The Thing from Another World Christian Nyby 1951 US
Nostalgia Merchant Top Hat
Mark Sandrich 1935 US
Ocean Shores Snake Girl
Chin Wan
Palace Android
Aaron Lipstadt 1982 US
Palace Blackout New York Escapees Eddy Matalon 1978 CAN, FR
Palace Blood Theatre

Palace Blood Ties
Giacomo Battiato 1986 IT
Palace Bloody New Year
Norman J. Warren 1987 GB
Palace Bloody Pom Poms Cheerleader Camp John Quinn 1987 US
Palace BodyCount
Ruggero Deodato 1987 IT
Palace Brother from Another Planet, The
John Sayles 1984 US
Palace Cameron's Closet
Armand Mastroianni 1988 US
Palace Commando Squad
Fred Olen Ray 1987 US
Palace Curse, The
David Keith 1987 US
Palace Dark Crystal, The
Jim Henson, Frank Oz 1982 GB
Palace Death Before Dishonour
Terry J. Leonard 1987 US
Palace Demons
Lamberto Bava 1985 IT
Palace Demons 2
Lamberto Bava 1987 IT
Palace Deranged
Chuck Vincent 1987 US
Palace Die Sister, Die!
Randall Hood 1974 US
Palace Epitaph
Joseph Merhi 1987 US
Palace Family and Honour
Meir Zarchi 1988 US
Palace Flesh Andy Warhol's Flesh Paul Morrissey 1968 US
Palace French Pleasures
Michel Lemoine (as MIchael Le Blanc)
Palace Gate, The
Tibor Takacs 1987 US, CAN
Palace Ghosthouse
Umberto Lenzi (as Humphrey Humbert) 1988 IT
Palace Girls Only Night Down Under, A

Palace Heat Andy Warhol's Heat Paul Morrissey 1972 US
Palace Honeymoon in Paradise
Michel Lemoine (as MIchael Le Blanc) 1985 FR
Palace Initiation, The
Larry Stewart 1983 US
Palace Lifetaker, The
Michael Papas 1975 GB
Palace Lost Empire, The
Jim Wynorski 1983 US
Palace Mania
John Sheppard, David M. Robertson, Paul Lynch 1986 CAN
Palace Murder Near Perfect Mystère Carlo Vanzina 1983 IT
Palace Mutilator, The
Buddy Cooper 1983 US
Palace No Hard Feelings
Charles Norton 1989 US
Palace Order of Death
Roberto Faenza 1982 IT, US
Palace Pornbrokers, The
John Lindsay, Laurence Barnett 1973 GB
Palace Pray for Death
Gordon Hessler 1985 US
Palace Princess and the Call Girl, The
Radley Metzger 1983 US
Palace Professor, The

Palace Purgatory
Lawrence Denton, Ami Artzi 1988 US
Palace Raging Fury
Douglas Grossman 1986 US
Palace Rainy Day Friends
Gary Kent 1986 US
Palace Reborn
Bigas Luna 1981 US, IT, SP
Palace Red Heat
Robert Collector 1984 US, WG
Palace Retaliator, The Programmed to Kill Allan Holzman, Robert Short 1987 US
Palace Return of Count Yorga
Bob Kelljan 1971 US
Palace Scream for Help
Michael Winner 1984 GB, US
Palace Silent Night, Deadly Night
Charles E. Sellier Jr. 1984 US
Palace Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2
Lee Harry 1987 US
Palace Slave to Desire
Jean-Luc Brunet 1984 FR
Palace Sole Survivor
Thom Eberhardt 1982 US
Palace Spookies
Brendan Faulkner, Eugenie Joseph, Thomas Doran 1986 US
Palace Squeeze Play
Lloyd Kaufman (as Samuel Weil) 1979 US
Palace Stuck on You
Michael Herz, Lloyd Kaufman (as Samuel Weil) 1982 US
Palace Supergrass, The
Peter Richardson 1985 GB
Palace Surrogate, The
Don Carmody 1983 CAN
Palace Taste for Fear, A
Piccio Raffanini 1987 IT
Palace Tenebrae
Dario Argento 1982 IT
Palace They're Playing with Fire
Howard Avedis 1983 US
Palace Toy Soldiers
David Fisher 1984 US
Palace Trash Andy Warhol's Trash Paul Morrissey 1970 US
Palace Twice Dead
Bert L. Dragin 1988 US
Palace Who Slew Auntie Roo?
Curtis Harrington 1971 GB
Palace Witchcraft Ghosthouse 2 Fabrizio Laurenti 1988 IT
Palace Women in Chains Chain Gang Women Robert Lee Frost 1971 US
Palace Wraith, The
Mike Marvin 1986 US
Palace Academy Behind the Door
Liliana Cavani 1982 IT
Palace Academy Children of Rage
Arthur Allan Seidelman 1974 IS, GB
Palace Academy Diva
Jean-Jacques Beineix 1981 FR
Palace Academy Mystery of Oberwald, The
Michelangelo Antonioni 1979 IT, WG
Palace Academy Smash Palace
Roger Donaldson 1981 NZ
Palace Explosive 2000 Maniacs
Herschell Gordon Lewis 1964 US
Palace Explosive Antichrist, The The Tempter Alberto De Martino 1974 IT
Palace Explosive Beyond, The
Lucio Fulci 1981 IT
Palace Explosive Blood Feast
Herschell Gordon Lewis 1963 US
Palace Explosive Bloodsucking Freaks
Joel M. Reed 1977 US
Palace Explosive Cannibal Apocalypse
Antonio Margheriti (as Anthony M. Dawson) 1980 IT, SP
Palace Explosive Carnival of Blood
Leonard Kirtman 1970 US
Palace Explosive Creepers Phenomena Dario Argento 1984 IT
Palace Explosive Curse of the Screaming Dead, The The Curse of the Cannibal Confederates Tony Malanowski 1982 US
Palace Explosive Dances Sacred and Profane
Mark Jury, Dan Jury 1985 US
Palace Explosive Dark, The
John ‘Bud' Cardos 1978 US
Palace Explosive Escape from the Insane Asylum Night of Terror Felix Girard 1986 US
Palace Explosive Evictors, The
Charles B. Pierce 1979 US
Palace Explosive Evil in the Woods
William J. Oates 1986 US
Palace Explosive Evil Laugh
Dominic Brascia 1988 US
Palace Explosive Guardian, The

Palace Explosive House on Sorority Row, The House of Evil Mark Rosman 1982 US
Palace Explosive I Spit on Your Grave
Meir Zarchi 1978 US
Palace Explosive Killing of America, The
Leonard Schrader (as Sheldon Renan) 1981 US
Palace Explosive L.A. Crackdown
Joseph Merhi 1988 US
Palace Explosive Madman
Joe Giannone 1981 US
Palace Explosive Mayhem
Joseph Merhi 1986 US
Palace Explosive Mindstalk

Palace Explosive Night of the Zombies Zombie Creeping Flesh Bruno Mattei (as Vincent Dawn) 1980 IT, SP
Palace Explosive Rape Squad Act of Vengeance Bob Kelljan (as Robert Kelljchian) 1974 US
Palace Explosive Rats: Night of Terror
Bruno Mattei (as Vincent Dawn) 1984 IT, FR
Palace Explosive Satan's Blade
L. Scott Castillo Jr. 1982 US
Palace Explosive Savage Man, Savage Beast
Antonio Climati, Mario Morra 1975 IT
Palace Explosive Scarred
Rose-Marie Turko 1983 US
Palace Explosive Schizo Nightmares in a Damaged Brain Romano Scavolini 1981 US
Palace Explosive Shivers
David Cronenberg 1974 CAN
Palace Explosive Slayer, The
J.S. Cardone 1981 US
Palace Explosive Splatter University
Richard W. Haines 1985 US
Palace Explosive Squirm
Jeff Lieberman 1976 US
Palace Explosive This Violent World
Antonio Climati, Mario Morra 1976 IT
Palace Explosive Toxic Zombies Forest of Fear Charles McCrann 1979 US
Palace Explosive Trapped
William Fruet 1981 CAN
Palace Explosive World of Horror Dario Argento's World of Horror Michele Soavi, Dario Argento 1986 IT
Palace Family Magic of Lassie, The
Don Chaffey 1978 US
Palace Vibrant Australia After Dark
John Lamond 1975 AUS
Palace Vibrant Bad Girls
Svetlana, David I. Frazer 1981 US
Palace Vibrant Blonde Bombshell, The

Palace Vibrant Burning Snow
Michel Lemoine 1982 FR
Palace Vibrant Co-Ed Fever
Gary Graver (as Robert McCallum) 1980 US
Palace Vibrant Come Play with Me
George Harrison Marks 1977 GB
Palace Vibrant Coming of Angels, A
Joel Scott 1977 US
Palace Vibrant Commuter Husbands
Derek Ford 1972 GB
Palace Vibrant Delicious

Palace Vibrant Desire Within Young Girls
Richard Kanter (as Ramsay Karson) 1977 US
Palace Vibrant Divine Emanuelle Love Camp Christian Anders 1981 WG
Palace Vibrant Emanuelle and the Porno Nights
Bruno Mattei 1978 IT
Palace Vibrant Erotic Images

Palace Vibrant Exotic Blue

Palace Vibrant Game, Sex & Match

Palace Vibrant Hot Legs
Robert C. Chinn (as Bob C. Chinn) 1980 US
Palace Vibrant Indecent Pleasures
Philip Jem 1984 US
Palace Vibrant Joan Joy and Joan Jaques Saurel 1984 FR
Palace Vibrant Love, Lust and Ecstasy
Elia Milonakos (as Ilia Milonako) 1980 GR
Palace Vibrant Mascara

Palace Vibrant Mistress Marilyn

Palace Vibrant Nurses of the 407th
Tony Kendrick 1982 US
Palace Vibrant Oh Lucky Boy I Like the Girls Who Do Hans Billian 1974 WG
Palace Vibrant Oriental Blue
Philip T. Drexler Jr. 1975 US
Palace Vibrant Pandora's Mirror
Shaun Costello 1981 US
Palace Vibrant Pleasure Seekers Shocking! Claude Mulot (as Frédéric Lansac) 1976 FR
Palace Vibrant Pussy Talk
Claude Mulot (as Frederic Lansac) 1975 FR
Palace Vibrant Pussycat Syndrome, The
Elia Milonakos 1983 WG, GR
Palace Vibrant Savage Connection Wilde Vereinigung Anthony Weber 1972 US
Palace Vibrant Scent of Heather, A
Philip T. Drexler Jr. 1981 US
Palace Vibrant Sextoons
Aggy Read, Mary Beams 1975 US
Palace Vibrant Shauna: Every Man's Fantasy
Roberta Findlay 1985 US
Palace Vibrant Society Affairs
Gary Graver (as Robert McCallum) 1982 US
Palace Vibrant Teenage Sex Kitten

Palace Vibrant Temptations

Palace Vibrant Ultimate Lust

Palace Vibrant Up 'n' Coming
Stuart Segall (as Godfrey Daniels) 1982 US
Palace Vibrant White Heat
Michel Lemoine 1982 FR
Palace X Caligula
Tinto Brass, Bob Guccione 1979 US, IT
Palace/Action Video White Justice
Joe Bullock, Lowell Williams 1978
Pink Blazing Zippers
Boots McCoy 1974 US
Pink Flasher, The Forbidden Under the Censorship of the King Barry R. Kerr 1973 US
Platinum Aftermath
Steve Barkett 1980 US
Platinum Battle on the River Neretva, The
Veljko Bulajic 1969 YUG, WG, IT
Platinum Big Score, The
Tom Hanson
Platinum Black Force Force Four Michael Fink 1975 US
Platinum Black Six, The
Matteo Ottaviano (as Matt Cimber) 1973 US
Platinum California Axe Massacre, The Axe Frederick R. Friedel 1977 US
Platinum Deadly Sunday
James C. Lane 1982 US
Platinum Doomsday Machine, The
Lee Sholem, Harry Hope 1972 US
Platinum Dungeon of Terror Requiem for a Vampire Jean Rollin 1972 FR
Platinum Eyes of the Dragon
George Vieira 1981 US
Platinum Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks
Ramiro Oliveros (as Robert H. Oliver) 1973 IT
Platinum Mad Butcher, The Strangler of Vienna Guido Zurli 1970 IT, WG
Platinum Scream in the Streets, A
Carl Monson 1972 US
Platinum Shadows Run Black
Howard Heard 1981 US
Platinum Terror Circus Barn of the Naked Dead Alan Rudolph 1973 US
Platinum Varrow Mission, The Teen Alien Peter Semelka 1978 US
Platinum Zodiac Killer, The
Tom Hanson 1971 US
Playaround Blood Orgy of the She Devils
Ted V. Mikels 1972 US
Playaround CB Hustlers
Stuart Segall 1976 US
Playaround Cry of the Banshee
Gordon Hessler 1970 GB
Playaround Dark Sunday
Jimmy Huston 1976 US
Playaround Day of Judgement, A
C.D.H. Reynolds 1981 US
Playaround Death Driver
Jimmy Huston 1979 US
Playaround Doll Squad, The
Ted V. Mikels 1973 US
Playaround Erotic Adventures of Candy, The
Gail Palmer 1978 US
Playaround Fantasy World
Robert C. Chinn (as Bob C. Chinn), Jeffrey Fairbanks 1979 US
Playaround Foxy Brown
Jack Hill 1974 US
Playaround Frogs
George McCowan 1972 US
Playaround Hand of Death, The
Huang Feng 1972 HK
Playaround Hapkido
Huang Feng 1972 HK
Playaround Italian Stallion
Morton Lewis 1970 US
Playaround Lady Grey
Worth Keeter III 1980 US
Playaround Last Game, The
Martin Beck 1980 US
Playaround Living Legend
Worth Keeter 1980 US
Playaround Manhunter
Martin Beck 1974 US
Playaround Mediterranean in Flames, The

Playaround Nightdreams
Joseph Robertson (as F.X. Pope) 1981 US
Playaround Oblong Box, The
Gordon Hessler 1969 GB, US
Playaround Premature Burial, The
Roger Corman 1961 US
Playaround Rock Fever

Playaround Slaughter
Jack Starrett 1972 US
Playaround Teenage Cruisers
Martin Marguiles, Tom Denucci 1977 US
Playaround Wolfman
Worth Keeter 1980 US
Playaround Young Secretaries
Richard Kanter
1974 US
Playground Queen’s Ransom, A
Ting Shan-Si 1976 HK
Prestige Abducted The Abduction Don Jones 1973 US
Prestige Alpha Incident, The Gift from a Red Planet Bill Rebane 1977 1977
Prestige Black Angels, The Angels Revenge Laurence Merrick 1970 US
Prestige Black Fist Black Streetfighter Timothy Galfas, Richard Kaye 1976 US
Prestige Black Gestapo, The
Robert Lee Frost 1975 US
Prestige Bloodrage
Joseph Zito (as Joseph Bigwood) 1979 US
Prestige Bog
Don Keeslar 1978 US
Prestige Buzzard, The
Christopher Cain 1976 US
Prestige Claws
Richard Bansbach, Robert Pierson 1977 US
Prestige Combat Killers
Ken Loring 1968 PHIL
Prestige Deadly Harvest
Timothy Bond 1977 CAN
Prestige Deadly Spawn, The
Douglas McKeown 1982 US
Prestige Delirium
Peter Maris 1979 US
Prestige Escape from Angola
Leslie H. Martinson 1976 US
Prestige Execution
Paul Wendkos 1984 US
Prestige Fiend
Donald M. Dohler 1980 US
Prestige Five Bloody Graves
Al Adamson 1970 US
Prestige Ghastly Ones, The Blood Rites Andy Milligan 1967 US
Prestige God's Bloody Acre
Harry E. Kerwin 1975 US
Prestige Godchldren, The
Robert E. Pearson 1972 US
Prestige Hell Raiders
Iman Tantowi 1981 INDONESIA
Prestige Lionman
Natuk Baytan (as Natuch Baitan) 1975 TUR
Prestige Medusa
Gordon Hessler 1973 GB, GR
Prestige Midnight Rider

Prestige Milpitas Monster, The
Robert L. Burrill 1975 US
Prestige Name for Evil, A
Bernard Girard 1972 US
Prestige Night Beast
Donald M. Dohler (as Don Dohler) 1982 US
Prestige Nurse Sherri Killer's Curse Al Adamson 1977 US
Prestige Penitentiary
Jamaa Fanaka 1979 US
Prestige Pit, The
Lew Lehman 1981 US, CAN
Prestige Pursuit Apache Blood Thomas Quillen 1975 US
Prestige South Seas Massacre
Pablo Santiago 1976 PHIL
Prestige Strangeness, The
David Michael Hillman 1980 US
Prestige Timber Tramps, The
Tay Garnett, Chuck D. Keen 1973 US
Prestige Triple Trouble
Dorrell McGowan

Prestige Voodoo Black Exorcist
Manuel Caño 1972 US, SP
Prestige War Devils
Adalberto Albertini (as Al Albert) 1969 IT, SP
Prestige Witch Who Came from the Sea, The
Matteo Ottaviano (as Matt Cimber) 1975 US
Private Ready and Willing A Very Special Woman Jean-Marie Pallardy 1979 FR
PSO/Roadshow 9 1/2 Weeks
Adrian Lyne 1984 US
PSO/Roadshow Clan of the Cave Bear, The
Michael Chapman 1985 US
Pulse Alex the Talking Chimp

Pulse Vietnam Fallen Hero

Rampix Au Pair Girls
Val Guest 1972 GB
Rampix Monique
John Bown 1969 GB
Rampix Sex Thief, The
Martin Campbell 1973 GB
Rampix Zeta One
Michael Cort 1969 GB
Rank Assault In the Devil's Garden Sidney Hayers 1970 GB
Rank Holocaust 2000
Alberto De Martino 1977 IT, GB
Rank Twins of Evil
John Hough 1971 GB
Rank Uncanny, The
Denis Héroux 1977 CAN, GB
RCA/Columbia 1990: The Bronx Warriors
Enzo G. Castellari 1982 IT
RCA/Columbia 2020 Texas Gladiators
Aristide Massaccesi (as Kevin Mancuso) 1984 IT
RCA/Columbia Among Wolves
Jose Giovanni 1985 FR, SWI, MALTA
RCA/Columbia Anderson Tapes, The
Sidney Lumet 1971 US
RCA/Columbia Assassination
Peter Hunt 1987 US
RCA/Columbia Assignment K
Val Guest 1967 GB
RCA/Columbia Avenging Force
Sam Firstenberg 1986 US
RCA/Columbia Bad Blood
Mike Newell 1981 GB, NZ
RCA/Columbia Bear Island
Don Sharp 1979 CAN, GB
RCA/Columbia Billion Dollar Threat, The
Barry Shear 1979 US
RCA/Columbia Black Klansman, The
Ted V. Mikels 1966 US
RCA/Columbia Blue Thunder
John Badham 1982 US
RCA/Columbia Boat, The
Wolfgang Peterson 1981 WG
RCA/Columbia Body Double
Brian De Palma 1984 US
RCA/Columbia Breakout
Tom Gries 1975 US
RCA/Columbia Brimstone & Treacle
Richard Loncraine 1982 GB
RCA/Columbia Bronx Warriors 2
Enzo G. Castellari 1983 IT
RCA/Columbia Brotherhood of Satan, The
Bernard McEveety 1970 US
RCA/Columbia Burglers, The
Henri Verneuil 1971 FR, IT
RCA/Columbia Carnage
Andy Milligan 1983 US
RCA/Columbia Cheech and Chong's Nice Dreams
Thomas Chong 1981 US
RCA/Columbia Cherry 2000
Steve De Jarnatt 1987 US
RCA/Columbia Christine
John Carpenter 1982 US
RCA/Columbia Confessional Murders, The
Pete Walker 1975 GB
RCA/Columbia Confessions from a Holiday Camp
Norman Cohen 1977 GB
RCA/Columbia Confessions of a Driving Instructor
Norman Cohen 1976 GB
RCA/Columbia Confessions of a Pop Performer
Norman Cohen 1975 GB
RCA/Columbia Confessions of a Window Cleaner
Val Guest 1974 GB
RCA/Columbia Cool It Carol
Pete Walker 1970 GB
RCA/Columbia Cop and the Girl, The
Peter Keglevic 1985 AUSTRIA, WG
RCA/Columbia Corruption
Robert Hartford-Davis 1967 GB
RCA/Columbia Creature Titan Find William Malone 1984 US
RCA/Columbia Creatures the World Forgot
Don Chaffey 1971 GB
RCA/Columbia Creepshow
George A. Romero 1982 US
RCA/Columbia Critters
Stephen Hereck 1986 US
RCA/Columbia Crucible of Horror The Velvet House Viktors Ritelis 1971 GB
RCA/Columbia Cult of the Damned
Robert Thom 1969 US
RCA/Columbia Curious Female, The
Paul Rapp 1969 US
RCA/Columbia Curse of the Mummy's Tomb
Michael Carreras 1964 GB
RCA/Columbia Death Wish
Michael Winner 1974 US
RCA/Columbia Deep, The
Peter Yates 1977 US
RCA/Columbia Delta Force, The
Menahem Golan 1986 US, IS
RCA/Columbia Die Screaming Marianne
Pete Walker 1970 GB
RCA/Columbia Dogs in Space
Richard Lowenstein 1986 AUS
RCA/Columbia Ecstasy
Bud Townsend 1984 US
RCA/Columbia Endgame
Aristide Massaccesi (as Steven Benson) 1983 IT
RCA/Columbia Enter the Ninja
Menahem Golan 1981 US
RCA/Columbia Evil That Men Do, The
J. Lee Thompson 1983 US
RCA/Columbia Expendables, The
Cirio H. Santiago 1988 US
RCA/Columbia Exterminator 2
Mark Buntzman 1984 US
RCA/Columbia Fire in the Sky, A
Jerry Jameson 1978 US
RCA/Columbia Georgy Girl
Silvio Narizzano 1966 GB
RCA/Columbia Ghostbusters
Ivan Reitman 1984 US
RCA/Columbia Gold

RCA/Columbia Gorgon, The
Terence Fisher 1964 GB
RCA/Columbia Happy Birthday To Me
J. Lee Thompson 1980 CAN
RCA/Columbia Hard Ride, The
Burt Topper 1970 US
RCA/Columbia Hardcore
Paul Schrader 1978 US
RCA/Columbia Hell Behind Bars
Sergio Garrone (as Willy Regant) 1984 IT
RCA/Columbia Hell Hole
Cirio H. Santiago 1982 US
RCA/Columbia Hell Penitentiary
Sergio Garrone (as Willy Regant) 1984 IT
RCA/Columbia Hercules 2
Luigi Cozzi 1984 IT
RCA/Columbia Humanoid, The
Aldo Lado (as George B. Lewis) 1979 IT
RCA/Columbia Hunters of the Golden Cobra
Antonio Margheriti (as Anthony M. Dawson) 1982 IT
RCA/Columbia In the Line of Duty
David Chung 1986 HK
RCA/Columbia Incredible Melting Man, The
William Sachs 1977 US
RCA/Columbia Island of Terror
Terence Fisher 1966 GB
RCA/Columbia Jason and the Argonauts
Don Chaffey 1963 GB
RCA/Columbia Just Before Dawn
Jeff Lieberman 1980 US
RCA/Columbia Killer Ape
Spencer Gordon Bennet 1953 US
RCA/Columbia Lickerish Quartet, The
Radley Metzger 1970 US, IT, WG
RCA/Columbia Love Circles
Gérard Kikoïne 1984 GB
RCA/Columbia Mad Mission 4 - You Never Die Twice
Ringo Lam 1986 HK
RCA/Columbia Messenger of Death
J. Lee Thompson 1988 US
RCA/Columbia Mortuary
Howard Avedis 1981 US
RCA/Columbia Murderers' Row
Henry Levin 1966 US
RCA/Columbia Mutations, The
Jack Cardiff 1973 GB, US
RCA/Columbia Mysterious Island
Cy Endfield 1960 GB, US
RCA/Columbia Naked Cage, The
Paul Nicolas 1985 US
RCA/Columbia Naked Face, The
Bryan Forbes 1984 US
RCA/Columbia New Barbarians, The
Enzo G. Castellari 1983 IT
RCA/Columbia Obsession
Brian De Palma 1975 US
RCA/Columbia One Down, Two to Go
Fred Williamson 1982 US
RCA/Columbia Open Season
Peter Collinson 1974 SWI, SP
RCA/Columbia Over the Top
Menahem Golan 1987 US
RCA/Columbia Polyester
John Waters 1981 US
RCA/Columbia Possessed
Lucio Fulci 1982 IT
RCA/Columbia Queen of Evil Seizure Oliver Stone 1973 CAN
RCA/Columbia Revenge of Frankenstein, The
Terence Fisher 1958 GB
RCA/Columbia Roman Polanski's Macbeth
Roman Polanski 1971 GB
RCA/Columbia Runaway
Michael Crichton 1984 US
RCA/Columbia Serpico
Sidney Lumet 1973 US
RCA/Columbia Sicilian Connection, The
Damiano Damiani 1985 IT
RCA/Columbia Silent Rage
Michael Miller 1982 US
RCA/Columbia Stir Crazy
Sidney Poitier 1980 US
RCA/Columbia Striking Back The New Kids Sean S. Cunningham 1984 US
RCA/Columbia Supersonic Man
Juan Piquer Simón 1979 SP, TUR
RCA/Columbia Terror in the Aisles
Andrew J. Kuehn 1984 US
RCA/Columbia These Are the Damned
Joseph Losey 1962 GB
RCA/Columbia Thunder
Fabrizio De Angelis (as Larry Ludman) 1983 IT
RCA/Columbia Twisted Nightmare
Paul Hunt 1988 US
RCA/Columbia Under the Gun
Jim Sbardellati 1988 US
RCA/Columbia Violent Breed, The Keoma Enzo G. Castellari 1976 IT
RCA/Columbia Virgin Soldiers, The
John Dexter 1969 GB
RCA/Columbia Welcome to Spring Break Nightmare Beach Umberto Lenzi (as Harry Kirkpatrick) 1988 US
RCA/Columbia Young Racers, The
Roger Corman 1963 US
Rebel Street War The Black Godfather John Evans 1974 US
Red Light Black Venus
Claude Mulot 1983 SP, US
Republic Beat Generation, The
Charles Haas 1959 US
Republic High School Confidential
Jack Arnold 1958 US
Rhino Nasty Rabbit Spies a GoGo James Landis 1964 US
Rhino Sleazemania
Various 1985 US
Roadshow Abominable Dr. Phibes, The
Robert Fuest 1971 GB
Roadshow Action Jackson
Craig R. Baxley 1988 US
Roadshow Alchemist, The
Charles Band 1981 US
Roadshow Alligator
Lewis Teague 1980 US
Roadshow Alvin Purple
Tim Burstall 1973 AUS
Roadshow Alvin Rides Again
David Bilcock Jr., Robin Copping 1974 AUS
Roadshow Amazing Colossal Man, The
Bert I. Gordon 1957 US
Roadshow American Werewolf in London, An
John Landis 1981 US
Roadshow Andy Warhol's Blood for Dracula Blood for Dracula Paul Morrissey, Antonio Margheriti (uncredited) 1974 IT, FR
Roadshow Angel
Robert Vincent O'Neil 1983 US
Roadshow Angel Heart
Alan Parker 1987 US
Roadshow Angel of Death Commando Mengele Andrea Bianchi (as A. Frank Drew White) 1986 US, FR
Roadshow Angel of H.E.A.T.
Myrl A. Schreibman 1982 US
Roadshow Annihilators, The
Charles E. Sellier Jr. 1985 US
Roadshow Attack Force Z
Tim Burstall 1981 AUS, TAIWAN
Roadshow Avenging Angel
Robert Vincent O'Neil 1985 US
Roadshow Bad Manners
Bobby Houston 1984 US
Roadshow Banished Women Savage Island Edoardo Mulargia, Nicholas Beardsley 1985 US, IT, SP
Roadshow Baron Blood
Mario Bava 1972 IT, WG
Roadshow Basket Case
Frank Henenlotter 1981 US
Roadshow Battle Truck
Harley Cokliss 1982 US
Roadshow Beastmaster, The
Don Coscarelli 1982 US
Roadshow Beat Generation, The
Charles Haas 1959 US
Roadshow Bedroom Mazurka
John Hilbard 1970 DEN
Roadshow Bedside Headmaster Danish Pillow Talk John Hilbard 1973 DEN
Roadshow Bells
Michael Anderson 1980 CAN
Roadshow Best of the New York Erotic Film Festival, The
L.E. Moko 1973 US
Roadshow Black Bullett Truck Turner Jonathan Kaplan 1974 US
Roadshow Blood and Guts
Paul Lynch 1978 CAN
Roadshow Blood Beach
Jeffrey Bloom 1980 US
Roadshow Blood Hook
James Mallon 1986 US
Roadshow Bloody Mama
Roger Corman 1970 US
Roadshow Blow Out
Brian De Palma 1981 US
Roadshow Boxcar Bertha
Martin Scorsese 1972 US
Roadshow Brain Eaters, The
Bruno Ve Sota 1958 US
Roadshow Brainwaves
Ulli Lommel 1982 US
Roadshow Breathless
Jim McBride 1983 US
Roadshow Breeders
Tim Kincaid 1986 US
Roadshow Brink's Job, The
William Friedkin 1978 US
Roadshow Buckaroo Banzai
W.D. Richter 1984 US
Roadshow Bullet for a Gangster
Larry Buchanan 1970 US
Roadshow Butterfly
Matteo Ottaviano (as Matt Cimber) 1981 US
Roadshow Caligula
Tinto Brass, Bob Guccione 1979 US, IT
Roadshow Cannonball
Paul Bartel 1976 HK, US
Roadshow Cannonball Run II
Hal Needham 1984 US
Roadshow Cardiac Arrest
Murray Mintz 1975 US
Roadshow Chained Heat
Lutz Schaarwächter (as Paul Nicolas) 1983 US, WG
Roadshow Champagne for Breakfast
Chris Warfield 1980 US
Roadshow Change of Seasons, A
Richard Lang 1980 US
Roadshow Chatterbox
Tom DeSimone 1976 US
Roadshow Christiane F.
Ulrich Edel 1981 WG
Roadshow Chrome and Hot Leather
Robert Lee Frost (as R.L. Frost) 1971 US
Roadshow Class of 1984
Mark L. Lester 1981 US
Roadshow Code of SIlence
Andrew Davis 1985 US
Roadshow Cold Room, The
James Dearden 1984 US
Roadshow Concrete Jungle The
Tom DeSimone 1982 US
Roadshow Confessions of the David Galaxy Affair
Willy Roe 1979 GB
Roadshow Corsican Brothers, The
Tommy Chong 1984 US
Roadshow Count Yorga, Vampire
Bob Kelljan 1970 US
Roadshow Creepshow 2
Michael Gornick 1987 US
Roadshow Cujo
Lewis Teague 1983 US
Roadshow Dangerous Summer, A
Quentin Masters 1981 AUS
Roadshow Dark Room
Paul Harmon 1981 AUS
Roadshow Day After, The
Nicholas Meyer 1983 US
Roadshow Day the World Ended, The
Roger Corman 1956 US
Roadshow Dead & Buried
Gary A. Sherman 1981 US
Roadshow Deadly Blessing
Wes Craven 1981 US
Roadshow Deadly Impact
Fabrizio De Angelis (as Larry Ludman) 1983 IT
Roadshow Death Ship
Alvin Rakoff 1980 CAN, GB
Roadshow Def-Con 4
Paul Donovan 1983 CAN
Roadshow Defiance
John Flynn 1979 US
Roadshow Devil's Angels
Daniel Haller 1967 US
Roadshow Dillinger
John Milius 1973 US
Roadshow Dominique
Michael Anderson 1978 GB
Roadshow Double Deal
Brian Kavanagh 1981 AUS
Roadshow Dr. Phibes Rises Again
Robert Fuest 1972 GB
Roadshow Dracula Erotica

Roadshow Dragon Lord
Jackie Chan [Sing Lung] 1982 HK
Roadshow Drum
Steve Carver 1976 US
Roadshow Education of the Baroness
Gerard Kikoine (as Sacha Nudamko) 1977 FR
Roadshow Electric Dreams
Steve Barron 1984 GB, US
Roadshow Empire of the Ants
Bert I. Gordon 1977 US
Roadshow End Play
Tim Burstall 1975 AUS
Roadshow Exposed
Jeffrey Fairbanks 1979 US
Roadshow Exterminators of the Year 3000
Giuliano Carnimeo (as Jules Harrison) 1983 IT, SP
Roadshow Extreme Prejudice
Walter Hill 1987 US
Roadshow F.J. Holden, The
Michael Thornhill 1977 AUS
Roadshow Fake Out
Matteo Ottaviano (as Matt Cimber) 1982 US
Roadshow Felicity
John D. Lamond 1979 AUS
Roadshow Fifth Floor, The
Howard Avedis 1978 US
Roadshow Fire and Ice
Ralph Bakshi 1982 US
Roadshow Flesh for Frankenstein
Paul Morrissey, Antonio Margheriti (uncredited) 1973 IT, FR
Roadshow Flight 90: Disaster on the Potomac
Robert Michael Lewis 1984 US
Roadshow Frightmare
Pete Walker 1974 GB
Roadshow Fritz the Cat
Ralph Bakshi 1972 US
Roadshow Frog Dreaming
Brian Trenchard-Smith 1985 AUS
Roadshow From a Whisper to a Scream
Jeff Burr 1986 US
Roadshow Full Moon High
Larry Cohen 1981 US
Roadshow Girls Town
Charles Haas 1959 US
Roadshow Glory Stompers, The
Anthony M. Lanza 1967 US
Roadshow Golden Needles
S. Lee Pogostin, Robert Clouse 1974 US
Roadshow Halloween II
Rick Rosenthal 1981 US
Roadshow Hambone and Hillie
Roy Watts 1983 US
Roadshow Haunted Palace, The
Roger Corman 1963 US
Roadshow Heartaches
Donald Shebib 1981 CAN
Roadshow Heavenly Bodies
Lawrence Dane 1983 CAN
Roadshow Heavy Traffic
Ralph Bakshi 1973 US
Roadshow Hellraiser
Clive Barker 1987 GB, US
Roadshow High Road to China
Brian G. Hutton 1982 US
Roadshow High Rollin'
Igor Auzins 1977 AUS
Roadshow House by the Cemetery, The
Lucio Fulci 1981 IT
Roadshow House of Whipcord
Pete Walker 1974 GB
Roadshow Hysterical
Chris Bearde 1982 US
Roadshow I Love You
Arnaldo Jabor 1980 BRAZIL
Roadshow I Was a Teenage Frankenstein
Herbert L. Strock 1957 US
Roadshow I Was a Teenage Werewolf
Gene Fowler Jr. 1957 US
Roadshow Impulse I Love to Kill William Grefe 1974 US
Roadshow In Praise of Older Women
George Kaczender 1977 CAN
Roadshow Inseminoid
Norman J. Warren 1980 GB
Roadshow Invasion of the Saucer Men
Edward L. Cahn 1957 US
Roadshow It Conquered the World
Roger Corman 1956 US
Roadshow Jaguar Lives
Ernest Pintoff 1977 US, SP
Roadshow Jennifer
Brice Mack 1978 US
Roadshow Jimmy the Kid
Gary Nelson 1982 US
Roadshow Jungle Warriors
Ernst R. von Theumer 1983 MEX, WG
Roadshow Keep It Up, Jack
Derek Ford 1973 GB
Roadshow KGB: The Secret War
Dwight Little 1984 US
Roadshow Kill and Kill Again
Ivan Hall 1981 SA
Roadshow Kill Squad
Patrick G. Donahue 1981 US
Roadshow Kindred, The
Jeffrey Obrow, Stephen Carpenter 1986 US
Roadshow King of the Gypsies
Frank R. Pierson 1978 US
Roadshow Kiss of the Tarantula
Chris Munger 1975 US
Roadshow Last Hunter, The
Antonio Margheriti (as Anthony M. Dawson) 1980 IT
Roadshow Lunch Wagon
Ernest Pintoff 1980 US
Roadshow Mad Max
George Miller 1979 AUS
Roadshow Madhouse
Ovidio G. Assonitis 1981 US, IT
Roadshow Man from Hong Kong, The
Brian Trenchard-Smith 1975 HK, AUS
Roadshow Manhunt
Fabrizio De Angelis (as Larry Ludman) 1984 IT
Roadshow Massacre in Dinosaur Valley
Michele Massimo Tarantini (as Michael E. Lemick) 1985 IT
Roadshow Matinee Hookers Matinee Wives Kendall Stewart 1970 US
Roadshow Mean Season, The
Philip Borsos 1985 US
Roadshow Megaforce
Hal Needham 1982 US
Roadshow Metropolis
Fritz Lang 1926 WG
Roadshow Midnight Spares
Quentin Masters 1982 AUS
Roadshow Montenegro
Dusan Makavejev 1981 GB, SWE
Roadshow Moonshine The Devil's 8 Burt Topper 1969 US
Roadshow Morning After, The
Sidney Lumet 1986 US
Roadshow Mother Lode
Charlton Heston 1982 US
Roadshow Mother's Day
Charles Kaufman 1980 US
Roadshow Murder Rock - Dancing Death
Lucio Fulci 1984 IT
Roadshow Mutant Hunt
Tim Kincaid 1986 US
Roadshow Naked Fist
Cirio H. Santiago 1981 US, PHIL
Roadshow National Lampoon's Class Reunion
Michael Miller 1982 US
Roadshow Near Dark
Kathryn Bigelow 1986 US
Roadshow Never Dead, The Phantasm Don Coscarelli 1977 US
Roadshow Never Say Never Again
Irvin Kershner 1983 GB
Roadshow Next of Kin
Tony Williams 1982 AUS
Roadshow Nightkill
Ted Post 1980 US
Roadshow Nightmares
John Lamond 1980 AUS
Roadshow Norseman, The
Charles B. Pierce 1978 US
Roadshow Octagon, The
Eric Karson 1980 US
Roadshow Once Upon a Time in America
Sergio Leone 1984 US
Roadshow Petersen
Tim Burstall 1974 AUS
Roadshow Playbird Murders, The Playbirds Willy Roe 1978 GB
Roadshow Pursuit of D.B. Cooper, The
Roger Spottiswoode 1981 US
Roadshow Q: The Winged Serpent
Larry Cohen 1982 US
Roadshow Rabid
David Cronenberg 1976 CAN
Roadshow Rats, The
Robert Clouse 1982 US
Roadshow Raven, The
Roger Corman 1963 US
Roadshow Razorback
Russell Mulcahy 1983 AUS
Roadshow Reborn
Bigas Luna 1981 US, IT, SP
Roadshow Reform School Girls
Tom DeSimone 1986 US
Roadshow Revenge of the Cheerleaders
Richard Lerner 1975 US
Roadshow Roadhouse 66
John Mark Robinson 1984 US
Roadshow Rolling Thunder

Roadshow Ruby
Curtis Harrington 1977 US
Roadshow Running on Empty Fast Lane Fever John Clark 1982 AUS
Roadshow Savage Seven, The
Richard Rush 1968 US
Roadshow Savage Sisters
Eddie Romero 1974 US
Roadshow Scanners
David Cronenberg 1980 CAN
Roadshow Screamtime
Michael Armstrong, Stanley Long (as Al Beresford) 1983 GB
Roadshow Serpent's Egg, The
Ingmar Bergman 1977 WG, US
Roadshow Seven
Andy Sidaris 1979 US
Roadshow Sex World
Anthony Spinelli 1977 US
Roadshow She-Creature, The
Edward L. Cahn 1956 US
Roadshow Shootist, The
Don Siegel 1976 US
Roadshow Showgirls

Roadshow Sisters
Brian De Palma 1972 US
Roadshow Six Pack Annie
Graydon F. David 1975 US
Roadshow Slaughter's Big Rip-Off
Gordon Douglas 1973 US
Roadshow Slaughterhouse
Rick Roessler 1987 US
Roadshow Smokey Bites the Dust
Charles B. Griffith 1981 US
Roadshow Sorority Girl
Roger Corman 1957 US
Roadshow Spider, The
Bert I. Gordon 1958 US
Roadshow Starflight One
Jerry Jameson 1982 US
Roadshow Stone Cold Dead
George Mendeluk 1979 CAN
Roadshow Stuff, The
Larry Cohen 1985 US
Roadshow Survive!
René Cardona 1976 MEX
Roadshow Terror from the Year 5000
Robert J. Gurney Jr. 1958 US
Roadshow They Call Me Bruce
Elliot Hong 1982 US
Roadshow Threshold
Richard Pearce 1981 CAN
Roadshow Tilt
Rudy Durand 1978 US
Roadshow Torment
Marcello Andrei 1974 IT
Roadshow Turkey Shoot
Brian Trenchard-Smith 1981 AUS
Roadshow Unholy Rollers
Vernon Zimmerman 1972 US
Roadshow Vampire Lovers, The
Roy Ward Baker 1970 GB
Roadshow Venom
Peter Sykes 1971 GB
Roadshow Wanderers, The
Philip Kaufman 1979 US
Roadshow Werewolves on Wheels
Michel Levesque 1971 US
Roadshow When a Stranger Calls
Fred Walton 1979 US
Roadshow When You Comin' Back, Red Ryder?
Milton Katselas 1979 US
Roadshow White Buffalo, The
J. Lee Thompson 1977 US
Roadshow Yellowbeard
Mel Damski 1983 GB
Roadshow Young Doctors in Love
Garry Marshall 1982 US
Roadshow Zombie Island Massacre
John N. Carter 1983 US
Roadshow Zone Troopers
Danny Bilson 1986 US
Roadshow Premiere 4th Man, The
Paul Verhoeven 1983 NL
Roadshow Premiere Blood Simple
Joel Coen 1984 US
Roadshow Premiere Brain Damage
Frank Henenlotter 1988 US
Roadshow Premiere Death Before Dishonour
Terry J. Leonard 1987 US
Roadshow Premiere Evil Clutch
Andrea Marfori (as Andreas Marfori) 1988 IT
Roadshow Premiere House on Straw Hill, The Exposé James Kenelm Clarke 1975 GB
Roadshow Premiere Igor and the Lunatics
Billy Parolini 1985 US
Roadshow Premiere Les Patterson Saves the World
George Miller 1986 AUS
Roadshow Premiere Letter to Brezhnev, A
Chris Bernard 1985 GB
Roadshow Premiere Lunar Madness Vicious Lips Albert Pyun 1987 US
Roadshow Premiere Mindkiller
Michael Krueger 1987 US
Roadshow Premiere No Apparent Motive The Boys Next Door Penelope Spheeris 1984 US
Roadshow Premiere Silent Madness
Simon Nuchtern 1984 US
Roadshow Premiere Slugs
Piquer Simon 1988 US, SP
Roadshow Premiere Sweet and Savage
Antonio Climati, Mario Morra 1983 IT
Roadshow Premiere Toxic Avenger, The
Michael Herz, Samuel Weil 1984 US
Roadshow Premiere Under Siege
Roger Young 1986 US
Roadshow Premiere Video Dead, The
Robert Scott 1987 US
Roadshow Vibrant ABC of Love and Sex Australia Style, The
John D. Lamond 1977 AUS
Roadshow Vibrant After School Girls Love Games of Young Girls Franz J. Gottlieb 1972 WG
Roadshow Vibrant Beast of Pleasure La bête à plaisir Eddy Matalon 1974 FR
Roadshow Vibrant Erotic Sex Games

Roadshow Vibrant Fruit Is Ripe, The
Siggi Götz 1976 WG
Roadshow Vibrant Gums
Robert J. Kaplan 1976 US
Roadshow Vibrant Horror Hospital
Antony Balch 1973 GB
Roadshow Vibrant Hot Connections

Roadshow Vibrant Indecent Exposure
Gary Graver (as Robert McCallum) 1981 US
Roadshow Vibrant Initiation at College
Gérard Kikoïne 1979 FR
Roadshow Vibrant Julia
Sigi Rothemund 1974 WG, FR
Roadshow Vibrant Losers, The
Jack Starrett 1970 US
Roadshow Vibrant Private Nurse
Gérard Kikoïne 1978 FR
Roadshow Vibrant Shame of the Jungle Jungle Burger Jean-Paul Walvarens (as Picha), Boris Szulzinger 1975 BEL, FR
Roadshow Vibrant Simon King of the Witches
Bruce Kessler 1971 US
Roadshow Vibrant Swedish Wife Exchange Club
Robert Tafur, F.J. Gottlieb, Graydon C. David 1969 WG
Roadshow Vibrant Teach Me
Michael Meola 1967 US
Roadshow Vibrant Tower of Evil Horror on Snape Island Jim O'Connolly 1972 GB, US
Roadshow/Mens Club International David Galaxy Affair, The
Willy Roe 1979 GB
Roadshow/Mens Club International Penelope Pulls It Off
Peter Curran 1975 GB, WG
Roadshow/Mens Club International Queen of Spades Queen of the Blues Willy Roe 1979 GB
Roadshow/Mens Club International Suburban Wives
Derek Ford 1971 GB
Rocvale Beyond the Doors Down On Us Larry Buchanan 1984 US
Rodox Come to My Bedside Der må være en sengekant John Hilbard 1975 DEN
Rodox Danish Sailors Sømænd på sengekanten John Hilbard 1977 DEN
Satellite Hex
Leo Garen 1973 US
Screen Works Seeds of Evil
Liliana Cavani 1977 IT, FR, WG
Screentime Blood Bride
Robert J. Avrech 1979 US
Screentime Creeping Flesh, The
Freddie Francis 1972 GB
Screentime Mack and His Pack, The
Michael Campus 1973 US
Screentime Take, The
Robert Hartford-Davis 1973 US
Screentime Vampira
Clive Donner 1974 GB
Select Video/Video Classics Country Comfort
Bob Augustus 1981 US
Select-a-Tape I Like to Watch
Paul Vatelli 1982 US
Select-a-Tape/Video Classics Young Lady Chatterley
Alan Roberts 1976 US
Seven Keys Attack of the Beast Creatures
Michael Stanley 1983 US
Seven Keys Being Different
Harry Rasky 1981 US
Seven Keys Blind Date
Nico Mastorakis 1984 US
Seven Keys Blood Money The Stranger and the Gunfighter Antonio Margheriti (as Anthony M. Dawson) 1974 SP, IT, HK
Seven Keys Blood Sisters
Roberta Findlay 1986 US
Seven Keys Caliber 357
Eddie Nicart 1982 PHIL
Seven Keys Case of the Smiling Stiffs, The
Sean S. Cunningham, Brud Talbot 1973 US
Seven Keys Convict Women Thunder County Chris Robinson 1974 US
Seven Keys Deathstalker
John Watson 1983 ARG
Seven Keys Deep Red
Dario Argento 1975 IT
Seven Keys Delos Adventure, The
Joseph Purcell 1987 US
Seven Keys Devil's Rain, The
Robert Fuest 1975 US
Seven Keys Devils of Monza, The
Luciano Odorisio 1986 IT
Seven Keys First Nudie Musical, The
Mark Haggard, Bruce Kimmel 1975 US
Seven Keys Fortress in the Sun
George Rowe 1978 US
Seven Keys Geek
Dean Crow 1987 US
Seven Keys Give Us Tomorrow
Donovan Winter 1978 GB
Seven Keys Harrard Experiment, The
Ted Post 1973 US
Seven Keys Heartbreaker
Frank Zuniga 1982 US
Seven Keys House of Exorcism, The
Mario Bava (as Mickey Lion) 1975 IT, SP, WG
Seven Keys Impulse I Love to Kill William Grefe 1974 US
Seven Keys Nesting, The
Armand Weston 1980 US
Seven Keys Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave, The
Emilio P. Miraglia 1971 IT
Seven Keys Night Visitor, The
Laslo Benedek 1970 GB, DEN
Seven Keys Pumping Iron
George Butler, Robert Fiore 1976 US
Seven Keys Raiders of the Living Dead
Samuel M. Sherman 1985 US
Seven Keys Rituals
Peter Carter 1976 CAN
Seven Keys Rome 2072 A.D. - The New Gladiators Rome 2033 - The Fighter Centurions Lucio Fulci 1983 IT
Seven Keys S.H.E. (Security Hazard Expert)
Robert Michael Lewis 1980 US
Seven Keys Scaremaker, The Girls' Nite Out Robert Deubel 1982 US
Seven Keys Shock Waves
Ken Wiederhorn 1976 US
Seven Keys Time to Die, A
Matteo Ottaviano (as Matt Cimber) 1979 US
Seven Keys Tormentors, The
David L. Hewitt (as B. Eagle) 1986 US
Seven Keys Vindicator, The
Jean-Claude Lord 1984 CAN
Sexavision Nurses of the 407th
Tony Kendrick 1982 US
ShowCase Ator the Invincible The Blade Master Aristide Massaccesi (as David Hills) 1982 IT
ShowCase Being, The
Jackie Kong 1983 US
ShowCase Blood Mania
Robert Vincent O'Neill 1970 US
ShowCase Bloody Wednesday
Mark G. Gilhuis 1985 US
ShowCase Boarding House
Johnn Wintergate 1982 US
ShowCase Cataclysm
Tom McGowan, Greg Tallas, Philip Marshak 1980 US
ShowCase Cobra Mission
Fabrizio De Angelis 1985 WG, IT
ShowCase Cocaine Cowboys
Ulli Lommel 1979 US
ShowCase Cold Sweat
Terence Young 1971 GB, FR, IT
ShowCase Dark Night of the Scarecrow
Frank De Felitta 1981 US
ShowCase Darker Side of Terror, The
Gus Trikonis 1979 US
ShowCase Deadly Intruder, The
John McCauley 1985 US
ShowCase Desperate Voyage
Michael O'Herlihy 1980 US
ShowCase Dragon Strikes Back, The The Fighting Fist of Shanghai Joe Mario Caiano 1973 IT
ShowCase Dynamite Brothers, The
Al Adamson 1974 US
ShowCase Ebony, Ivory & Jade
Cirio H. Santiago 1976 PHIL
ShowCase Escape from Hell Hell Prison Edoardo Mulargia (as Edward G. Muller) 1979 IT, SP
ShowCase Evil Senses
Gabriele Lavia 1986 IT
ShowCase Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe, The Dragon Strikes Back, The Mario Caiano 1973 IT
ShowCase Hell Commandos
José Luis Merino 1968 SP, IT
ShowCase Hercules Goes Bananas
Arthur Allan Seidelman 1970 US
ShowCase Invasion of the Bee Girls
Denis Sanders 1973 US
ShowCase Island of Perversion Island of Death Nico Mastorakis (as Nick Mastorakis) 1976 GR
ShowCase It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
John Trent 1974 CAN
ShowCase Jocks

ShowCase Jungle Wolf
Charles Ordonez 1986 US
ShowCase L.A. Street Fighters Ninja Turf Richard Park 1986 US
ShowCase Land of Doom
Peter Maris 1984 US, TUR
ShowCase Leonora
Derek Strahan 1986 AUS
ShowCase Lisa and the Devil
Mario Bava (as Mickey Lion) 1975 IT, SP, WG
ShowCase Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane, The
Nicolas Gessner 1977 US, CAN, FR
ShowCase Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary
Juan Lopez Moctezuma 1973 MEX, US
ShowCase Midnight
John Russo 1980 US
ShowCase Naughty Stewardesses, The
Al Adamson 1973 US
ShowCase Night Train to Terror
Jay Schlossberg-Cohen 1985 US
ShowCase Night Warning Nightmare Maker William Asher 1981 US
ShowCase One Dark Night
Tom McLoughlin 1982 US
ShowCase Plutonium Baby
Ray Hirschman 1987 US
ShowCase Preppies
Chuck Vincent 1983 US
ShowCase Race to Danger
Tommaso Dazzi 1986 IT, WG
ShowCase Savage Dawn
Simon Nuchtern 1984 US
ShowCase Scream Greats Vol. 1 - Tom Savini
Damon Santostefano 1986 US
ShowCase Scream Greats Vol. 2 - Satanism & Witchcraft
Damon Santostefano 1986 US
ShowCase Shadows of the Mind

ShowCase Splatter
Peter Rowe 1986 US
ShowCase Spree Survival Run Larry Spiegel 1977 MEX, US
ShowCase Tarantulas - The Deadly Cargo
Stuart R. Hagmann 1977 US
ShowCase Treasure of the Amazon
René Cardona Jr. 1983 MEX
ShowCase Violated
Richard Cannistraro 1984 US
Silver Screen Promotions Abduction, The Abducted Don Jones 1973 US
Silver Screen Promotions Legend of Frank Woods, The
Hagen Smith, Richard Robinson 1977 US
Silver Screen Promotions Sadie
Robert C. Chinn (as Bob C. Chinn) 1980 US
Silver Screen Promotions Witch Who Came from the Sea, The
Matteo Ottaviano (as Matt Cimber) 1975 US
Spartan Films Barracuda - Terror of the Sea
Augusto Salvador
Stage Door Beauty and the Beast
Jean Cocteau 1946 FR
Stage Door Biggest Battle, The
Umberto Lenzi 1977 IT
Stage Door Concorde Affair
Ruggero Deodato (as Roger Deodato) 1979 IT
Stage Door Contamination Alien Contamination Luigi Cozzi (as Lewis Coates) 1980 IT, WG
Star Amityville Horror, The
Stuart Rosenberg 1979 US
Star Association, The
Cheng Chang Ho 1975 HK
Star Atomic Café
Kevin Rafferty, Jayne Loader, Pierce Rafferty 1982 US
Star Big Boss, The
Lo Wei 1971 HK
Star Bilitis
David Hamilton 1977 FR
Star Black Christmas
Bob Clark 1975 CAN
Star Born Losers
Tom Laughlin (as T.C. Frank) 1967 US
Star Boys in Company C, The
Sydney J. Furie 1977 US, HK
Star Chain Reaction, The
Ian Barry 1980 AUS
Star Changeling, The
Peter Medak 1979 CAN
Star Corpse Grinders, The
Ted V. Mikels 1971 US
Star Curtains
Richard Ciupka (as Jonathan Stryker) 1982 CAN
Star Deadly Trap, The
René Clément 1971 FR, IT
Star Dirty Tricks
Alvin Rakoff 1980 US, CAN
Star Dressed to Kill
Brian De Palma 1980 US
Star Dunwich Horror, The
Daniel Haller 1969 US
Star Fanny Hill
Gerry O'Hara 1983 GB
Star Fitzcarraldo
Werner Herzog 1982 WG
Star Goodbye Emmanuelle
Francois Leterrier 1977 FR
Star Grissom Gang, The
Robert Aldrich 1971 US
Star Highpoint
Peter Carter 1979 CAN
Star House of Seven Corpses, The
Paul Harrison 1973 US
Star House of Usher, The

Star House That Wouldn't Die, The
John Llewellyn Moxey 1970 US
Star Immoral Tales
Walerian Borowczyk 1974 FR
Star In the Realm of the Senses Ai No Corrida Nagisa Oshima 1976 JAP, FR
Star Island of Death Would You Kill a Child? Narciso Ibañez Serrador 1975 SP
Star Killer Inside Me, The
Burt Kennedy 1975 US
Star Love Hate Love
George McCowan 1970 US
Star Madame Claude
Just Jaeckin 1978 FR
Star Montana Trap
Peter Schamoni 1976 SP, WG
Star Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave, The
Emilio P. Miraglia 1971 IT
Star Night Stalker, The
Dan Curtis 1972 US
Star Night Strangler, The
John Llewellyn Moxey 1971 US
Star Pit and the Pendulum, The

Star Red Sun
Terence Young 1971 FR, IT
Star Shogun Assassin
Kenji Misumi, Robert Houston 1980 JAP, US
Star Silent Partner, The
Daryl Duke 1978 CAN
Star Sins of Dorian Gray, The
Tony Maylam 1983 US
Star Story of O, The
Just Jaeckin 1975 FR, WG
Star Success
William Richert 1979 US
Star Sword and the Sorcerer, The
Albert Pyun 1982 US
Star Tales of Ordinary Madness
Marco Ferreri 1981 IT, FR
Star Tales of Terror
Roger Corman 1962 US
Star Taste of Evil, A
John Llewellyn Moxey 1971 US
Star Time Walker
Tom Kennedy 1982 US
Star Town That Dreaded Sundown, The
Charles B. Pierce 1976 US
Star Unseen, The
Peter Foleg 1980 US
Star Unsuitable Job for a Woman, An
Christopher Petit 1981 GB
Star Warkill
Ferde Grofe Jr. 1968 PHIL, US
Star Whatever Happened to Aunt Alice
Lee H. Katzin 1969 US
Star Worm Eaters, The
Herb Robins 1977 US
Star Channel Bury Me an Angel
Barbara Peeters 1971 US
Star/PBV Fruits of Passion, The Les fruits de la passion Shuji Terayama 1981 JAP, FR
Star/PBV Girl in Gold Boots, The
Ted V. Mikels 1968 US
Star/PBV Straw Dogs
Sam Peckinpah 1971 GB
Starbase Baby, The
Ted Post 1972 US
Starbase Behind Locked Doors
Charles Romine 1968 US
Starbase Catch the Black Sunshine Sunshine Run Chris Robinson 1979 US
Starbase Contamination Alien Contamination Luigi Cozzi (as Lewis Coates) 1980 IT, WG
Starbase Cry Blood Apache
Jack Starrett 1970 US
Starbase Cycles South
Don Marshall 1971 US
Starbase Dark Ride, The
Jeremy Hoenack 1982 US
Starbase Delirium
Peter Maris 1979 US
Starbase Demoniaques, Les Revenge of the Virgins Jean Rollin 1973 FR, BEL
Starbase Enforcer from Death Row Ninja Assassins Efron C. Pinon 1977 PHIL
Starbase Enter the Devil
Frank Q. Dobbs 1972 US
Starbase Godson, The
William Rotsler 1968 US
Starbase Hitch Hike to Hell
Irvin Berwick 1976 US
Starbase House of Seven Corpses, The
Paul Harrison 1973 US
Starbase Inferno in Paradise
Ed Forsyth 1976 US
Starbase Island of Fishmen Island of Mutations Sergio Martino 1978 IT
Starbase Jessi's Girls Wanted Women Al Adamson 1975 US
Starbase Kidnapped Coed
Frederick R. Friedel 1974 US
Starbase Kill, The
Rolf Bayer 1973 PHIL
Starbase Legendary Curse of Lemora
Richard Blackburn 1973 US
Starbase Licensed to Kill
Lindsay Shonteff 1965 GB
Starbase Love Butcher, The
Mikel Angel, Don Jones 1975 US
Starbase Love Camp 7
Robert Lee Frost (as R.L. Frost) 1968 US
Starbase Mad Bomber, The
Bert I. Gordon 1972 US
Starbase Midnight Plowboy
Bethel Buckalew 1971 US
Starbase Mission Batangas
Keith Larsen 1967 US
Starbase Notorious Cleopatra, The
Peter Perry (as A.P. Stootsberry) 1970 US
Starbase Pigkeeper's Daughter, The
Bethel Buckalew 1972 US
Starbase Poor Albert & Little Annie I Dismember Mama Paul Leder 1972 US
Starbase Sasquatch
Ed Ragozzini 1978 US
Starbase Secret Sex Lives of Romeo and Juliet, The
A.P. Stootsberry 1969 US
Starbase Severed Arm, The
Thomas S. Alderman 1973 US
Starbase Shiver of the Vampires, The
Jean Rollin 1970 FR
Starbase Somebody’s Stolen Our Russian Spy O.K. Yevtushenko José Luis Madrid 1967 SP
Starbase Swinging Cheerleaders, The
Jack Hill 1974 US
Starbase Switchblade Sisters, The
Jack Hill 1975 US
Starbase Tale of the Dean's Wife, The
Benjamin Onivas 1970 US
Starbase Taste of Hell, A
Neil Yarema, Basil Bradbury 1973 US, PHIL
Starbase Terror of the Vampires Le frisson des vampires Jean-Pierre Lajournade 1970 FR
Starbase Touch of Satan, The
Don Henderson 1971 US
Starbase Tristan and Isolt
Tom Donovan 1979 US
Starbase Wham Bam Thank You Spaceman
William A. Levey 1972 US
Starbase Witchmaker, The
William O. Brown 1969 US
Starbase Without Warning The Warning Greydon Clark 1980 US
Starbase Woman for All Men, A Part-Time Wife Arthur Marks 1974 US
Starbase Zombi Holocaust
Marino Girolami (as Frank Martin) 1980 IT
Starbase Zombie Flesh Eaters
Lucio Fulci 1979 IT
Sundowner Awakening of Candra, The
Paul Wendkos 1983 US
Sundowner Bad Ronald
Buzz Kulik 1974 US
Sundowner Blackenstein
William A. Levey 1972 US
Sundowner Blind Rage
Efren C. Pinon 1978 PHIL
Sundowner Blood Sabbath
Brianne Murphy 1972 US
Sundowner Blood Tide
Richard Jeffries 1981 GB
Sundowner Bloodstalkers The Night Daniel Died Robert W. Morgan 1975 US
Sundowner Caligula's Slaves
Lorenzo Onorati 1984 IT
Sundowner Dance of the Dwarfs
Gus Trikonis 1983 PHIL
Sundowner Day of the Cobra
Enzo G. Castellari 1980 IT
Sundowner Death Force
Cirio H. Santiago 1979 PHIL, US
Sundowner Death Squad
Harry Falk 1973 US
Sundowner Double Negative
George Bloomfield 1979 CAN
Sundowner Fast Company
David Cronenberg 1978 CAN
Sundowner Halloween
John Carpenter 1978 US
Sundowner Hannibal
Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia, Edgar G. Ulmer 1959 IT
Sundowner Haunting of Julia, The
Richard Loncraine 1976 CAN, GB
Sundowner No Room to Die Noose for Django Sergio Garrone 1969 IT, SP
Sundowner One Armed Executioner
Bobby A. Suarez 1981 PHIL, US
Sundowner Perfect Killer
Mario Siciliano (as Marlon Sirko) 1977 IT, SP
Sundowner Psycho from Texas
Jim Feazell 1971 US
Sundowner Sky High
Nico Mastorakis 1981 US
Sundowner Tais-Toi Quand Tu Parles!
Philippe Clair 1981 FR, TUN, IT
Sundowner Tehran Incident, The Missile-X Leslie H. Martinson 1977 WG, IT, SP, IRAN
Sundowner Tiger of the Seven Seas, The
Luigi Capuano 1962 IT
Sundowner Zany Adventures of Robin Hood, The
Ray Austin 1984 US
Sundowner/Media Boy and His Dog, A
L.Q. Jones 1974 US
Supreme Entertainment Ace of Hearts
Tulio Demicheli 1974 SP
Supreme Entertainment Biggest Battle, The Battle Force Umberto Lenzi 1977 IT
Supreme Entertainment Black Room, The
Elly Kenner, Norman Thaddeus Vane 1981 US
Supreme Entertainment Bloody Hands of the Law, The
Mario Gariazzo 1973 IT
Supreme Entertainment Death Watch
Bertrand Tavernier 1979 FR, WG
Supreme Entertainment Guyana - Crime of the Century
René Cardona Jr. 1979 MEX, SP, PANAMA
Supreme Entertainment How Sleep the Brave
Lindsay Shonteff (as Lyndon James Swift) 1981 GB
Supreme Entertainment Naughty Blue Knickers Secrets of the Satin Blues André Génoves 1981 FR
Supreme Entertainment Primitives Savage Terror Sisworo Gautama Putra 1979 INDONESIA
Supreme Entertainment Sorcerers, The
Michael Reeves 1967 GB
Supreme Entertainment Street to Die, A
Bill Bennett 1985 AUS
Supreme Entertainment Tale of Tiffany Lust, The Body Lust Gerard Kikoine, Radley Metzger 1981 US
Syme And I Alone Survived
William A. Graham 1978 US
Syme Ants
Robert Scheerer 1977 US
Syme Avalanche
Frederic Goode 1975 GB
Syme Avenging, The
Lyman Dayton 1981 US
Syme Bare Knuckles
Don Edmonds 1975 US
Syme Beyond the Door II Shock Mario Bava 1977 IT
Syme Blood of Dracula's Castle
Al Adamson 1969 US
Syme Body and Soul
Robert Rossen 1947 US
Syme Bomb At 10:10
Caslav Damjanovic (as Casey Diamond) 1966 YUG
Syme Boogey Man, The
Ulli Lommel 1980 US
Syme Boogeyman II Revenge of the Bogeyman Bruce Starr, Ulli Lommel 1982 US
Syme Cataclysm The Nightmare Never Ends Tom McGowan, Greg Tallas, Philip Marshak 1980 US
Syme Children of the Full Moon
Tom Clegg 1980 GB
Syme City Killer
Robert Lewis 1984 US
Syme Coming, The
Bert I. Gordon 1980 US
Syme Concorde Affair
Ruggero Deodato (as Roger Deodato) 1979 IT
Syme Crypt of the Living Dead
Ray Danton, Julio Salvador 1972 US, SP
Syme Dark Eyes
James Polakof 1980 US
Syme Dead of Night
Dan Curtis 1977 US
Syme Don't Go in the Woods
James Bryan 1980 US
Syme Double Jeopardy
Ulli Lommel 1982 US
Syme Evil, The
Gus Trikonis 1978 US
Syme Fedora
Billy Wilder 1978 FR, WG
Syme Forced Entry The Last Victim Jim Sotos 1975 US
Syme Graduation Day
Herb Freed 1981 US
Syme H.O.T.S.
Gerald Seth Sindell 1979 US
Syme Hercules
Luigi Cozzi (as Lewis Coates) 1983 IT
Syme Hit and Run
Charles Braverman 1982 US
Syme Horror Star, The
Norman Thaddeus Vane 1981 US
Syme House of the Long Shadows
Pete Walker 1982 GB
Syme Hunted, The Touch Me Not Douglas Fifthian 1974 GB
Syme Invitation to Hell

Syme Just for the Hell of It
Herschell Gordon Lewis 1968 US
Syme Killer Force The Diamond Mercenaries Val Guest 1975 SA, SWI
Syme Ladies' Doctor
Aristide Massaccesi (as Joe D'Amato) 1977 IT
Syme Lady Stay Dead
Terry Bourke 1981 AUS
Syme Lewdness Luxure Max Pécas 1976 FR
Syme Lover Boy
Marino Girolami (as Franco Martinelli) 1975 IT
Syme Nightmare in Wax
Bud Townsend 1969 US
Syme North East of Seoul
David Lowell Rich 1972 US
Syme Operation Cross Eagles
Richard Conte 1969 US, YUG
Syme Project Kill
William Girdler 1976 PHIL
Syme Revenge of the Ninja
Sam Firstenberg 1983 US
Syme Secret of Seagull Island, The
Nestore Ungaro 1981 IT, GB
Syme Starcrash
Luigi Cozzi (as Lewis Coates) 1979 IT
Syme Touch & Go
Peter Maxwell 1980 AUS
Syme Tourist Trap
David Schmoeller 1978 US
Syme Turn of the Screw
Dan Curtis 1974 US, GB
Syme Visitor from the Grave
Peter Sasdy 1980 GB
Syme X-ray
Boaz Davidson 1981 US
Tabu V: The Hot One
Gary Graver (as Robert McCallum) 1977 US
Tag Beast in the Cellar, The
James Kelly 1970 GB
Tag Blood on Satan's Claw
Piers Haggard 1970 GB
Tag Doomwatch
Peter Sasdy 1972 GB
THG Aliens Are Coming, The
Harvey Hart 1980 US
THG Angel of Vengeance
Ted V. Mikels 1987 US
THG Bloodstained Shadow, The
Antonio Bido 1978 IT
THG Dead Don't Die, The
Curtis Harrington 1974 US
THG Death Ray 2000
Lee H. Katzin 1981 US
THG Doubletake
Jud Taylor 1985 US
THG Hi-Riders
Greydon Clark 1977 US
THG Ivory Ape, The
Tom Kotani 1980 US, JAP
THG Moon of the Wolf
Daniel Petrie 1972 US
THG Serpent Warriors
John Howard 1986 US, HK
THG Spasmo
Umberto Lenzi 1974 IT
THG Strike Force

Thorn EMI Amin: The Rise and Fall
Sharad Patel 1980 KENYA
Thorn EMI Amityville II: The Possession
Damiano Damiani 1982 US
Thorn EMI Appointment, The
Lindsey C. Vickers 1981 GB
Thorn EMI At the Earth's Core
Kevin Connor 1976 GB
Thorn EMI Ator the Fighting Eagle
Aristide Massaccesi (as David Hills) 1982 IT, US
Thorn EMI Awakening, The
Mike Newell 1980 GB
Thorn EMI Bad Boys
Richard Rosenthal 1982 US
Thorn EMI Beast Must Die, The
Paul Annett 1974 GB
Thorn EMI Big Bad Mama
Steve Carver 1974 US
Thorn EMI Blood from the Mummy's Tomb
Seth Holt, Michael Carreras 1970 GB
Thorn EMI Bloodbath at the House of Death
Ray Cameron 1984 GB
Thorn EMI Bloodbeat
Fabrice A. Zaphiratos 1979 US, CAN
Thorn EMI Body, The
Roy Battersby 1970 GB
Thorn EMI Brothers of Shaolin Ten Brothers of Shaolin Ting Chung 1979 TAIWAN
Thorn EMI Burning, The
Tony Maylam 1980 US
Thorn EMI Cars That Ate Paris, The
Peter Weir 1974 AUS
Thorn EMI Cat's Eye
Lewis Teague 1985 US
Thorn EMI Catholic Boys Heaven Help Us Michael Dinner 1985 US
Thorn EMI Cheerleaders' Wild Weekend
Jeff Werner 1978 US
Thorn EMI Children of the Corn
Fritz Kiersch 1984 US
Thorn EMI Chocky
Vic Hughes, Christopher Hodson 1984 GB
Thorn EMI Circus of Horrors
Sidney Hayers 1960 GB
Thorn EMI Conan the Barbarian
John Milius 1982 US
Thorn EMI Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.
Gordon Flemyng 1966 GB
Thorn EMI Dead Kids
Michael Laughlin 1981 NZ, AUS
Thorn EMI Deadline
Mario Azzopardi 1979 CAN
Thorn EMI Death Vengeance
Lewis Teague 1982 US
Thorn EMI Demons of the Mind
Peter Sykes 1971 GB
Thorn EMI Devil's Playground, The
Fred Schepisi 1976 AUS
Thorn EMI Doctor Jekyll & Sister Hyde
Roy Ward Baker 1971 GB
Thorn EMI Don't Look Now
Nicolas Roeg 1973 IT, GB
Thorn EMI Dreamscape
Joseph Ruben 1984 US
Thorn EMI Driver
Walter Hill 1978 US
Thorn EMI Dune
David Lynch 1984 US
Thorn EMI Dutch Girls
Giles Foster 1985 GB
Thorn EMI Elephant Man, The
David Lynch 1980 GB
Thorn EMI Exterminator, The
James Glickenhaus 1980 US
Thorn EMI Face of Fu Manchu, The
Don Sharp 1965 GB
Thorn EMI Fear City
Abel Ferrara 1985 US
Thorn EMI Final Mission
Cirio H. Santiago 1984 PHIL, US
Thorn EMI Fright
Peter Collinson 1971 GB
Thorn EMI Glitter Dome, The
Stuart Margolin 1984 US
Thorn EMI Halloween III - Season of the Witch
Tommy Lee Wallace 1982 US
Thorn EMI Handgun
Tony Garnett 1982 US
Thorn EMI Hills Have Eyes Part 2, The
Wes Craven 1984 US
Thorn EMI Hills Have Eyes, The
Wes Craven 1977 US
Thorn EMI Honky Tonk Freeway
John Schlesinger 1981 US
Thorn EMI Horror of Frankenstein
Jimmy Sangster 1970 GB
Thorn EMI I Don't Want to Be Born
Peter Sasdy 1975 GB
Thorn EMI I, Monster
Stephen Weeks 1971 GB
Thorn EMI Jupiter Menace, The
Peter Matulavich, Lee Auerbach 1982 US
Thorn EMI Kids Are Alright, The
Jeff Stein 1979 GB
Thorn EMI Liquid Sky
Slava Tsukerman 1982 US
Thorn EMI Long Good Friday, The
John MacKenzie 1980 GB
Thorn EMI Lust for a Vampire
Jimmy Sangster 1970 GB
Thorn EMI Man Who Fell to Earth, The
Nicolas Roeg 1976 GB
Thorn EMI McVicar
Tom Clegg 1980 GB
Thorn EMI My Tutor
George Bowers 1982 US
Thorn EMI Not Tonight Darling
Anthony Sloman 1971 GB
Thorn EMI Nothing But the Night
Peter Sasdy 1971 GB
Thorn EMI Ooh, You Are Awful!
Cliff Owen 1972 GB
Thorn EMI Osterman Weekend, The
Sam Peckinpah 1983 US
Thorn EMI Percy
Ralph Thomas 1970 GB
Thorn EMI Possession
Andrzej Zulawski 1981 FR, WG
Thorn EMI Redneck
Silvio Narizzano 1972 IT, GB
Thorn EMI Revenge
Sidney Hayers 1971 GB
Thorn EMI Rottweiler: The Dogs of Hell
Worth Keeter III 1982 US
Thorn EMI Scars of Dracula
Roy Ward Baker 1970 GB
Thorn EMI Scrubbers
Mai Zetterling 1982 GB
Thorn EMI Seance on a Wet Afternoon
Bryan Forbes 1964 GB
Thorn EMI Sense of Freedom, A
John MacKenzie 1979 GB
Thorn EMI Silver Dream Racer
David Wickes 1980 GB
Thorn EMI Slayground
Terry Bedford 1983 GB, US
Thorn EMI Soldier, The Codename: The Soldier James Glickenhaus 1982 US
Thorn EMI Sorceress
Jack Hill (as Brian Stuart) 1982 US, MEX
Thorn EMI Spasms
William Fruet 1981 CAN
Thorn EMI Stardust
Michael Apted 1974 GB
Thorn EMI Stryker
Cirio H. Santiago 1983 PHIL, US
Thorn EMI Suspiria
Dario Argento 1976 IT
Thorn EMI Sweeney
David Wickes 1976 GB
Thorn EMI Sweeney 2
Tom Clegg 1978 GB
Thorn EMI That'll Be the Day
Claude Whatham 1973 GB
Thorn EMI Thompson Twins: Side Kicks - The Movie
Derek Burbidge 1983 GB
Thorn EMI Times Square
Alan Moyle 1980 US
Thorn EMI To the Devil a Daughter
Peter Sykes 1976 GB, WG
Thorn EMI Twisted Nerve
Roy Boulting 1968 GB
Thorn EMI Uncanny, The
Denis Héroux 1977 CAN, GB
Thorn EMI Up Pompeii
Bob Kellett 1971 GB
Thorn EMI Ups and Downs of a Handyman, The
John Sealey 1975 GB
Thorn EMI Villain
Michael Tuchner 1971 GB
Thorn EMI Warrior Within, The
Burt Rashby 1977 US
Thorn EMI Wavelength
Mike Gray 1982 US
Thorn EMI Wicker Man, The
Robin Hardy 1973 GB
Thorn EMI Wild Beasts
Franco Prosperi 1982 IT
Thorn EMI Window Cleaner, The
Malcolm Leigh 1968 GB
Thorn EMI Xtro
Harry Bromley Davenport 1982 GB
Thorn EMI Zoltan Hound of Dracula
Albert Band 1976 US
Time Out Adventures of a Taxi Driver
Stanley Long 1975 GB
Tower Bionic Boy, The
Leody M. Diaz 1977 PHIL, HK
Tower Cleopatra Wong
George Richardson 1977 US, PHIL
Tower Dynamite Johnson - Bionic Boy Part 2
Bobby A. Suarez 1978 HK, PHIL
Tower Short Eyes
Robert M. Young 1977 US
Trans Video Entertainment Don't Panic
Ruben Galindo Jr. 1987 US, MEX
Trans World Entertainment Two Worlds of Jennie Logan, The
Frank De Felitta 1979 US
Tunnel Man with the Synthetic Brain, The
Al Adamson 1972 US
Turbine Films Don't Go in the House
Joseph Ellison 1979 US
TVE Nightmare Sisters
David Decoteau 1988 US
Ubat Ace of Hearts
Tulio Demicheli 1974 SP
Ubat Bloody Hands of the Law, The
Mario Gariazzo 1973 IT
Ubat Cleopatra's Daughter
Fernando Cerchio 1961 IT, FR
Ubat Fifth Cord, The
Luigi Bazzoni 1971 IT
Ubat Pirate of Malaya
Umberto Lenzi 1964 IT, SP, FR
Ubat Sartana, Angel of Death
Giuliano Carnimeo (as Anthony Ascott) 1969 IT
Unicorn Florida Connection, The
Robert J. Emery 1978 US
Unicorn Keep My Grave Open
S.F. Brownrigg 1975 US
Unicorn Killing Kind, The
Curtis Harrington 1973 US
Unicorn Seeds of Evil
Jim Kay 1972 US
United Slaughterhouse Rock Hell Island Dimitri Logothetis 1988 US
USA Hi Riders
Greydon Clark 1977 US
Vampix (Videopix) Blood Beast Terror, The
Vernon Sewell 1967 GB
Vampix (Videopix) Creeping Flesh, The
Freddie Francis 1972 GB
Vampix (Videopix) Curse of the Crimson Altar
Vernon Sewell 1968 GB
Vampix (Videopix) Haunted House of Horror, The
Michael Armstrong 1969 GB
Variety Party Laughs

Variety/Macro Eleven Days Eleven Nights
Joe D'Amato
1987 IT
VCA Dicktator, The
Perry Dell 1974 US
VCL 10cc Live in Concert

1977 GB
VCL Abduction
Joseph Zito 1975 US
VCL Amanda Lear - Live in Concert

1980 WG
VCL Ann-Margret from Hollywood with Love

1975 US
VCL Average White Band - Shine
Mike Mansfield 1980 GB
VCL Bert Kaempfert and His Orchestra

1981 GB
VCL Black Sabbath - Never Say Die
Brian Wiseman 1978 GB
VCL Bobby Darin

VCL Boomtown Rats, The - A Tonic for the Troops
Barry Stevens 1978 GB
VCL Border U.S.A. The
Christopher Leitch 1980 GB
VCL Brainwash Circle of Power Bobby Roth 1982 US
VCL Brothers and Sisters

1972 US
VCL Bury Me an Angel
Barbara Peeters 1971 US
VCL Cobra Codename Cobra Yves Boisset 1971 FR, IT
VCL Communion
Alfred Sole 1976 US
VCL Conquest
Lucio Fulci 1983 IT, SP, MEX
VCL Cry of the Innocent
Michael O'Herlihy 1980 EIRE
VCL Death Moon
Bruce Kessler 1978 US
VCL Delta Factor, The
Tay Garnett 1970 US
VCL Embassy
Gordon Hessler 1972 GB, US
VCL Fatal Games
Michael Elliot 1982 US
VCL Fifth Dimension with Dionne Warwick and the Carpenters, The

VCL Flight to Holocaust
Bernard L. Kowalski 1977 US
VCL Great Golden Hits of the Monkees, The

VCL Great Gundown, The
Paul Hunt 1977 US
VCL He Who Stands Alone This Man Stands Alone Jerrold Freedman 1979 US
VCL High Energy The Supremes Bryan Izzard 1977 GB
VCL Hold Up
Germán Lorente 1974 SP, IT, FR
VCL Jazz Festival

VCL Kenny Ball and His Jazzmen

VCL Klansman, The
Terence Young 1974 US
VCL Legend of Boggy Creek, The
Charles B. Pierce 1972 US
VCL Love Machine from the U.S.A.

1979 US
VCL Love to Eternity Liza Marco Ferreri 1972 IT, FR
VCL Mafia Warfare La scoumoune José Giovanni 1972 FR, IT
VCL Nancy Wilson
Steve Binder
VCL Psychopath
Larry Brown 1972 US
VCL Raquel Welch
David Winters 1970 US
VCL Red Nights of the Gestapo, The
Fabio De Agostini 1977 IT
VCL Rock and Roll Revival

1981 US
VCL Roger Daltrey - Ride a Rock Horse

1975 GB
VCL Sad Cafe

1981 GB
VCL Salon Kitty
Tinto Brass 1976 IT, FR, WG
VCL Santana and Taj Mahal Live

VCL Scum
Alan Clarke 1979 GB
VCL Shock Treatment
Jim Sharman 1981 US
VCL Sicilian Cross
Maurizio Lucidi 1976 IT
VCL Someone Is Bleeding
Georges Lautner 1974 FR, IT
VCL Sonny and Cher

VCL Sorcerers, The
Michael Reeves 1967 GB
VCL Status Quo - Off the Road

1981 GB
VCL Susan George - Naturally
Mike Mansfield 1980 GB
VCL Suspicion of Murder
Jean Chapot 1973 FR, IT
VCL Thin Lizzy - Live and Dangerous!

1979 GB
VCL Tina Turner - At the Apollo

1979 GB
VCL Tom Jones - London Bridge Special
David Winters 1972 US
VCL Universal Soldier
Cy Endfield 1971 GB
VCL Uranium Conspiracy, The
Gianfranco Baldanello (as Frank G. Carroll), Menahem Golan 1978 IT, WG
VCL Vigilante
William Lustig 1982 US
VCL Voices
Kevin Billington 1973 GB
VCL Werewolf of Washington
Milton Moses Ginsberg 1973 US
VCL/Video Classics Ransom
Richard Compton 1977 US
VCL/Video Classics Tintorera
René Cardona Jr. 1977 MEX, GB
Vestron Alley Cats

Vestron Blade in the Dark, A
Lamberto Bava 1983 IT
Vestron Blood Diner
Jackie Kong 1987 US
Vestron Children in the Crossfire
George Schaefer 1984 US
Vestron China Girl
Abel Ferrara 1987 US
Vestron Chopping Mall
Jim Wynorski 1986 US
Vestron Commando Leopard
Antonio Margheriti (as Anthony M. Dawson) 1985 IT, WG
Vestron Company of Wolves, The
Neil Jordan 1984 GB
Vestron Conan the Destroyer
Richard Fleischer 1984 US
Vestron Covert Action
Romolo Girolami (as Romolo Guerrieri) 1978 IT
Vestron Crawlspace
David Schmoeller 1986 US, IT
Vestron Creature from Black Lake
Joy N. Houck Jr. 1976 US
Vestron Death Line
Gary Sherman 1972 GB
Vestron Delinquent School Girls
Gregory Corarito 1973 US
Vestron Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell
Curtis Harrington 1978 US
Vestron Dolls
Stuart Gordon 1987 US
Vestron Don't Open Till Christmas
Edmund Purdom 1984 GB
Vestron Final Justice
Greydon Clark 1984 US, IT
Vestron Final Terror
Andrew Davis 1981 US
Vestron Firewalker
J. Lee Thompson 1987 US
Vestron From Beyond
Stuart Gordon 1986 US
Vestron Killing Edge, The
Lindsay Shonteff 1987 GB
Vestron Killpoint
Frank Harris 1983 US
Vestron Lifespan
Alexander Whitelaw 1975 NL, BEL, US
Vestron Mean Dog Blues
Mel Stuart 1977 US
Vestron Naked Vengeance
Cirio H. Santiago 1986 US
Vestron Nightforce
Lawrence D. Foldes 1987 US
Vestron Operation: Take No Prisoners
Tom Shaw 1988 US
Vestron Re-Animator
Stuart Gordon 1985 US
Vestron Sudden Death
Sig Shore 1985 US
Vestron To Live and Die in L.A.
William Friedkin 1985 US
Vestron Vendetta
Bruce Logan 1986 US
Vestron Victimised Violated Richard Cannistraro 1984 US
Vestron Warrior Queen
Chuck Vincent 1985 US
Vestron Waxwork
Anthony Hickox 1988 US
VID Films Savage Weekend The Upstate Murders David Paulsen 1976 US
Video Central Fiend Without a Face
Arthur Crabtree 1957 GB
Video Classics 27A
Esben Storm 1973 AUS
Video Classics Adultress, The Stranger in the House Norbert Meisel 1973 US
Video Classics Adventures of a Private Eye
Stanley Long 1977 GB
Video Classics Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The

Video Classics Aladdin's Lamp
Will Vinton
Video Classics Allegro Non Troppo
Bruno Bozzetto 1977 IT
Video Classics Amazing Dobermans, The
Byron Chudnow 1976 US
Video Classics Amazing World of Psychic Phenomena, The
Robert Guenette 1976 US
Video Classics Ambush Murders, The
Steven Hilliard Stern 1981 US
Video Classics American Nightmare
Don McBrearty 1982 CAN
Video Classics American Nitro
Bill Kimberlin 1979 US
Video Classics Americana
David Carradine 1973 US
Video Classics Amityville III
Richard Fleischer 1983 US
Video Classics Amorous Milkman , The
Derren Nesbitt 1974 GB
Video Classics Angel on My Shoulder
John Berry 1980 US
Video Classics Anna to the Infinite Power
Robert Wiemer 1983 US
Video Classics Apple, The
Menahem Golan 1980 US
Video Classics Around the World with Dot
Yoram Gross 1982 AUS
Video Classics Around the World with Fanny Hill
Mac Ahlberg 1973 SWE
Video Classics Assassination of Trotsky, The
Joseph Losey 1972 IT, GB, FR
Video Classics Attic, The
George Edwards 1979 US
Video Classics Australia Laughs

Video Classics Baby Rosemary
Harold Perkins 1976 US
Video Classics Baby, The
Ted Post 1972 US
Video Classics Backstretch
John Trent 1983 CAN
Video Classics Bad Georgia Road
John C. Broderick 1976 US
Video Classics Beast Must Die, The
Paul Annett 1974 GB
Video Classics Beat the Devil
John Huston 1953 GB, IT
Video Classics Behind the Door The Devil Within Her Sonia Assonitis (as O. Hellman), Roberto D'Ettorre Piazzoli (as R. Barrett) 1974 IT
Video Classics Bermuda Triangle, The
Richard Friedenberg 1978 US
Video Classics Best of Blondie, The
David Mallet 1981 GB
Video Classics Bethune
Eric Till 1977 CAN
Video Classics Between Two Brothers
Robert Lewis 1982 US
Video Classics Beyond and Back
James L. Conway 1977 US
Video Classics Beyond Death's Door
Henning Schellerup 1979 US
Video Classics Beyond the Door
Liliana Cavani 1982 IT
Video Classics Big Bad Wolf, The
Not credited (Peter Podehl) 1957 WG
Video Classics Birds of Prey
William A. Graham 1973 US
Video Classics Bitter Harvest
Roger Young 1981 US
Video Classics Bjorn Borg's Tennis Lessons

Video Classics Black Deep Throat Queen of Sex Guido Zurli (as Albert Moore) 1976 IT
Video Classics Blondie - Eat to the Beat
David Mallet 1980 GB
Video Classics Blood Money The Stranger and the Gunfighter Antonio Margheriti (as Anthony M. Dawson) 1974 SP, IT, HK
Video Classics Bloodthirsty Butchers
Andy Milligan 1970 US
Video Classics Bloody Birthday
Ed Hunt 1980 US
Video Classics Bloody Moon
Jesús Franco 1980 WG
Video Classics Blue Fire Lady
Ross Dimsey 1978 AUS
Video Classics Body Magic
Sven Conrad 1982 US
Video Classics Brementown Musicians
Rainer Geis 1959 WG
Video Classics Bruce Li in New Guinea
C.Y. Yang 1980 HK
Video Classics Brute, The
Gerry O'Hara 1977 GB
Video Classics Buffalo Bill and the Indians, Or Sitting Bull's History Lesson
Robert Altman 1976 US
Video Classics Bush Christmas
Henri Safran 1983 AUS
Video Classics By Design
Claude Jutra 1981 CAN
Video Classics Caged Heat
Jonathan Demme 1974 US
Video Classics Caligula: The Untold Story
Aristide Massaccesi (as Joe D'Amato) 1981 IT, US
Video Classics Camel Boy
Yoram Gross 1984 AUS
Video Classics Carrington V.C.
Anthony Asquith 1954 GB
Video Classics Case of the Smiling Stiffs, The
Sean S. Cunningham, Brud Talbot 1973 US
Video Classics Catholics
Jack Gold 1973 US
Video Classics Celebrity
Paul Wendkos 1984 US
Video Classics Centrefold

Video Classics Chanel Solitaire
George Kaczender 1981 FR, US
Video Classics Charlotte's Web
Charles A. Nicolas, Iwao Takamoto 1973 US
Video Classics Cherry Hill High
Alex E. Goiten 1976 US
Video Classics Choice , The
David Greene 1981 US
Video Classics Clown Murders, The
Martyn Burke 1975 CAn
Video Classics Cocaine: One Man's Poison
Paul Wendkos 1983 US
Video Classics Comeback

Video Classics Coming Out Alive
Don McBrearty 1980 CAN
Video Classics Confessions of a Nymphomaniac
Alois Brummer 1970 WG
Video Classics Country Nurse Emanuelle in the Country Mario Bianchi (as Alan W. Cools) 1981 IT
Video Classics Craze
Freddie Francis 1973 GB
Video Classics Crazies, The
George A. Romero 1973 US
Video Classics Crucible of Terror
Ted Hooker 1971 GB
Video Classics Cry for Cindy
Anthony Spinelli (as Wendy Locke) 1976 US
Video Classics Cry for Love, A Addiction Paul Wendkos 1980 US
Video Classics Culture Club: Kiss Across the Ocean
Keith MacMillan (as Keef) 1983 GB
Video Classics Dark August
Martin Goldman 1976 US
Video Classics David Bowie: Serious Moonlight
David Mallet 1983 GB
Video Classics Day It Came to Earth, The
Harry Thomason 1979 US
Video Classics Day the Loving Stopped, The
Daniel Mann 1981 US
Video Classics Dead Zone, The
David Cronenberg 1983 US
Video Classics Deadly Games
Scott Mansfield 1980 US
Video Classics Deathwatch
Bertrand Tavernier 1979 FR, WG
Video Classics Demons of Ludlow, The
Bill Rebane 1983 US
Video Classics Deputy Dawg

Video Classics Devil Rider!
Brad F. Grinter 1970 US
Video Classics Devil's Garden, The
Robert C. Chinn (as Bob Chinn) 1975 US
Video Classics Devil's Three, The
Bobby A. Suarez 1979 PHIL
Video Classics Divine Emanuelle Love Camp Christian Anders 1981 WG
Video Classics Dixie: Changing Habits
George Englund 1983 US
Video Classics Doctor Spock

Video Classics Doll Squad, The
Ted V. Mikels 1973 US
Video Classics Dollmaker, The
Daniel Petrie 1983 US
Video Classics Dot and the Bunny
Yoram Gross 1983 AUS
Video Classics Dot and the Kangaroo
Yoram Gross 1977 AUS
Video Classics Double Agent 73
Doris Wishman 1974 US
Video Classics Dr. Heckyl and Mr. Hype
Charles B. Griffith 1980 US
Video Classics Dr. Jekyll and His Women Bloodbath of Dr. Jekyll Walerian Borowcyzk 1981 FR
Video Classics Dracula's Last Rites
Domonic Paris 1979 US
Video Classics Earth Beneath Me

Video Classics Earthbound
James L. Conway 1980 US
Video Classics Eaten Alive
Umberto Lenzi 1980 IT
Video Classics Ecstasy Girls, The
Gary Graver (as Robert McCallum) 1979 US
Video Classics Edge, The

Video Classics Electric Blue 13 - Birds of Paradise
Adam Cole 1983 GB
Video Classics Electric Blue 14
Adam Cole 1983 GB
Video Classics Eliminator, The
Alexander Alov, Vladimir Naumov 1979 USSR, FR, SWI
Video Classics Embryo
Ralph Nelson 1975 US
Video Classics Emily
Earl Henry Alexander of Pembroke (as Henry Herbert) 1976 GB
Video Classics Emmanuele 3
Jean-Marie Pallardy 1980 FR, IT
Video Classics Empire, Inc. Tycoon Denys Arcand, Douglas Jackson 1982 CAN
Video Classics Encounter with Disaster
Charles E. Sellier Jr. 1979 US
Video Classics Endless Summer
Bruce Brown 1966 US
Video Classics England Made Me
Peter Duffell 1972 GB, YUG
Video Classics Enola Gay
David Lowell Rich 1980 US
Video Classics Escape to the Sun
Menahem Golan 1972 IS, WG, FR
Video Classics Eskimo Nell
Martin Campbell 1974 GB
Video Classics Essential Mike Oldfield, The
Keith Macmillan (as Keef) 1980 GB
Video Classics Evil in the Deep
Virginia Stone 1974 US
Video Classics Executive Wives Hot and Blue Jean Desvilles (as Georges Fleury) 1972 FR
Video Classics Explosion
Jules Bricken 1970 CAN
Video Classics Fairy Tales

Video Classics Fall of the House of Usher, The

Video Classics Fall of the Roman Empire, The
Anthony Mann 1964 US
Video Classics Fanny Hill
Russ Meyer 1964 US
Video Classics Fantasm
Richard Franklin (as Richard Bruce) 1976 AUS
Video Classics Fantasm Comes Again
Colin Eggleston (as Eric Ram) 1977 AUS
Video Classics Farewell Uncle Tom
Gualtiero Jacopetti, Franco Prosperi 1971 IT
Video Classics Female Chauvinists
Jay Jackson 1977 US
Video Classics Fighter, The
David Lowell Rich 1983 US
Video Classics Firebird 2015 A.D.
David M. Robertson 1980 US
Video Classics First Christmas, The

Video Classics Five of Me, The The Split Paul Wendkos 1981 US
Video Classics Flash Gordon
Mike Hodges 1980 GB
Video Classics Flesh Gordon
Michael Benveniste, Howard Ziehm 1974 US
Video Classics Flying High
Peter Hunt 1978 US
Video Classics For Heaven's Sake
George Seaton 1950 US
Video Classics For the Love of It
Hal Kanter 1980 US
Video Classics Four Deuces, The
William H. Bushnell Jr. 1975 US
Video Classics Future War 198X
Tomoharu Katsumata, Toshio Masuda 1981 JAP
Video Classics G.I. Executioner
Joel M. Reed 1971 US
Video Classics Galaxina
William Sachs 1980 US
Video Classics Gambler, The
Karel Reisz 1974 US
Video Classics Gas Pump Girls
Joel Bender 1979 US
Video Classics Gentleman Bandit, The
Jonathan Kaplan 1981 US
Video Classics Gentlemen from Titipu, The
Leif Gram 1972 AUS
Video Classics Ghost Dance
Peter Buffa 1982 US
Video Classics Ghostkeeper
James Makichuk 1980 CAN
Video Classics Ghoul, The
Freddie Francis 1974 GB
Video Classics Girl Next Door, The
James Hong 1978 US
Video Classics Girls at the Gynaecologist Mädchen beim Frauenarzt Ernst Hofbauer 1971 WG
Video Classics God's Gun
Gianfranco Parolini (as Frank Kramer) 1976 IT, IS
Video Classics Godfather Squad Little Godfather from Hong Kong Ng See Yuen 1973 HK
Video Classics Godsend, The
Gabrielle Beaumont 1979 GB
Video Classics Goodbye Franklin High
Mike MacFarland 1978 US
Video Classics Gosh! Alice Goodbody Tom Scheuer 1974 US
Video Classics Grand Sensualist, The French Erotic Fantasies Claude Bernard-Aubert (as Burd Tranbaree) 1978 FR
Video Classics Greasy Kid Stuff Going Steady Boaz Davidson 1979 IS, WG
Video Classics Great Monkey Rip-Off, The
Tom Stobart 1974 US, IND
Video Classics Great Rock ‘n' Roll Swindle, The
Julien Temple 1979 GB
Video Classics Greatest Heroes of the Bible - Volume 1

Video Classics Greatest Heroes of the Bible - Volume 2

Video Classics Greatest Heroes of the Bible - Volume 3

Video Classics Greatest Heroes of the Bible - Volume 4

Video Classics Grey Fox, The
Philip Borsos 1982 CAN
Video Classics Groupie Girl
Derek Ford 1970 GB
Video Classics Guess What We Learnt in School Today?
John G. Avildsen 1970 US
Video Classics Gumby Adventure, A

Video Classics Gun in the House, A
Ivan Nagy 1981 US
Video Classics Gun, The
Michele Lupo 1973 IT, FR
Video Classics Halloween
John Carpenter 1978 US
Video Classics Hansel and Gretel

Video Classics Happy Endings
Noel Black 1982 US
Video Classics Happy Hooker Goes to Hollywood, The
Alan Roberts 1979 US
Video Classics Happy Hooker Goes to Washington, The
William A. Levey 1977 US
Video Classics Happy Hooker, The
Nicholas Sgarro 1975 US
Video Classics Harlequin
Simon Wincer 1980 AUS
Video Classics Harry's Game
Lawrence Gordon Clark 1984 GB
Video Classics Head On
Michael Grant 1980 CAN
Video Classics Heartbreak Kid, The
Elaine May 1972 US
Video Classics Heaven 17's Industrial Revolution

1983 GB
Video Classics Heckle and Jeckle Vol. 1

Video Classics Hell's Angels 69
Lee Madden 1969 US
Video Classics Helter Skelter Murders, The The Other Side of Madness Frank Howard 1970 US
Video Classics Hester Street
Joan Micklin Silver 1975 US
Video Classics High Country, The
Harvey Hart 1980 CAN
Video Classics High Risk
Stewart Raffill 1981 US
Video Classics Hollywood High
Patrick Wright 1976 US
Video Classics Hollywood Train Ride to Hell

Video Classics Horror Express
Eugenio Martin (as Gene Martin) 1972 SP, GB
Video Classics Hot T-Shirts
Chuck Vincent 1979 US
Video Classics Hotline
Jerry Jameson 1982 US
Video Classics House of Exorcism
Mario Bava (as Mickey Lion) 1975 IT, SP, WG
Video Classics House on Garibaldi Street, The
Peter Collinson 1979 US
Video Classics Human League (Video Single)
Duffy, Steve Barron 1982 GB
Video Classics I'll Get You for This
Joseph M. Newman 1950 GB
Video Classics Immoral Confessions of a Prostitute Claude Mulot 1980 FR
Video Classics In Search of Historic Jesus
Henning Schellerup 1979 US
Video Classics In Search of Noah's Ark
James L. Conway 1976 US
Video Classics Incubus
John Hough 1981 CAN
Video Classics Innocent Bystanders
Peter Collinson 1972 GB
Video Classics Innocents in Paris
Gordon Parry 1953 GB
Video Classics Intruder Within, The
Peter Carter 1981 US
Video Classics Invincible, The

Video Classics Invisible Strangler, The Silent Kill John Florea 1976 US
Video Classics James Dean Story , The
Robert Altman, George W. George 1957 US
Video Classics Japan: Oil on Canvas
Tony Lawson 1982 GB
Video Classics Joe
John G. Avildsen 1970 US
Video Classics Johnny Got His Gun
Dalton Trumbo 1971 US
Video Classics July Group, The
George McCowan 1980 CAN
Video Classics Justine de Sade The Violation of Justine Claude Pierson 1972 FR, IT, CAN
Video Classics Kashmiri Run
John Peyser 1969 SP, US
Video Classics Keeper, The
Tom Drake 1976 CAN
Video Classics Kentucky Fried Movie, The
John Landis 1977 US
Video Classics Kid for Two Farthings, A
Carol Reed 1955 GB
Video Classics Kid with the 200 I.Q., The
Leslie H. Martinson 1983 US
Video Classics Kid with the Broken Halo, The
Leslie H. Martinson 1981 US
Video Classics King Boxers, The
Kung Min 1971 HK
Video Classics King Kong
Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack 1933 US
Video Classics Kings of the Hill

1976 US
Video Classics Kleinhoff Hotel
Carlo Lizzani 1977 IT, WG
Video Classics Ladies and Gentlemen, The Rolling Stones The Magic of the Rolling Stones Rollin Binzer 1974 US
Video Classics Lady Chatterley Vs Fanny Hill
Barry Mahon, George Matsui 1967 US
Video Classics Lady Ice
Tom Gries 1973 US
Video Classics Language of Love
Torgny Wickman 1969 SWE
Video Classics Laserblast
Michael Rae 1977 US
Video Classics Last Cannibal World, The Cannibal Ruggero Deodato 1976 IT
Video Classics Legend of the Werewolf
Freddie Francis 1975 GB
Video Classics Let Me Die a Woman
Doris Wishman 1973 US
Video Classics Li'l Trimmer

Video Classics Lincoln Conspiracy, The
James L. Conway 1977
Video Classics Lipstick
Lamont Johnson 1976 US
Video Classics Little Convict, The
Yoram Gross 1979 AUS
Video Classics Little Girl, Big Tease
Roberto Mitrotti 1975 US
Video Classics Little River Band - It's a Long Way There

Video Classics Loose Shoes
Ira Miller 1978 US
Video Classics Love and the Midnight Auto Supply Rip-Off James Polakoff 1977 US
Video Classics Love Box, The
Wilbur Stark (as Billy White), Tudor Gates (as Teddy White) 1972 GB
Video Classics Love You
John Derek 1979 US
Video Classics Lucky Luciano
Francesco Rosi 1973 IT, FR
Video Classics Mag Wheels
Bethel Buckalew 1977 US
Video Classics Magic
Richard Attenborough 1978 US
Video Classics Magic Ball, The
Brian Cosgrove 1983 GB
Video Classics Maid in Sweden
Dan Wolman (as Floch Johnson) 1969 US
Video Classics Maids, The

Video Classics Making Michael Jackson's Thriller
John Landis 1983 US
Video Classics Man from Button Willow, The
David Detiege 1964 US
Video Classics Man from Deep River Deep River Savages Umberto Lenzi 1972 IT
Video Classics Man Who Skied Down Everest, The
Bruce Nyznik, Lawrence Schiller 1975 CAN, JAP
Video Classics Mandingo
Richard Fleischer 1975 US
Video Classics Maniac
William Lustig 1980 US
Video Classics Many Classic Moments

Video Classics Mark of the Witch
Tom Moore 1970 US
Video Classics Marriage of Maria Braun, The
Rainer Werner Fassbinder 1978 WG
Video Classics Martian Chronicles, The
Michael Anderson 1980 GB, US
Video Classics Martin
George A. Romero 1976 US
Video Classics Marvin Gaye Greatest Hits
Charles Leeuvenkamp
Video Classics Marx Brothers Spend a Night in Casablanca
Archie Mayo 1946 US
Video Classics Massacre in Rome
George Pan Cosmatos 1973 IT, FR
Video Classics Master of the Game
Kevin Connor, Harvey Hart 1984 US, GB
Video Classics Matilda
Daniel Mann 1978 US
Video Classics Message from Space
Kinji Fukasaku 1977 JAP
Video Classics Mighty Mouse Vol. 1

Video Classics Miss Nude America Contest, The
James P. Blake 1975 US
Video Classics Missiles of October, The
Anthony Page 1974 US
Video Classics Missing Pieces
Mike Hodges 1983 US
Video Classics Mitchell
Andrew V. Mclaglen 1975 US
Video Classics More Language of Love
Torgny Wickman 1974 SWE, WG
Video Classics Moulin Rouge
John Huston 1952 GB
Video Classics Mouth to Mouth
John Duigan 1978 AUS
Video Classics Mozart

Video Classics Murder in Coweta County
Gary Nelson 1982 US
Video Classics Mustang
Robert Guralnick 1975 US
Video Classics My Boys Are Good Boys
Bethel Buckalew 1977 US
Video Classics My Pleasure Is My Business
Al Waxman (as Albert Waxman) 1974 CAN
Video Classics Mysteries from Beyond Earth
George Gale 1975 US
Video Classics Mysterious Monsters
Robert Guenette 1975 US
Video Classics New Look

Video Classics New Year's Evil
Emmett Alston 1980 US
Video Classics Nick Danger: The Case of the Missing Yolk
William Dear 1983 US
Video Classics Night Flowers
Luis San Andres 1979 US
Video Classics Night of Bloody Horror
Joy N. Houck Jr. 1969 US
Video Classics Nightmare Nightmares in a Damaged Brain Romano Scavolini 1981 US
Video Classics Nine Ages of Nakedness
George Harrison Marks 1969 GB
Video Classics No Place To Hide
Robert Allen Schnitzer 1973 US
Video Classics Northville Cemetery Massacre, The
William Dear, Thomas L. Dyke 1974 US
Video Classics Now That's What I Call Music Video
Various 1981 GB
Video Classics Oh! Calcutta!
Jacques Levy 1972 US
Video Classics On the Game
Stanley Long 1973 GB
Video Classics On the Yard
Raphael D. Silver 1978 US
Video Classics One Night Stand
John Duigan 1984 AUS
Video Classics One on Top of the Other
Lucio Fulci 1969 IT, FR, SP
Video Classics Optimists, The
Anthony Simmons 1973 GB
Video Classics Orca: Killer Whale
Michael Anderson 1977 US
Video Classics Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark Live at the Theatre Royal
Gordian Troeller 1981 US
Video Classics Palm Beach
Albie Thoms 1979 AUS
Video Classics Pandora's Mirror
Shaun Costello 1981 US
Video Classics Parasite
Charles Band 1982 US
Video Classics Patrick
Richard Franklin 1978 AUS
Video Classics Perfect Timing
René Bonnière 1984 CAN
Video Classics Persecution The Terror of Sheba Don Chaffey 1974 GB
Video Classics Phoenix, The
Douglas Hickox 1981 US
Video Classics Pied Piper, The
Jacques Demy 1971 GB
Video Classics Pilot, The
Cliff Robertson 1979 US
Video Classics Popeye - Wild West
Various 1961 US
Video Classics Prey, The
Edwin Scott Brown 1980 US
Video Classics Prime Suspect
Noel Black 1982 US
Video Classics Princess Daisy
Waris Hussein 1983 US
Video Classics Prisoner Without a Name, Cell WIthout a Number
David Greene, Linda Yellen 1983 US
Video Classics Private Vices & Public Virtues
Miklós Jancsó 1976 YUG, IT
Video Classics Rage!
William A. Graham 1980 US
Video Classics Raid on Entebbe
Irvin Kershner 1977 US
Video Classics Rape Because of the Cats, The
Fons Rademakers 1973 BEL, NL
Video Classics Raw Force
Edward Murphy 1981 HK, US
Video Classics Rebel
Robert Allen Schnitzer 1973 US
Video Classics Redeemer, The
Constantine S. Gochis 1976 US
Video Classics Rehearsal for Murder
David Greene 1982 US
Video Classics Removalists, The
Tom Jeffrey 1975 AUS
Video Classics Rendezvous Hotel
Peter Hunt 1979 US
Video Classics Retrievers, The
Elliott Hong 1981 US
Video Classics Return Engagement
Joseph Hardy 1978 US
Video Classics Riel
George Bloomfield 1979 CAN
Video Classics Rip Van Winkle
Will Vinton 1978 US
Video Classics Rituals
Peter Carter 1976 CAN
Video Classics Rod Stewart in Concert

Video Classics Rod Stewart & the Faces - Live in Concert

Video Classics Ron Hay's Music Image Odyssey

1979 US
Video Classics Room at the Top
Jack Clayton 1958 GB
Video Classics Rosemary's Killer The Prowler Joseph Zito 1981 US
Video Classics Rowdyman, The
Peter Carter 1972 CAN
Video Classics Running Scared
Paul Glickler 1980 US
Video Classics Sailor Beware
Hal Walker 1951 US
Video Classics Sarah

Video Classics Satan's Cheerleaders
Greydon Clark 1975 US
Video Classics Savage Weekend The Upstate Murders David Paulsen 1976 US
Video Classics Scalawag
Kirk Douglas, Zoran Calic 1973 US, IT, YUG
Video Classics Schizoid
David Paulsen 1980 US
Video Classics Scorchy
Howard Avedis (as Hikmet Avedis) 1976 US
Video Classics Scream and Die
José Ramón Larraz (as Joseph Larraz) 1973 GB
Video Classics Scream Bloody Vengeance

Video Classics Scream for Vengeance
Bob Bliss 1979 US
Video Classics Search and Destroy
William Fruet 1978 CAN, US
Video Classics Secrets
Philip Saville 1971 US
Video Classics Secrets of a Super Stud
Morton M. Lewis 1975 GB
Video Classics Seed of Innocence Teen Mothers Boaz Davidson 1980 US
Video Classics Separate Ways
Howard Avedis 1979 US
Video Classics Seven from Heaven Angels Brigade Greydon Clark 1978 US
Video Classics Sex and the Other Woman
Stanley Long 1972 GB
Video Classics Shadow Box, The
Paul Newman 1980 US
Video Classics Shadow of the Eagle
Sidney Salkow 1950 GB
Video Classics She's Dressed to Kill The Catwalk Killer Gus Trikonis 1982 US
Video Classics Shoot
Harvey Hart 1976 CAN
Video Classics Silent Night, Bloody Night
Theodore Gershuny 1972 US
Video Classics Silent Sentence Knife for the Ladies Larry G. Spangler 1972 US
Video Classics Sin of Adam and Eve, The
Miguel Zacarias (as Michael Zachery) 1967 MEX
Video Classics Situation Normal AFU
Nanni Loy 1970 IT
Video Classics Sixteen

Video Classics Skokie
Herbert Wise 1981 US
Video Classics Slave of the Cannibal God Prisoner of the Cannibal God Sergio Martino 1978 IT
Video Classics Slumber Party '57
William A. Levey 1976 US
Video Classics Snapshot Snapshot - Australian Style Simon Wincer 1978 AUS
Video Classics Snow White
Eric Kobler 1955 WG
Video Classics Snow White and Rose Red
Eric Kobler 1955 WG
Video Classics Snow White and the Seven Wise Men Biancaneve & Co. Mario Bianchi 1982 IT
Video Classics Space Movie
Tony Palmer 1979 GB
Video Classics Spermula
Charles Matton 1975 FR
Video Classics Split Enz - Live in Concert

Video Classics Split Enz - True Colours

Video Classics Splitz
Domonic Paris 1984 US
Video Classics Stacy's Knights Winning Streak Jim Wilson 1982 US
Video Classics Stick Up, The
Jeffrey Bloom 1978 GB
Video Classics Storm Over the Nile
Terence Young, Zoltan Korda 1955 GB
Video Classics Strongest Karate, The

1976 JAP
Video Classics Stud, The
Quentin Masters 1978 GB
Video Classics Sudden Fury
Brian Damude 1975 CAN
Video Classics Summer of My German Soldier
Michael Tuchner 1978 US
Video Classics Sunset Cove
Al Adamson 1978 US
Video Classics Superbug
Rudolf Zehetgruber (as David Mark) 1971 WG
Video Classics Superstition
James W. Roberson 1982 US
Video Classics Swap, The
John Shade, John C. Broderick, Jordan Leondopoulos 1969 US
Video Classics Sweet Savage Bad Girl of the West Ann Perry 1979 US
Video Classics Sweet Sixteen
Jim Sotos 1982 US
Video Classics Swinging Ski Girls
Don Trendall 1981 US
Video Classics Symphony of Love Erotic Fantasies Luigi Batzella (as Paul Selway), Derek Ford 1978 IT
Video Classics Take Your Best Shot
David Greene 1982 US
Video Classics Tanya's Island
Alfred Sole 1980 CAN
Video Classics Tattoo
Bob Brooks 1980 US
Video Classics Teasers, The
Jesus Franco 1974 FR
Video Classics Teenage Sex Kitten

Video Classics Temptations

Video Classics Terminal Island
Stephanie Rothman 1973 US
Video Classics Texas Detour
Howard Avedis 1977 US
Video Classics Texas Lightning
Gary Graver 1980 US
Video Classics Thin Air The Body Stealers Gerry Levy 1969 GB
Video Classics Thirst
Rod Hardy 1979 AUS
Video Classics Three Card Monte
Les Rose 1978 CAN
Video Classics Three the Hard Way
Gordon Parks Jr. 1974 US
Video Classics 'Tis Pity She's a Whore
Giuseppe Patroni Griffi 1971 IT
Video Classics Title Shot
Les Rose 1979 CAN
Video Classics To Kill a Clown
George Bloomfield 1972 US
Video Classics Torso
Sergio Martino 1972 IT
Video Classics Torture Dungeon
Andy Milligan 1970 US
Video Classics Town Called Bastard, A
Robert Parrish 1971 SP, GB
Video Classics Trade Winds
Tay Garnett 1938 US
Video Classics Trail Street
Ray Enright 1947 US
Video Classics Treasure Island
Will Vinton 1976 US
Video Classics Tubular Swells

Video Classics Twice a Woman
George Sluizer, Jurrien Rood 1978 NL
Video Classics Twisted Sister: Stay Hungry
Arthur Ellis, Marty Callner 1984 US
Video Classics U2: Live at Red Rock Under a Blood Red Sky
Gavin Taylor 1983 GB
Video Classics UB40: Labour of Love
Bernard Rose 1984 GB
Video Classics Under the Doctor
Gerry Poulson 1976 GB
Video Classics Valachi Papers, The
Terence Young 1972 IT, FR
Video Classics Valdez Horses, The
John Sturges, Duilio Coletti 1974 IT, SP, FR
Video Classics Vampyres
José Ramón Larraz (as Joseph Larraz) 1974 GB
Video Classics Vault of Horror
Roy Ward Baker 1973 GB
Video Classics Victims
Daniel DiSomma 1982 US
Video Classics Voltus Five
Tadao Nagahama 1977 JAP
Video Classics Volunteer Jam

Video Classics Walk Softly Stranger
Robert Stevenson 1950 US
Video Classics Wanted Babysitter L.A. Babysitter; The Raw Edge René Clément 1975 IT, FR, WG
Video Classics What's Up Superdoc?
Derek Ford 1978 GB
Video Classics Who Killed Mary What's 'er Name? Death of a Hooker Ernest Pintoff 1971 US
Video Classics Wife Swappers, The
Derek Ford 1969 GB
Video Classics Will: G. Gordon Liddy State of Fear Robert Lieberman 1982 US
Video Classics Winners, The
Emil Nofal, Roy Sargeant 1972 SA
Video Classics Woman from Deep River, The Cannibal Ferox Umberto Lenzi 1981 IT
Video Classics Wright Brothers, The

Video Classics X from Outer Space, The
Kazui Nihonmatzu 1968 JAP
Video Classics X the Unknown
Leslie Norman 1956 GB
Video Classics XTC: Look Look

1982 GB
Video Classics Y. Boukoff

Video Classics Yessongs
Peter Neal 1973 GB
Video Classics Young Cycle Girls, The
Peter Perry, John Arnoldy 1977 US
Video Classics Your Ticket Is No Longer Valid A Slow Descent Into Hell George Kaczender 1979 CAN
Video Classics Yum Yum Girls
Barry Rosen 1976 US
Video Classics Zebra Force
Joe Tornatore 1975 US
Video Classics ZPG: Zero Population Growth
Michael Campus 1972 US
Video Excellence 8 to 4
Louie Lewis 1981 US
Video Excellence All the Way In
Robert C. Chinn 1986 US
Video Excellence Beverly Hills Exposed
Robert McCallum 1985 US
Video Excellence Blonde Goddess
Bill Milling (as Bill Eagle) 1982 US
Video Excellence Blondes Have More Fun
John Seeman 1980 US
Video Excellence Body Magic
Sven Conrad 1982 US
Video Excellence Boiling Point
Paul Levis 1983 US
Video Excellence Brief Affair, A
Louie Lewis 1981 US
Video Excellence Brutes and Savages
Arthur Davis 1975 US
Video Excellence Brutes & Savages
Arthur Davis 1975 US
Video Excellence Budding of Brie, The
Henri Pachard 1980 US
Video Excellence Country Comfort
Bob Augustus 1981 US
Video Excellence Dames
Krystal Blue 1985 US
Video Excellence Debbie Does Dallas
Jim Clark 1978 US
Video Excellence Doing It
Steve Scott 1983 US
Video Excellence Every Which Way She Can
Louie Lewis 1981 US
Video Excellence Fleshdance
Ken Gibb 1984 US
Video Excellence Games Women Play
Chuck Vincent 1981 US
Video Excellence Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Stuart Cartier 1984 US
Video Excellence Hail Mary
Jean-Luc Godard 1984 FR, SWI
Video Excellence Hot Rackets
Gary Graver 1979 US
Video Excellence I Spit on Your Grave
Meir Zarchi 1978 US
Video Excellence I Want to Be Bad
Gary Graver 1984 US
Video Excellence Inside Seka
Dorothea Patton, Ken Yontz (as Seka and Ken) 1981 US
Video Excellence Irresistible
Edwin Brown 1983 US
Video Excellence Joy of Fooling Around, The
Pierre Du Bois 1979 FR
Video Excellence Life and Times of Xaviera Hollander, The
Larry G. Spangler 1974 US
Video Excellence Love You
John Derek 1979 US
Video Excellence Luscious
Bill Slobodian 1982 US
Video Excellence Making It Big
Vincent Davis 1984 US
Video Excellence Mary, Mary
Bernard Morris 1977 US
Video Excellence Memphis Cathouse Blues
Louis Lewis 1982 US
Video Excellence Misbehavin'
Chuck Vincent 1978 US
Video Excellence Naked Afternoon
Alan Colberg 1976 US
Video Excellence Peaches and Cream
Gary Graver (as Robert McCallum) 1982 US
Video Excellence Pink Champagne
Sven Conrad 1980 US
Video Excellence Plato's: The Movie
Joe Sherman 1980 US
Video Excellence Please Mr. Postman
Louie Lewis 1981 US
Video Excellence Pleasures of Innocence
Larry Revene 1985 US
Video Excellence Private Vice, Public Virtue
Miklós Jancsó 1976 YUG, IT
Video Excellence Purely Physical
Billy Thornberg 1982 US
Video Excellence Puss 'n Boots
Chuck Vincent 1983 US
Video Excellence Raw Talent
Chuck Vincent (as Larry Revene) 1984 US
Video Excellence Shape Up for Sensational Sex
Gail Palmer 1985 US
Video Excellence Shout

Video Excellence Take Off
Armand Weston 1978 US
Video Excellence Talk Dirty to Me
Anthony Spinelli 1980 US
Video Excellence Tapestry of Passion
Alan B. Colberg 1976 US
Video Excellence Taste of Money, A
Richard Mailer 1983 US
Video Excellence Trashi
Louie Lewis 1980 US
Video Excellence Trinity Brown
Gary Graver 1984 US
Video Excellence Urban Heat
Candida Royalle
Video Excellence V - The Hot One
Gary Graver (as Robert McCallum) 1977 US
Video Excellence Virgin & the Lover
Kemal Horulu 1976 US
Video Excellence Virginia
John Seeman 1983 US
Video Excellence Wet, Wild and Wicked
Thomas Paine 1985 US
Video Excellence X-Factor
Hal Freeman 1984 US
Video Gems/Warner Damned, The
Luchino Visconti 1969 IT, WG
Video Line Death of Bruce Lee, The The Black Dragon's Revenge Tommy Loo Chun 1975 HK
Video Studio Dungeon of Terror Requiem for a Vampire Jean Rollin 1972 FR
Video Studio Man Called Blade, A
Sergio Martino 1977 IT
Video Unlimited/Syme Airport SOS Hijack
Barry Pollack 1973 US
Videoscope Blade
Ernest Pintoff 1973 US
Videoscope Blood Queen
Radley Metzger 1972 WG, YUG
Videoscope Carry On Dick
Gerald Thomas 1974 GB
Videoscope Carry On Dick
Gerald Thomas 1974 GB
Videoscope Cauldron of Blood
Santos Alcocer, Edward Mann 1967 SP, US
Videoscope Country Town
Peter Maxwell 1971 AUS
Videoscope Detroit 9000
Arthur Marks 1973 US
Videoscope Dimboola
John Duigan 1979 AUS
Videoscope Double Possession Ganja & Hess Bill Gunn, F.H. Novikov 1973 US
Videoscope Getting of Wisdom, The
Bruce Beresford 1977 AUS
Videoscope Golden Rendezvous
Ashley Lazurus 1977 US
Videoscope Gorath
Inoshiro Honda 1962 JAP
Videoscope Grave of the Vampire
John Hayes 1972 US
Videoscope Gunfight, A
Lamont Johnson 1970 US
Videoscope Home Before Midnight
Pete Walker 1978 GB
Videoscope Human Factor, The
Otto Preminger 1979 GB
Videoscope I Will Fight No More Forever
Richard T. Heffron 1975 US
Videoscope In Search of Anna
Esben Storm 1979 AUS
Videoscope Kama Sutra

Videoscope King Arthur the Young Warlord
Sidney Hayers, Peter Sasdy, Pat Jackson 1975 GB
Videoscope Kiss Daddy Goodbye
Patrick Reagan 1981 US
Videoscope Kostas
Paul Cox 1979 AUS
Videoscope Nighthawks
Ron Peck, Paul Hallam 1978 GB
Videoscope Nobody Runs Forever
Ralph Thomas 1968 GB
Videoscope Red, White and Busted Outside In Allen Baron, G.D. Spradlin 1972 US
Videoscope Sex Surrogate

1979 US
Videoscope Sleeping Dogs
Roger Donaldson 1977 NZ
Videoscope Tennessee's Partner
Allan Dwan 1955 US
Videoscope Tommy
Ken Russell 1975 GB
Videoscope Virgin Sacrifice Fury of the Jungle Fernando Wagner 1959 US
Videoscope Who Has Seen the Wind
Allan King 1977 CAN
VIntage Curse of Big Foot, The
Don Fields 1972 US
Vintage Little Laura and Big John
Luke Moberly 1973 US
Vintage Mr. Kingstreet's War
Percival Rubens 1973 US
Vintage Naked and the Dead, The
Raoul Walsh 1958 US
Vintage Point of Terror
Alex Nicol 1970 US
Vintage Terror in the Jungle
Tom DeSimone, Andy Janzack, Alex Graton 1967 US
Virgin 976-Evil
Robert Englund 1988 US
Virgin Angels Hard As They Come Angel Warriors Joe Viola 1971 US
Virgin Ben
Phil Karlson 1972 US
Virgin Berserker
Jefferson Richard 1987 US
Virgin Creepozoids
David DeCoteau 1987 US
Virgin Faceless
Jesús Franco (as Jess Franco) 1988 FR
Virgin Fear
Robert A. Ferretti 1988 US
Virgin House That Dripped Blood, The
Peter Duffell 1970 GB
Virgin Killer Workout Aerobicide David A. Prior 1986 US
Virgin News At Eleven
Mike Robe 1986 US
Virgin Night of Retribution
Robert Bergman 1987 US
Virgin Open House
Jag Mundhra 1987 US
Virgin Out of the Dark
Michael Schroeder 1988 US
Virgin Psychos in Love
Gorman Bechard 1987 US
Virgin Red Nights of the Gestapo, The
Fabio De Agostini 1977 IT
Virgin Robot Holocaust
Tim Kincaid 1985 US, IT
Virgin Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-a-rama
David Decoteau 1988 US
Virgin Times of Harvey Milk, The
Robert Epstein 1985 US
Virgin Zombiethon
Ken Dixon 1986 US
Vogue/Sundowner Death Knocks Twice
Harald Philipp 1970 WG, IT
Vogue/Sundowner Diamond Peddlers, The
Giuliano Carnimeo 1975 IT
Vogue/Sundowner Five Dolls for an August Moon
Mario Bava 1970 IT
Vogue/Sundowner Skyriders Attack
Sergio Garrone 1970 IT, WG
VTC/K-Tel Hitter, The
Christopher Leitch 1978 US
VTC/K-Tel Scarab
Steven-Charles Jaffe 1982 SP, US
VTC/K-Tel True Story of Eskimo Nell, The
Richard Franklin 1975 AUS
Walt Disney Black Hole, The
Gary Nelson 1979 US
Walt Disney Dragonslayer
Matthew Robbins 1981 US
Walt Disney Savage Sam
Norman Tokar 1962 US
Warner 10
Blake Edwards 1979 US
Warner 3 Kinds of Heat
Leslie Stevens 1987 US
Warner Altered States
Ken Russell 1980 US
Warner Amazing Captain Nemo, The
Alex March 1978 US
Warner Angel of Vengeance Ms 45 Abel Ferrara 1980 US
Warner Audrey Rose
Robert Wise 1977 US
Warner Bananas
Woody Allen 1971 US
Warner Battle Beyond the Stars
Jimmy T. Murakami 1980 US
Warner Big Bird Cage, The
Jack Hill 1972 US
Warner Black Belt Jones
Robert Clouse 1974 US
Warner Blade Runner
Ridley Scott 1982 US
Warner Bridge Too Far, A
Richard Attenborough 1977 GB
Warner Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia
Sam Peckinpah 1974 US, MEX
Warner Carrie
Brian De Palma 1976 US
Warner Child's Play
Tom Holland 1988 US
Warner Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Ken Hughes 1968 GB
Warner Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold
Chuck Bail 1975 US, HK
Warner Cobra
George Pan Cosmatos 1986 US
Warner Curse of Frankenstein, The
Terence Fisher 1957 GB
Warner Cutter's Way
Ivan Passer 1980 US
Warner Day for Night
Francois Truffaut 1973 FR, IT
Warner Deadly Friend
Wes Craven 1987 US
Warner Death Race 2000
Paul Bartel 1975 US
Warner Deathtrap
Sidney Lumet 1981 US
Warner Decameron, The
Pier Paolo Pasolini 1970 IT, FR, WG
Warner Devils, The
Ken Russell 1971 GB
Warner Dirty Harry
Don Siegel 1971 US
Warner Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze
Michael Anderson 1975 US
Warner Dr. No
Terence Young 1962 GB
Warner Dracula A.D. 1972
Alan Gibson 1972 GB
Warner Dracula Has Risen from the Grave
Freddie Francis 1968 GB
Warner East of Eden
Harvey Hart 1980 US
Warner Electra Glide in Blue
James William Guercio 1973 US
Warner Enforcer, The
James Fargo 1976 US
Warner Enter the Dragon
Robert Clouse 1973 HK, US
Warner Equus
Sidney Lumet 1977 GB
Warner Evilspeak
Eric Weston 1981 US
Warner Excalibur
John Boorman 1981 US
Warner Exorcist II: The Heretic
John Boorman 1977 US
Warner Exorcist, The
William Friedkin 1973 US
Warner Eye of the Needle
Richard Marquand 1981 GB
Warner Eyes of a Stranger
Ken Wiederhorn 1980 US
Warner F.I.S.T.
Norman Jewison 1978 US
Warner Fiddler on the Roof
Norman Jewison 1971 US
Warner Follow That Dream
Gordon Douglas 1962 US
Warner For Your Eyes Only
John Glen 1981 GB
Warner Force 5
Robert Clouse 1981 US
Warner Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
Terence Fisher 1969 GB
Warner Freebie and the Bean
Richard Rush 1974 US
Warner French Lieutenant's Woman, The
Karel Reisz 1981 GB
Warner Friday the 13th
Sean S. Cunningham 1980 US
Warner Frisco Kid, The
Robert Aldrich 1979 US
Warner From Beyond the Grave
Kevin Connor 1973 GB, US
Warner From Russia with Love
Terence Young 1963 GB
Warner Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, A
Richard Lester 1966 US
Warner Gauntlet, The
Clint Eastwood 1977 US
Warner Go for It
Enzo Barboni (as E.B. Clucher) 1983 IT, US
Warner Going In Style
Martin Brest 1979 US
Warner Goldfinger
Guy Hamilton 1964 GB
Warner Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, The
Sergio Leone 1966 IT
Warner Graduate, The
Mike Nichols 1967 US
Warner Great Santini, The
Lewis John Carlino 1979 US
Warner Hang 'Em High
Ted Post 1967 US
Warner Horror of Frankenstein
Jimmy Sangster 1970 GB
Warner House Where Evil Dwells, The
Kevin Connor 1981 US
Warner In-Laws, The
Arthur Hiller 1979 US
Warner Invincible Pole Fighters
Liu Chia-Liang 1984 HK
Warner Jack the Giant Killer
Nathan Juran 1962 US
Warner Killer, The

Warner Knightriders
George A. Romero 1981 US
Warner Last Embrace, The
Jonathan Demme 1979 US
Warner Last Wave, The
Peter Weir 1977 AUS
Warner Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires, The
Roy Ward Baker 1974 GB, HK
Warner Legendary Weapons of China
Liu Chia-Liang 1981 HK
Warner Lisztomania
Ken Russell 1975 GB
Warner Little Romance, A
George Roy Hill 1979 FR, US
Warner Live and Let Die
Guy Hamilton 1973 GB
Warner Mad Max 2
George Miller 1981 AUS
Warner Magnum Force
Ted Post 1973 US
Warner Marked Woman
Lloyd Bacon 1937 US
Warner Mechanic, The
Michael Winner 1972 US
Warner Men from the Monastery Dragon's Teeth Chang Cheh 1973 HK
Warner Monster Humanoids from the Deep Barbara Peeters, Jimmy T. Murakami (uncredited) 1980 US
Warner Moonraker
Lewis Gilbert 1979 GB
Warner Mummy, The
Terence Fisher 1959 GB
Warner Music Lovers, The
Ken Russell 1970 GB
Warner Ned Kelly
Tony Richardson 1970 GB
Warner Nelvanamation
Clive A. Smith 1980 US
Warner Network
Sidney Lumet 1976 US
Warner Nico - Above the Law
Andrew Davis 1988 US
Warner Night and Day
Michael Curtiz 1946 US
Warner Night Shift
Ron Howard 1982 US
Warner O Lucky Man!
Lindsay Anderson 1973 GB
Warner Omega Man, The
Boris Sagal 1971 US
Warner On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Peter Hunt 1969 GB
Warner Outland
Peter Hyams 1981 US
Warner Outlaw Josey Wales, The
Clint Eastwood 1976 US
Warner Party, The

Warner Performance
Nicolas Roeg, Donald Cammell 1970 GB
Warner Pink Panther, The
Blake Edwards 1963 US
Warner Promises in the Dark
Jerome Hellman 1979 US
Warner Rebel Without a Cause
Nicholas Ray 1955 US
Warner Report to the Commissioner
Milton Katselas 1974 US
Warner Rock 'n' Roll High School
Allan Arkush 1979 US
Warner Rocky II
Sylvester Stallone 1979 US
Warner Rollerball
Norman Jewison 1975 US
Warner Schizo
Pete Walker 1976 GB
Warner Sharks' Treasure
Cornel Wilde 1974 US
Warner Shining, The
Stanley Kubrick 1980 GB
Warner Spy Who Loved Me, The
Lewis Gilbert 1977 GB
Warner St. Ives
J. Lee Thompson 1976 US
Warner Star Is Born, A
Frank R. Pierson 1976 US
Warner Stay Hungry
Bob Rafelson 1976 US
Warner Steelyard Blues
Alan Myerson 1972 US
Warner Sudden Impact
Clint Eastwood 1983 US
Warner Superfly
Gordon Parks Jr. 1972 US
Warner Superman - The movie
Richard Donner 1978 GB, US
Warner Thomas Crown Affair, The
Norman Jewison 1968 US
Warner Thunderball
Terence Young 1965 GB
Warner Thunderbolt and Lightfoot
Michael Cimino 1974 US
Warner Tightrope
Richard Tuggle 1984 US
Warner Time After Time
Nicholas Meyer 1979 US
Warner To the Devil a Daughter
Peter Sykes 1976 GB, WG
Warner Tom Horn
William Wiard 1979 US
Warner Towering Inferno, The
John Guillermin, Irwin Allen 1974 US
Warner Trail of the Pink Panther
Blake Edwards 1982 US
Warner Viva Knievel
Gordon Douglas 1976 US
Warner West Side Story
Robert Wise, Jerome Robbins 1961 US
Warner What Do You Say to a Naked Lady?
Allen Funt 1969 US
Warner What's New Pussycat?
Clive Donner 1965 US
Warner What's Up Doc
Peter Bogdanovich 1972 US
Warner Wolfen
Michael Wadleigh 1981 US
Warner Woodstock
Michael Wadleigh 1970 US
Warner World According To Garp, The
George Roy Hill 1982 US
Warner Yentl
Barbra Streisand 1983 US
Xtasy Erotic Adventures of Pinocchio, The
Corey Allen 1970 US
Xtasy Trader Hornee
David F. Friedman (as Don Tsanusdi) 1970 US