Season of the Witch 1972

director: George A. Romero  



United States

Alternative Titles

  • Jack's Wife
  • Hungry Wives



From the man who gave you NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and DAWN OF THE DEAD now... George A. Romero's SEASON OF THE WITCH
To her husband Jack, her daughter, Nikki, 18, and her many friends, Joan Mitchel, 39, is a confident, sophisticated wife of a successful man, with all that implies. A woman in the community, Marion Hamilton, claims to be a practicing witch, and the ladies in Joan's circle are fascinated to have such an "in thing right in their backyard". Joan and her friend, Shirley, go to Marion's home, Joan observes Marion much older than herself and alone, able to deal positively with her life through her absolute faith in what she practices. Driving home from Marion's, Shirley confesses to an extra-marital affair which Joan is not puritanically revulsed by, but, rather, finds herself envying. Later Joan returns home unexpectedly. The house is quiet. Jack is out of town on business. Joan hears sounds coming from her daughter's bedroom; Nikki is moaning in ecstasies of lovemaking with Gregg. Joan, unable to communicate with her husband, seeks solace and revenge in witchcraft. Dabbling in the Black Arts, she feels the power of magic. Joan seeks out Gregg for information about Nikki. Gregg and Joan have a sexual affair; she believes she conjured the affair with her daughter's lover. She revisits Marion Hamilton and becomes part of Marion's coven. Her recurring dreams now become more ominous. A grotesquely masked man, or devil, chases her, traps her, and rapes her. Waiting for Jack to return home from a business trip. Joan wakes from a nightmare to hear screams at the front door. The intruder again? ... Almost hysterical, Joan grabs Jack's hunting rifle and blasts away at the silhouette in the doorway. Jack lies dead in a pool of blood on the front lawn. The satanic horror begins.

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Release Date June 1982
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