One Dark Night 1982

director: Tom McLoughlin  



United States

Alternative Titles

  • The Entity Force
  • Night of Darkness



Alive, his psychic powers were formidable From beyond the grave, he could suck the life-force from the living... Renowned master of telekinesis and psychic vampirism, Raymar foretold that his powers would increase after death... Two young girls couldn't have known that he had been buried, that day, in the very crypt they had chosen for a night-time initiation ceremony. The ordeal by fear they plan for the innocent Julie becomes a long dark night of horror as Raymar stirs within his tomb. Terror compounds with unearthly terror as the dead master drains the life-force from the girls' bodies and releases rotting corpses from their coffins - using his kinetic powers to move them around like puppets in a macabre dance of death. Only Raymar's daughter can destroy his power. She races to the crypt, and leads the terrified teenagers to safety. But why is Julie lagging behind? And what is that strange blue light shining ominously in her smiling eyes?

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Distributor Atlantis
Catalogue Number AVP701
Release Series
Release Date April 1983
Duration: 87m 49s
Printed Classification
User Reviews:
by Yorkie
Pretty much by the numbers, 'high schooler must pass initiation' by spending the night in the mausoleum affair. Looks a bit tired these days and its a plot well used over the years. There are however some creepy moments and the suspense is built quite well in parts. Meg Tilly plays the inhocent 'wanna be' thats the victim of the initiation whilst the second thread of the plot sees the daughter of a dead telekinetist slowly finding out that daddy wasnt really that cool. In fact he had a penchant for offing young girls whilst taking part in his other hobby, Psychic Vampirism, yup you read it right! He nicks their psychic energy to make himself more powerful. Anyhoo, the dead dude has ended up in the same tomb as the one that our heroine has decided to make her abode in for the evening. She is joined by her less than likeable  future 'sisters' who intend to scare the living crap out of her but end up on the recieving end instead. The daughter eventually figures it all out, well its kinda narrated in the crudest way possible by.....yup, a tape recording and comes to the rescue having used her own family psychic powers. I wont spoil the plot anymore than that, well theres little else to spoil to be fair.Its a pretty run of the mill affair but if you like some '80's scare house/psychic phenomenon stuff it might tickle your fancy.