Brimstone & Treacle 1982

director: Richard Loncraine  



Great Britain



For what we are about to receive... may God help us.
Pattie is beautiful but helpless: a bed-ridden mute protected by her naive but desperate parents. Martin (Sting), a total stranger, persistently forces his way into the bizarre household. The mother (Joan Plowright) expects a miracle. The tormented father (Denholm Elliott) remains suspicious Pattie (Suzanna Hamilton) is terrified. What is the stranger's real purpose? Can he perform the miracle... or is he the devil himself?

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Distributor Brent Walker
Catalogue Number BW16
Release Series
Release Date January 1983
Duration: 83m 23s
Printed Classification
User Reviews:
by zedefee
Awesome British movie based on a TV play which stands up to repeat viewings. No gore or violence but there is a rape of sorts which leaves us wondering just who the hell this man was. Was he the Devil or an Angel of Darkness or just some lucky crap Marauder they will quietly forgive? Performances are superb from all with a great soundtrack too which ended up widely distributed even including a single with the movie artwork on.Great script which captures settled early 80s oblivious Britain well. I still find myself quoting this movie even today and having to remember where i heard it from.My favourite quote from the movie is from Denholm Elliot stood looking out in his London work office window "Drop the Bomb, somebody.. Kill us All".Some scenes border on fantasy and there is a slight feel of magic here and there which serves the movie well.It is also the only Quad poster to my mind that features 2 "Crown" posters side by side. I have still not seen the Brent Walker release come with its poster, have you?