Paul Raymond's Erotica 1980

director: Brian Smedley-Aston  



Great Britain

Alternative Titles

  • Erotica



Paul Raymond is the undisputed King of erotic Entertainment in the UK. Indeed, he is probably the only British Theatre owner and impresario who knows what the public wants in this highly specialised field. After some twenty-five years at the world famous Raymond Revuebar, one of London's top tourist attractions, the Festival of Erotica is still setting the pace for sexual entertainment in the 80's, whilst Rip Off - another of his shows - continues its phenomenally successful run at the Windmill Theatre. Paul also produces those prestigious men's magazines Men Only, Club International and Escort in the UK and Club in the USA. Paul Raymond's Erotica marks the event of his entry into the film industry. Beautiful and sensuous BRIGITTE, played by BRIGITTE LAHAIE is a French Photo Journalist. She is sent to London on an assignment to photograph the action at the world famous RAYMOND REVUEBAR in London's West End She is beautiful sexy and French. The action starts on her arrival at Heathrow Airport where, on the way to London in the back of Paul Raymond's Landaulette Rolls Royce and through busy traffic is seduced by a Paul Raymond emissary. she is taken to the Raymond Revuebar to meet PAUL RAYMOND. She also meets DIANA "an English Rose" (played by DIANA COCHRAN) who is staff photographer for Paul Raymond magazines, MEN ONLY, CLUB INTERNATIONAL and ESCORT. Throughout the entire filming she gets up to all sorts of "mischief". There is a beautiful and tender love scene between Diana and Brigitte; and they both cavort around in the hay at Diana's parents' country home and it is clear that, not only do Brigitte and Diana enjoy each other's company, but they both enjoy a whole host of erotic models from Men Only, Club International and Escort magazines. The final reel is not without its truly erotic moments. Apart from Brigittes and Dianas escapades around London, the sensuous act at the Raymond Revuebar are intercut into the filming.

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