Vengeance of the Barbarians 1976

director: Ferdinando Baldi  




Alternative Titles

  • Get Mean



Their law is the sword. Their trademark, death. A NIGHTMARE OF BRUTALITY AND TERROR
Barbarian hoards have conquered a small Spanish kingdom and overthrown the princess, who persuades a mercenary American adventurer to help her regain her crown. The Stranger's task is no easy one, for when he has penetrated the Barbarian stronghold he will be put through a perilous test of courage, captured, be witness to a sadistic duel between a gipsy girl and a renegade, tortured and escape, finally returning as a one man army to wreak revenge on the Barbarians.

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Distributor Gold Star (Derann)
Catalogue Number GS711
Release Series
Release Date 1981
Duration: 86m 20s
Printed Classification
User Reviews:
by Yorkie
I liked this, I didnt think iI would as the cover art was a little deceptful in my opinion. This tells the tale of a mercenary 'gun for hire' thats picked up in the states by a European princess, (oh by the way we're in the wild west!), on the promise of a payment of $50,000 he is hired to return her to her native land. Once in Spain she drops the bombshell of how whilst she may be the rightful heir to the throne some bully boy barbarians have squatted in her castle, dontcha just hate it when that happens?, and he will have to help her find her trasure for his payment. Effectively the hero is a Clint/Leone rip off, unshaven, only out for number one wise cracking gun slinger. He does the part quite well with some smile inducing quips along the way. For the baddies we have the whole package, temper tantrum big boss, clever manipulative number two whose really in charge and the camp consort, yup! Our man of steel finds himself in various predicaments in which he must escape the clutches of the bad dudes along his path to the predictable show down with the bosses. Collourful film with some nice dialogue decent acting but the best bit is the score, for me its the winner in the whole piece.