Massacre in Rome 1973

director: George Pan Cosmatos  



Italy, France

Alternative Titles

  • Rappresaglia



Hitler ordered it. The Vatican wouldn't stop it. The World will never forgive it.
ROME - March 22nd 1944 - The last days of the Nazi Occupation. In secret a group of partisans plan an attack on a German Wehrmacht 'police' column to mark the 25th anniversary of Fascism in Italy in their own way. At German headquarters, Lt. Col. Herbert Kappler (Richard Burton), the Gestapo chief, warns his autocratic commanding officer General Kurt Maezler (Leo McKern) not to allow the column to march the next day fear of an attack. Kappler visits the independent-minded Father Antonelli (Marcello Mastroianni), who runs classes in art restoration, to demand that he turn over a treasured painting for shipment to Berlin. March 23rd - Tension mounts as the partisans carry out their bomb attack, and the Via Rasello is turned into a blood bath with 32 Germans dead. The outraged Maezler demands excessive reprisals against Italian hostages, whilst Kappler argues for caution. The partisans take refuge with Father Antonelli. Can General Maezler and the German authorities be persuaded against another massacre? Will Father Antonelli succeed in his attempt to get Pope Pius XII to intercede? How will Kappler resolve the torment between his loyalty to Hitler and his own conscience? The film builds up to a dramatic climax, and a final twist as all the questions are answered. Based on the true story of the "Adreatine Massacre" in which 335 Italians were executed at the Adreatine Caves.

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Release Date May 1982
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