The Female Bunch 1969

director: Al Adamson  



United States

Alternative Titles

  • A Time to Run



WOMEN WHO LIVED BY THEIR OWN RULES... On a ranch near the Mexican border, a group of beautiful but reckless young women dare to do what others only dream about. They don't stop at Women's Lib: their law is the whip, their trademark a branding iron. No men are allowed and, under their leader Grace, they call themselves The Female Bunch. The operating cost of this hedonistic haven is financed by Grace smuggling narcotics across the border aided by aged ex-stuntman Monty, now employed as a groom. After passing a sadistic initiation test, newcomer Sandy joins the gang. When another girl, Denise, becomes enamoured of a young American drifter, Russ, she ignores the rules by having sex with him. The Female Bunch devise a suitable torture by branding Russ on the forehead. In time, Sandy becomes terrified of the gang's brutality and decides to flee. Monty, who wants a bigger share of the smuggling profits, is dispatched by Grace into the burning desert with his legs tied to the stirrups of a wild horse. Russ returns to seek revenge. He is overpowered and killed by The Female Bunch. However, he is trailed by his friend Jim who discovers the murder. Taken prisoner, Sandy effects his release and they escape together into the desert in Jim's car. Grace and The Female Bunch hunt them down ruthlessly on horseback and with their single-engine plane. They are cornered by Grace who is about to kill them both. But, before she can squeeze the trigger, a shot rings out...Monty, bloody but alive, has survived his ordeal. By shooting Grace, he has saved the fugitives from the savage vengeance of The Female Bunch.


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Distributor Intervision
Catalogue Number A-AE0293
Release Series
Release Date 1980
Duration: 80m 50s
Printed Classification
Notes Gatefold carton
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