Night Creature 1977

director: Lee Madden  



United States

Alternative Titles

  • Out of the Darkness
  • Devil's Beast



Far into the depths of Thailand, world-renowned writer, philosopher and adventurer Axel MacGregor (DONALD PLEASANCE) is stalking a vicious black leopard. Alone in the undergrowth, he comes face to face with the man-killing beast. Unable to use his rifle, he is mauled savagely on the leg. Recuperating on his private island estate, Axel determines to conquer his fear and has the leopard captured and brought to him. He dismisses his servants and sets the big cat free - to kill or be killed. Meanwhile, Axel's two daughters, photographer Leslie (NANCY KWAN) and scatterbrained, much-married Georgia (JENNIFER RHODES) and her six-year-old daughter Peggy, arrive unannounced. With Georgia's former beau, tour operator Ross (ROSS HAGEN), the group make for the island. Finding the place seemingly deserted, but confident that Axel will soon appear, they settle in. Searching for her pet dog that night, Georgia and Peggy are the first to discover the black leopard. Peggy manages to escape, but Georgia experiences a terrifying encounter before the beast finally kills her. Axel, arriving too late to help, carries Georgia's body back to the house. Peggy has taken refuge from the leopard, who continues to stalk her in a deadly 'game.' Ross' tour partner, Tom, arrives to investigate Ross' non-appearance for work. Unaware of the danger, he is visciously [sic] attacked and dragged off into the undergrowth. Now virtual prisoners, Axel devises a daring plan to lure the leopard into the house long enough for Peggy to be rescued and for them all to escape in Tom's boat. Tension mounts as the plan goes into action and they make their getaway in the nick of time, just ahead of the already pursuing leopard...

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Distributor Intervision
Catalogue Number A-AE0285
Release Series
Release Date 1980
Duration: 80m 09s
Printed Classification
Notes Gatefold carton. Listed in Intervision catalogue as 'Fear'
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