The Sin of Adam and Eve 1967

director: Michael Zachery [Miguel Zacarias]  




Alternative Titles

  • Eva Y Adan
  • El Primer Pecado
  • Il peccato di Adamo ed Eva



The Lord God created the world and He took man and put him into the Garden of Eden. And he commanded man to eat freely of the fruit of every tree in the Garden except the fruit of the tree of knowledge and of the tree of life. And the Lord promised man the reward of heaven should bo obey, or the punishment of death and hell should he not obey. But man was indifferent to both heaven and hell for he knew not what they were, so the Lord God created woman and then man knew And together the man and the woman discovered the joy and wonder that was life. But Eve, the woman, was often discontented for what made her happy today would displease her tomorrow. Her attitude bewildered Adam. She was that which he loved above all else and was made by the Lord God Himself of the flesh and bone and blood taken from Adam but she was worlds apart from him. Never did she hestitate or fumble in her first steps as Adam had. Curiosity always led her onward. Her vanity seemed to be constantly growing and with it increased her frustration because Adam did not seem to appreciate her beauty. And so the serpent began to speak to Eve saying unto her that Adam would never appVeciate her beauty lest he eat the fruit of the forbidden tree, for once one tasted of this fruit, he would be as God. And finally Eve could no longer resist the temptation put forth by the serpent and so ate to the forbidden fruit. And she went to Adam with a new light of intelligence shining in her eyes and commanded hem to eat of the tree of knowledge. Having both tasted the forbidden fruit, they realized for the first time that they were naked and they embraced as man and woman. Now Eve wanted to taste the fruit of the tree of life so that she and Adam may have immortality but flaming swords appeared between them and the tree of life and the Lord God spoke unto them of their sin and cast them from the Garden of Eden. Adam wandered in a barren desert always searching for Eve while Eve stumbled through the jungle forever calling Adam's name. Thus their nightmarish existence continued until the Lord took pity upon his children and reunited them to struggle, work, suffer, laugh, love, and live with His curse hovering above them and a light called hope planted deep within their hearts.


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Release Date March 1982
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