Calimero and the Wonderful Summer 1972






Alternative Titles

  • Calimero and a Wonderful Summer



Calimero's impulsive and generous gestures inevitably have disastrous consequences for his friends. His innocent actions, all in good faith, always seem to have unexpected results. Luckily, his friends understand and he usually escapes without punishment. 1. High Society: Calimero gets involved with a playboy's bad behavior after he saved his life. 2. Wonderful Summer: Calimero makes the playboy jump into the sea, and puts too much salt in the soup when they have guests. 3. Adventurous Calimero: Calimero will never be a good Indian, yet he succeeds in preventing a bank robbery. 4. The Enigmatographer: Calimero baffles Mr. Cook so much with his riddles that he cannot woo Miss Hen. 5. A Lot of Talk: A magician turns out to be a thief but he is unmasked by Calimero. 6. Among Skyscrapers and Prisons: Calimero erroneously sells ratchets to the bankrobbers in jail and so helps them to escape. 7. The Cheesemonger's Cat: The cat tries to catch the mice of the dairy but he is caught in his own trap. 8. Between Devils and Witches: Calimero's father buys the "House of Horror" and the bankrobbers play ghosts. 9. Chemistry Class: Calimero, experimenting with explosives, blows his headmaster off a ladder. 10. The Smuggling Fisherman: Mr. Fox is taught such a lesson that he will never go fishing in Mr. Bear's pond again. 11. The Counterfighters: It seems to be just a matter of mathematics for Calimero to have the bankrobbers sent back to prison. 12. Insisting on Riddles: For losing a bet the fox has to eat many, many eggs. He puts on weight and cannot move anymore. 13. Calimero Is Right: Mr. Fox tells the story of Calimero the brave, who became a hero on his bark.


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Distributor Spectrum (PolyGram)
Catalogue Number 20133
Release Series
Release Date September 1981
Duration: 55m 55s
Printed Classification
Notes 13 Original cartoon stories: High Society; Wonderful Summer; Adventurous Calimero; The Enigmatographer; A Lot of Talk; Among Skyscrapers and Prisons; The Cheesemonger's Cat; Between Devils and Witches; Chemistry Class; The Smuggling Fisherman; The Counterfighters; Insisting on Riddles; Calimero Is Right
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