Tenebrae 1982

director: Dario Argento  





Alternative Titles

  • Tenebre
  • Unsane



From the undisputed master of the macabre... Dario Argento. Tenebrae... Terror beyond belief
From the acclaimed director of "Suspiria" - TENEBRAE... Terror beyond belief. Take a bizarre voyage into the psycho-sexual as premier exponent of the horror thriller, Dario Argento, will strip your nerves raw! 'He realised every human obstacle, every humiliation could be swept aside by this simple act of annihilation: Murder.' From "TENEBRAE" by Peter Neal. American author Peter Neal is on his way to Rome for a press conference as his new detective novel, "TENEBRAE", is high on the best-seller list. On arrival he is greeted by a threatening anonymous phone call and the news that a young girl has been found with her throat slashed - her mouth stuffed with pages from his book! Suddenly Neal is plunged into the centre of a series of senseless, violent murders. "TENEBRAE" holds the key to who the bloodthirsty homicidal maniac is. And that crucial link must be found before others pay the ultimate price for their hidden desires. TENEBRAE, the latest masterpiece from "the New Hitchcock", has been called "Brilliant", "A tour de force", "A sublimely involving yarn" and "A shattering bloodbath", which made it a blockbuster in European cinemas. "A stylised view of sex and violence highlighted by ingenious and bloody murders" Ritz magazine. "I doubt whether this year will bring a more compelling, more satisfying or more emotionally charged high-tech contemporary nightmare than Dario Argento's magnificent TENEBRAE" Starburst magazine

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Distributor Videomedia
Catalogue Number HVM1032
Release Series
Release Date June 1983
Duration: 96m 48s
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Notes Read more about this video, which is featured in the book The Art of the Nasty
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