Starcrash 1979

director: Lewis Coates [Luigi Cozzi]  




Alternative Titles

  • The Adventures of Stella Star
  • Stella Star
  • Stella Star vs. the Space Pirates



In the deep space of the Second galaxy the best navigator and the pilot of the entire interstellar system - Stellar Star and Akton - are arrested for smuggling, despite thrusting themselves into hyper-space. Stella escapes only to learn that she and her companion have been chosen by the Emperor of the First Circle to find his son who has been savagely attcked by Zarth Arn. The most important enemy of peace, Arn, is a despot belonging to the League of Obscure People. Together with Thor, a 'greenish' policeman and Elias, a robot, Stella Star and Akton set off on their mission. Stella and the Robot are stranded and left to die on a frozen sphere by Thor, the policemen, who has revealed himself as traitor in the pay of Zarth Arn. Just in time, and thanks to Akton's fantastic powers Thor is eliminated and the two rescued. Later, the group is attacked by the Troglodytes who 'kill' their robot, Elias. A handsome young man rescues our heroes who now reliaze that they have accidently found the entrance to Arn's fortress. The young man turns out to be Simon, the Emperor's son. Zarth Arn arrives and Akton sacrifices his life in a laser-sword confrontation with the "Golems" Arn's miniature robots. The group escape and plan the final end of Zarth Arn. This requires a stellar clash and using the Fourth Dimension the flying city of the Emperor is hurled against the citadel of Zarth Arn to bring the final dazzling victory.

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Distributor VIPCO
Catalogue Number VIP006
Release Series
Release Date January 1981
Duration: 92m 55s
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