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A critical look at Video Sleeve Art by Mick Leighton

The aborted 1987 Palace Premiere EVIL DEAD sleeve

The 1987 Palace Premiere EVIL DEAD II sleeve

Rank/Orion Great American Collection Flyer

LIBERACE THE UNTOLD STORY · Mogul Vapourware Advert

THE DEATH DEALER · Tiger Home Video™

Four Great Films from Warner Home Video

Graham Humphreys · SCARED STIFF CBS/FOX Advert

Graham Humphreys · A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET PART 2 Warner Home Video Advert

The aborted APEX Horror Classics Zombie Creeping Flesh sleeve


Elephant Video / Strand International · Advert April 1987

Quick Video

Q 001 Battle of El Alamein
Q 002 The Blood of Dr. Jekyll

Apollo Entertainment

AP 8801 Rage of the Ninja
AP 8802
Time Games
AP 8803
AP 8804
Real Bullets
AP 8805
AP 8806
Cat City

6033    Can you Feel Me Dancing

Tiger Home Video

THV 1022 Deadly Spawn, The
THV 1023 Death Dealer, The

Nova Video

NV 101V If Looks Could Kill
NV 102  Crackdown
NV 103
NV 104V Outlaw Force
NV 105  Teddy

Fright-Nite Films

007 Have a Nice Weekend!

Shaolin Collection

SC 1009 Young Shaolin
SC 1010 Shaolin Killers
SC 1011 Invincible Shaolin
SC 1012 Shaolin Warrior

Conquest Home Video

CHV 500 SOS Concorde
CHV 501
Street People

CHV 502 Cold Sweat

MPV [Motion Pictures on Video]

MPV 001 Deadly Avenger
MPV 002 Dream Castle     
MPV 003 The Witchdoctor    
MPV 004 Crimebusters
MPV 005 Starburst
MPV 005 Prisoners of the Lost Universe
MPV 006 Amorous Adventures of a Young Postman
MPV 007 The Female Bunch   
MPV 008 Find the Lady   
MPV 009 From Africa with Love   
MPV 010 Lies   
MPV 011 No.1 of the Secret Service
MPV 012 Slavers   
MPV 013 Fury on Wheels   
MPV 014 Night Creature
MPV 015 Tantrums
MPV 016 Ninja Murders
MPV 017 Everglade Killings
MPV 018 Psychopath, The
MPV 019 Loner, The
MPV 020 Body Fever
MPV 021 Malpertuis
MPV 022 Manaos
MPV 023 Headin’ For Broadway
MPV 024 Hit Man, The
MPV 025 Jail Bird
MPV 026 Summer Heat
MPV 027 Hollywood Sex Slaves
MPV 028 Sinai Guerillas
        Lifetaker, The


MOG  1008 Reactor
MOG  1011 Boat House
MOG  1012 Days of Hell
MOG  1013 Chocolate Killer, The
MOG  1020 Ninja Holocaust
MOG  1025 Logan
MOG  1026 [MOGUL PLUS] Evil Town
MOG  3001 Satan's Blade
MOG  3002 Macabre
MOG  3003 Apocalypse - The Untold Story
MOG  9004 Shout
MOG  9005 No Sweat
MOG  9006 California Bulls
MOG  9007 Wacky Weekend
MOG  9008
MOG  9009 Lurkers
MOG  9010 Metamorphosis
MOG  9011 Gangster's Law
MOG  9012 Empire of Ash
ARON 5001 [ARON] Land of the Giants
Thunder Squad

BVC (Bronx Video Company)

Butcher, The
Majestic Thunderbolt
Scorpion Thunderbolt

Galaxy Entertainment

GAL 001 Inferno Thunderbolt

Nickelodeon (Motion Pictures on Video)

NIC 001 Robbery    
NIC 002 Great Gold Swindle, The    

Sovereign Video

VS10141 Friend, The
VS10282 72 Hours or Die

Potpourri Label Selection

AV 860 Impure, The

COX 105 Devils of Monza
CPX 106
Scream Show
CPX 107 Control

VPD 293 The Keeper
VPD 320 Apocalypse Mercenaries
340 Occupational Killer
VPD 344 Missing One, The

PEV 74018 Big Bird Cage, The
PEV 11737
Possessed, The
PEV 35011
Nesting, The

Delta Video

All Shook Up!
Dark Side, The
Devil's Advocate, The
This is A Hi-Jack
Night Watch
Secret Killing
Secrets Of The Bitch
Tropical Express

Stateside Productions

SP 101 Strike Force
SP 102 Tracer
SP 103
SP 104 Switchblade Sisters

Clockwork Films

CLOCK ONE     Up the Navy
CLOCK TWO     Party Climax
CLOCK THREE   Sexual Deviants
CLOCK FOUR    House where Hell Froze Over, The
CLOCK FIVE    Return of the Demons
CLOCK SIX     Only Love Defies
CLOCK SEVEN   Tiger Claw Death Kick
CLOCK EIGHT   Shaolin Red Master
CLOCK NINE    Revenge of the Dragons
CLOCK TEN     Flight of the Angry Dragon
CLOCK ELEVEN  Party Climax
CLOCK TWELVE  Boys & Girls Together

DVD [Double Vision Distribution]

DVD 1001 Guardians of the Deep   
DVD 1002 Bloodbath of Dr. Jekyll, The
DVD 1003 Streets of Sin
DVD 1004 Mysteries of the Gods
DVD 1005
DVD 1006
DVD 1007
DVD 1008
DVD 1009   
DVD 1010 Blonde Fire
DVD 1011
DVD 1012
DVD 1013 Angie Baby
         Teenage Tramp
         Garage Girls


After Midnight
Blood and Black Lace
Call the Terminal, It's a Hijack
Experiment, The
Factor One
Runner, The
Silent Honour
See China and Die
Survival Run
War Fever

Revolution Films

RF 1001 Sunday in the Country
RF 1002
Joyride to Nowhere
RF 1003
Scrubbers 2
RF 1004 Bloody Fists

Ambassador Films

Clash of the Warlords
Evasive Peace
Hit Team, The
MTB Malta World War II
Never Love a Hooker
Target Removed
Wheels of Death
Where the Eagle Flies

Take 2 Plus

AWOL — Absent Without Leave
Cruisin' High
Going Steady
High Times!
Lemon Popsicle

SK Productions

SK 001 Cousins in Love
SK 004 Vigilante
Frankenstein Island
Joy Ride to Nowhere
Little Girl Big Tease
New York After Midnight
Nightmare County
See China and Die
Sunday in the Country
Swinging Barmaids

Trans American

TAC 001
TAC 002 Under the Doctor
TAC 003 Tiger Joe
TAC 004 Crazed
TAC 005 Graduation Day
TAC 006 This, That and the Other

Fifth Dimension Movies

FD 001 American Oddballs
FD 002 Blood of the Dragon
       "First Time, The"
       Death Curse of Tartu
       Mysterious Planet
       Night Fright
       No Time For Romance
       Savage Water
       Slick Silver
       Sometimes Aunt Martha Does Dreadful Things
       Summer At 17

TVV Films

Death Zone


V01    Thor the Conqueror
V02    Cover Girl Models
V03    Death Dimension
V04    Ninja Warrior
V05    Fireback
V06    Temptress, The
V07    Nights of Terror
V08    Black Pirate, The
Love Pill
My Therapist
V19    Cathy's Curse
V20    Northville Cemetary Massacre, The
V30    House of Evil
V36    Marriage of Maria Braun, The
Women in Cages [A]
       Women in Cages [B]
Dawn of the Mummy
Foolin' Around
Up Yours
Forgotten Warrior
Crypt of the Living Dead
V56    Hitter
131    Devil Within Her, The
132    Children of Ravensback, The
140    Don't Go in the House
A114   Kingdom of the Spiders
A116   Hitter, The
A501   Crossbone Territory
Alison's Birthday [HORROR CLASSICS]
67 Days
APV508 Massacre at Central High
       Fly Me
       7 Against the Sun       
       Out of the Blue
       Zombie Creeping Flesh  [HORROR CLASSICS]

Screen Indoors

SID 001  Run Like a Thief  
SID 002  Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things
SID 003  Trygon Factor, The
SID 004  Survival Run
SID 005  Death of a Snowman
SID 006  Werewolf Shadow
SID 007  
SID 008  
SID 009  
SID 0010 Haunted
SID 0011 Legacy of Blood
SID 0012 Justine
SID 0013 Deadline
SID 0014
SID 0015
SID 0016
SID 0017
SID 0018
SID 0019
SID 0020 Conflict, The
SID 0021 Gods Must Wait, The

NMR5/101 Turbo Blade
NMR5/102 Steel Wreath


Balboa Millionaire's Paradise [A]
Balboa Millionaire's Paradise [B]
Dinah East Hollywood Superstar

Satan's Dog
Body Snatchers


ACP 101    Angel of Vengeance [REJECTED BY THE BBFC]
ACP 102
ACP 103
   One Way Out

PC 05 6001
Nightmare on Alcatraz
PC 09 6002
Action Hunters, The
PC 03 6003
PVG 5 6004
Naked Country, The
PC 08 6005
[CHEVRON] Revenge of the Iron Fist Maiden
PC 03 6006
Naughty Nights
PC 03 6007 Territory, The
PC 11 6008 Dead Even
PC 03 6009
Final Cut
PC 10 6011
Door to Door
PC 13 6016 Ninja USA
PC 13 6017
Ninja: American Warrior
PC 03 6026 Sadie

PCV 1001   [CHEVRON] Broken Vows
PCV 1002
  [CHEVRON] Resting Place

Allied Vision Ltd.

AVL 001 Inseminoid
AVL 002 Brimstone and Treacle [PARAGON]

New Direction Video

ND 1 Cruel Passion
ND 2
Let's Get Laid
ND 3 Hardcore


M 0043 New Mafia Boss, The
M 0141
Shout at the Devil
M 0143 Pacific Inferno

Cine Video

Killer Cop
Narc, The
Revenge of Dracula

Cable 2 Video

Cyborg 2087
Return of the Bionic Boy, The
Dirty Money
Red Light Girls
Terror, The

Reel 2

Squizzy Taylor


VVH 001 Losin' It
VVH 002
Warrior and the Blind Swordsman, The
VVH 003 Devil's Sword
VVH 004
VVH 005
Wild Youth
006 Ninja Showdown
TE  014 Warrior and the Ninja


AFV 86022 Copkillers, The
AFV 86023 Being, The
AFV 87026
Twice Bitten
AFV 89029
Living Nightmare

West End Movies [Amrac Distribution]

WEM 1001 Temptation

Fox Trot Vidcom

Girl Trouble
Gitanos · Escape from Aparthied
Last Blood
Mean Business
Mean Combat
Mission Batangas
Nightmare Tracks
Rough Boys

Knight Shield

Boston Warrior
Smug Fit
Crime of Defeat
Deadly Warfare
Para Psychics
Point Two Two
Ransom Runner
Return of Kid Barker, The
Shadows of Darkness
Turn of the Badge


ODY 129     Scum [A]
ODY 129     Scum [B]
TSI 1011 IV Far Side of Paradise, The

K.G.V. (Kestrel Gold Video)

Fire in the Wind, The
Gold Robbers, The
Hidden Thoughts
Night Angels
P.O.W. (Prisoners of War)
Re-Con Game, The
Shot, The
Smokey and the Bear Wheels of Fortune
Team, The

Eagle Crest Video

Eagle Warriors
Elevator, The
Final Tactic
Lady in Red, The
Mint Condition
Out of Contention
Pirates of Spring Cove, The
Prime Suspect
State of Division
Upp Against the Odds


Battle of the Aces
Battle of the Antilles
Campaign Burma
Entity Force
Fires of Youth
Have Gun Will Travel
Negative Contract
Raid on Ceasar's

Hi-Pressure Video (RCA/Columbia)

CVT 11038 Birds Of Prey
CVT 11078 Shape-Up
CVT 11086
Asphalt Warriors
CVT 11119 Pink Chiquitas, The
CVT 11215
Girl, The
CVT 11220 Hot Splash
CVT 11221 Over Kill
CVT 11226 Winners Take All
CVT 11232 Hard Ticket To Hawaii
CVT 11284 Blue de Ville

The Video Movie Company

PVM 100 Rape The Ultimate Invasion of Privacy
PVM 101
PVM 102 Blue Sunshine
PVM 103 Intruder, The
PVM 104
PVM 105 Beserker (The Nordic Curse)
        Raid on Entebe


Crazy Campus
Don't Go Out at Night [A]
Don't Go Out at Night [B]
Fighting Tiger

Budget Pack

BPA 01 Wailing, The
BPA 02 Retribution
BPA 03 Horror Farm [A]
BPA 03 Horror Farm [B]
BPA 04 Enforcer from Death Row

Genesis Home Video (U.K.) Ltd.

Gen 134 Soon Amy Soon
Gen 144 Go For Broke

RVD (Rapid Video)

NW 001 New World

RVD 001 Prodigal, The
RVD 002
Shinobi Ninja
RVD 004 Real Bruce Lee, The

Renown Video

Few Dollars For Django, A
Sinbad and the Caliph of Baghdad
Streak Car Co
White Fang

Polestar Video

Up Like a Shot!

Prime Releasing

PR 401 Cool it Carol

MF 001 Embalmed
MF 002 Vigilante Squad
MF 003 Sorceror's Curse, The
       Attack from the Sky       
       Black Dragon
       Black Bounty Killer
       Blood and Black Lace

       Bloody Fist, The
       Goké Bodysnatcher from Hell
       Horse Called Nijinsky, A
       Kings of Kung Fu



Blazing Ninja, The
Stranger and the Gunfighter, The
City of the Living Dead

New Media Entertainment

NMEV 1 Bloody Wednesday
NMEV 2 Girls School Screamers
NMEV 3 Night Train to Terror
NMEV 4 Blood and Orchids



Atlas Home Video

AHV 001 One Armed Boxer II, The
AHV 002 Pick-Up Girls
AHV 003 Lone Ninja Warrior
AHV 004 Ninja Kids
AHV 005 Ninja Fist of Fire
AHV 006 Shoalin Drunken Monk
AHV 007 Four to One
AHV 008
AHV 009
AHV 010 Twilight People
AHV 011 Up The World!
AHV 012 African Run, The
AHV 013 Violent Rage
AHV 014 Girls in the Street


Confessions of a Male Escort
Confessions of a Naked Virgin
Intimate Confessions of Stella
Terrifying Confessions of a Captive Woman

SGE/Collins Home Video

CHV 5001
CHV 5002
CHV 5003
CHV 5004 Vietnam War Story [Collins]
CHV 5005 Witch Bitch
CHV 5006 Lost Idol, The
CHV 5007
CHV 5008 Shadow Dancing
CHV 5009
CHV 5010 Lone Wolf
CHV 5011
CHV 5012
CHV 5013 Phantom of the Ritz
Ladykillers [Collins]
Blueberry Hill [Collins]
Bonanza: The Next Generation [Collins]

European Creative Films

ECV 1 Last Mercenary, The
ECV 2 Contamination
ECV 3 Living Dead, The
ECV 6 Hell Racer


SV 001 H.O.T.S. II
SV 002 Syndicate Vice

Crown Entertainment

CRV 2001 Code Name Red Devil
CRV 2002 Double Jeopardy

Crown Crest

Passing of Evil, The
Project Genocide
Quest for King Solomon's Treasure, The
Question of Life, A
Tactical Guerilla

CIC Video

VHC 1217 Samurai
VHA 1297 Dark Horse
VHA 1331 Longest Night, The
VHA 1342 Golden Gate Murders, The
VHA 1352 Questor Tapes, The
VHA 1376 UFO Incident, The
VHB 2302 Women in Chains
VHB 2299 Night of Terror


Ninja Mission, The

Tiger Video

Deadly Spawn, The
Death Dealer, The

New Dimenison

ND 0001 Unmasking the Idol
ND 0002 Yellow Pages
ND 0003 Free Ride
ND 0004 Master Blaster
ND 0005 Radioactive Dreams
ND 0006 Death Stalker II
ND 0007 Neon Maniacs
ND 0008 Equalizer 2000
ND 0009 Death Flash
ND 0010
ND 0011 Demon of Paradise
ND 0012 Hollywood Air Force
ND 0013
ND 0014
ND 0015 Cold Steel
ND 0016 Survivor

Cougar Video

CV 801
CV 802
CV 803 Screwball Marines (CV 809?)
CV 804 Commando 45
CV 805 Night of the Exorcist
CV 806
CV 807 Enforcer II
CV 808 Brainkill
       Terror on the Menu!


6608-50  Mission…Kill, The

90 3685  My Sister's Keeper
90 3686  Tainted [A]
         Tainted [B]
90 3745  Doorman
90 3791  Dr Otto and the Riddle of the Gloom Beam
90 3914  After Darkness
90 3963  Trap, The
90 3964  Blood Tracks
90 3965  Lost!
90 4003  Street Trash
90 4012  Bridge to Hell
90 4020  Strike Commando

CFV 4042 Family and Honour
CFV 4043 Nightmare Weekend
CFV 4044 Professor, The
CFV 4045 Ultimax Force
CFV 4046 Nothing Underneath
CFV 4047 Wardog · The Killing Machine
CFV 4048 Stagefright · The Theatre of Death
CFV 4049
CFV 4050 Mankillers
CFV 4051 Deadly Prey
CFV 4052 11 Days 11 Nights
CFV 4053 Frenchman's Farm
CFV 4054 Double Target [A]

         Double Target [B]
CFV 4055 Evil Senses
CFV 4056 Amazonia
CFV 4057
CFV 4058
CFV 4059 Demons 2
CFV 4060 Demons
CFV 4061
CFV 4062 Specters
CFV 4063 What Comes Around
CFV 4064 Graveyard Disturbance
CFV 4065
CFV 4066
CFV 4067 Initiation
         Run if You Can
         Blood Hook [unreleased]


TURBO V1  Nuclear Conspiracy, The
 The City
 Panic on the 5:22
 Blue Blood
L.A. Nurses
Mean Streets of Kung Fu
French Conspiracy, The
Three Bullets… for a Long Gun
 Hot Box, The 
TURBO V11 Jaws of the Dragon
TURBO V12 Eight Masters, The
Leader of the Pack, The
Hanging Woman, The
Sexual Desires
Undercover Caper
Operation Pacific
My Way
TURBO V22 Revenge
TURBO V23 Betrayed

AVR Home Entertainment

AVR V01 Time For Dying, A
AVR V02 Lady of the House, The
AVR V03 Warrior, The
AVR V04 Buckstone County Prison
AVR V05 Black Panther, The
AVR V06 Daredevil Commando
AVR 010 Bombs Away
AVR 011 Hey Good Looking
AVR 012 Strangeness, The
AVR 014 Game, The
AVR 015 Scaremaker
AVR 016 King Dick
AVR 019 Snake & Crane Arts of Shaolin
AVR 022
Ghetto Warriors
AVR 026 South Bronx Heroes
AVRA027 [CASSEX] White Hot
AVRA028 [CASSEX] Sex Sleuth
AVR 029 Cheque is in the Post, The
AVR 030 [ULTRA PICTURES] Music Machine
AVR 031 Black Bounty Killer
AVR 033 Last Witness
AVR 034 Fat Guy Goes Nutzoid
AVR 035 Iron Ox The Tiger Killer
AVR 036 Frightmares
AVR 037 Garden of Death
AVRA038 [CASSEX] Forbidden Pleasures
AVR 040 Creeper, The
AVR 046 Tales of Terror 1 She Freak
AVR 047 Tales of Terror 2 The Impure — Wild Rider
AVR 048 Tales of Terror 3 Drops of Blood
AVR 060 Raiders Of The Lost Code
AVR 061 Barbarian Revenge
AVR 061 Beauty of the Barbarian
AVR 062 Rich Bitch
AVR 063 Private Investigations
AVR 073 Pleasure Vacation
AVR 075 Thirsty Dead, The
AVR 080 Dream No Evil
AVR 090 2019 After the Fall of New York
        Wild Riders [REJECTED BY THE BBFC]


Day of the Assassins
Death Machines
Death's Ecstasy
Genetic Contact
No Way Out
Pay-Off Time
Prelude to Apocalypse
Psycho Puppet
Smuggler, The
Student Body, The


XTV 001 Angel of H.E.A.T.
XTV 002 Bisexual
XTV 003 Trader Hornee
XTV 004 Devonsville Terror, The
XTV 005 Malibu Hot Summer
XTV 006 Miss Nude America Contest, The
XTV 007 Sex Connection, The
XTV 008 Swinging Barmaids
XTV 009 Erotic Adventures of Zorro, The
XTV 010 Black Emmanuelle White Emmanuelle
XTV 011 Queen of Sex
XTV 012 Bilitis
XTV 013 Incubus
XTV 014 Malibu High
XTV 015 Spasms
XTV 016 Scarab
XTV 017 Mama's Dirty Girls
XTV 018 Sex Fever
XTV 019
XTV 020
Alice Goodbody
XTV 021
Manhandlers, The
XTV 022 Vanessa
XTV 023 Teenager
XTV 024 Truck Stop
XTV 025 Fugitive Alien I
XTV 026
Humanoid Woman
XTV 027 Star Force
XTV 028 Mighty Jack
XTV 029
Time of the Apes
XTV 030
Deadly Weapons
XTV 034 Ravine, The
XTV 037 Shot
        Blood Suckers
        Charley One-Eye        
        Deep Thoughts
        Emmanuelle Goes to Cannes
        Fugitive Alien II
        Jessi's Girls
        Man Called Blade, A
        Powers of Evil
        Sinner's Blood

XV 1    Seven Commandments of Kung Fu
XV 2    Assassin


SCV 001 Deathstalker
SCV 002 Hush Little Baby Don't You Cry
SCV 003 Terror of Dr. Hitchcock, The
SCV 004 Shock
SCV 005 Strangler of Vienna
SCV 006 Bird with the Crystal Plumage, The
SCV 007 Black Torment, The
SCV 008 Adventures of a Private Eye
SCV 009 Adventures of a Taxi Driver
SCV 010 Adventures of a Plumber's Mate
SCV 011 Hot Water
SCV 012 Three Sovereigns for Sarah
SCV 013 Penitentiary
SCV 014
Penitentiary II
SCV 015 Lottery!
SCV 016 This Girl For Hire
SCV 017 Creepshow
SCV 018
Red Berets, The
SCV 019 Comeback, The
SCV 020
SCV 021
SCV 022 Truck Turner
SCV 023 Full Moon High
SCV 024 Battle on the River Neretva, The
SCV 025
SCV 026
Challenge of the Tiger
SCV 027 Ninja Strikes Back, The
SCV 028 Dragon Bruce Lee Part II
SCV 032
[CAPITAL HOME VIDEO] Underground Aces
SCV 034 Fifth Offensive, The
SCV 036
Witch, The
SCV 038 [CAPITAL HOME VIDEO] Warriors Three
SCV 039 [CAPITAL HOME VIDEO] Kung Fu Inferno
OPV 040
[ORANGE PEEL VIDEO] Swedish Wife Exchange Club
OPV 041
[ORANGE PEEL VIDEO] Sex at 7,000 Feet
SCV 041 [CAPITAL HOME VIDEO] Samurai Reincarnation
SCV 042
SCV 043 [CAPITAL HOME VIDEO] Against Kung Fu Rascals
SCV 044 [CAPITAL HOME VIDEO] Kung Fu Karataka
SCV 045
OPV 050
OPV 053
OPV 054 [ORANGE PEEL VIDEO] What Schoolgirls Don't Tell
        [CAPITAL HOME VIDEO] Murder by the Book
        [CAPITAL HOME VIDEO] Club Med
        [CAPITAL HOME VIDEO] Twister Kicker
Trans-Global International

TGI 0001
TGP 0002 Shaolin Chamber of Death *
TGI 0003 Fantasy Mission Force *
TGP 0003 Magnificent Bodyguards *
TGI 0004 Fearless Hyena
TGI 0005 Fearless Hyena II
TGI 0006 Half A Loaf Of Kung Fu
TGI 0007 To Kill With Intrigue
TGP 0007 State of Emergency, A *
TGP 0008 Crazy Legs *
TGI 0009 
TGP 0009 Slash *
TGI 0010 New Fist Of Fury
TGI 0011 Shaolin Chamber Of Death
TGI 0012 Spiritual Kung Fu
TGI 0013 Snake Crane Art Of Shaolin
TG  0013 Executioner, The *
TG  0017
Noah's Ark Principle, The *
TGP 0018 Killer Meteors *
TGI 0020 Night of Courage, A
TGI 0021 Morning Man, The
TGI 0023 Close Your Eyes And Pray [A]
         Close Your Eyes And Pray [B]
TGI 0024 Dragon Fist
TGI 0026 Fresh Kill
TGI 0027
TGI 0028
TGI 0029
Fantasy Mission Force
TGI 0030
Eagle Shadow Fist
0031 Demonwarp [A]
         Demonwarp [B]
TGI 0033 Race to Danger
TGI 0034 Demons 3 The Ogre
TGI 0035 Top Line
TGI 0038 Stranger on My Land
TGI 0042 Phantom of Death [A]
         Phantom of Death [B]
TGI 0043 Misfits
TGI 0044 Alien Terminator [A]
         Alien Terminator [B]
TGI 0045 Espionage
TGI 0046 Karate Ghostbuster
TGI 0047 Renegades, The
TGI 0050 Terror Squad The Achille Lauro Affair
TGI 0051 Changeling 2 The Revenge
         Snow Bunnies Nerds on Vacation
         Crazy Legs
         Brindamore Island Conspiracy, The
         Angel in Green, The

* Trans-Global Pictures (UK) Ltd

Goldscreen Cinema Group (Trans-Global  Pictures (UK) Ltd)

CGC 0010 Death Mask
CGC 0011 Zombie Aftermath
CGC 0012 Commander Lawin
CGC 0013
CGC 0014 Ninja Kids Phantom Force
CGC 0015 Tiger Shark
CGC 0016 Code Name Blackfire

President Home Entertainment

2380 Nightbreaker
King Kong Lives!
5161 Collision Course [A]
5161 Collision Course [B]
5165 "Illegally Yours"
5243 Fright Night II
5353 Mission Manila
Howling IV The Original Nightmare
     Blue Iguana, The
     From The Hip
     Hiding Out
     Howling III
     Maid To Order


ACV 511 Who will Love My Children?
ACV 512 Annie's Coming Out
ACV 513 Night of the Jugglar
ACV 514 Battle Squadron
ACV 515 Virus
ACV 516
ACV 517 Fatal Games aka The Killing Touch
ACV 518
ACV 519 Smithereens
ACV 520 Demon, The
ACV 521 Hearse, The
ACV 522 Hell Night
ACV 523 Home Sweet Home
ACV 524 Unseen, The
ACV 525 Women in Chains
ACV 526 House of Terror
ACV 527 Ladies of the Lotus
ACV 528
ACV 529 Kill the Shogun
ACV 530 Demented

ACP 102 [CINEPLEX] Firehouse
ACP 102 [CINEPLEX] Symphony of Evil

Solid Gold Video

SG 00101 Hill 171 Tour Of Duty
SG 00102 Wild Force
SG 00103 Vengeance Squad
SG 00104 Fearless Hyena 2

Empire Video

EV 1002 Blood River
Clockwork Terror
Brood, The

Satelite Films

SF1 Escape from DS3
SF2 Candy Tangerine Man, The
Streets of Blood
City Under Siege
SF5 Killing Games
 Destruction Force
Action Channel

AC 8701 Lie, The
AC 8702 Boot Hill


V.101 Hell Prison
V.102 Survivors of the Lost Race

Cobra Video

COB 1 Demons of Ludlow, The
      Forest, The
      Street War
      Terrorist Eagle, The

Falcon Video

FF 001 Ninja and the Warriors of Fire
FF 002
Raiders of Galaxy
FF 003
Soldier Warriors
FF 004 Canon Operation

Mary Millington Collection

MMC 01 Come Play With Me
MMC 02 Playbirds
MMC 03
MMC 04 Queen of the Blues
MMC 05
       David Galaxy Affair
       Naked Truth, The

The Only Amazing Hot Tape Machine

HTM 3201 Coming of Aliens, A
HTM 3202 Tight Fit

Diamond Films

5-Pattern Dragon Claws
California Drive-in Girls
Dirty Two, The
Female Big Boss
Hero Commandos
Mantis Under Falcon Claws
New Godfathers, The

Diamond Video

DV 01 Cruising
DV 02 Carny
DV 03 I Will I Will For Now
DV 04 Night Watch
DV 05 Fingers
DV 06 Thieves
DV 07 Book of Numbers
DV 08 Sweet Hostage
DV 09 Welcome to Arrow Beach
DV 10 Apache Massacre


All Shook Up!
Dark Side, The
Devil's Advocate, The
Night Watch
Secrets Of The Bitch
Tropical Express

Network Channel

NET 870701 Street Warrior
NET 870702 Witch Maker
NET 870703 Death Has Blue Eyes
NET 870704 Strike Back
NET 870705 Kings of Kung Fu
NET 870706 Sacred Forest, The
NET 870707 Codename Commando
NET 870708 Roses Bloom Twice
NET 870709
NET 870710 Hell Prison
NET 870711 Dream Slayer
NET 870712
NET 870713 Survivors of the Last Race
NET 870714 Extra Terrestial Visitors
NET 870715 [NETWORK PREMIUM] Spirit, The
NET 870716 [NETWORK PREMIUM] Computer Kid, The
NET 870717 Nazi Atrocities

Frontier (Guild Home Video)

8483 Sword of Heaven
Tomb, The
8489 American Commandoes
8491 L.A. Streetfighters
8492 Peacekillers, The
8493 Caliber 357

IVS Video UK

IVSV 1001
IVSV 1002
Oasis, The  [A]
          Oasis, The  [B]
IVSV 1003 Under Siege
IVSV 1004 Curious Case of the Campus Corpse, The  [A]
          Curious Case of the Campus Corpse, The  [B]
IVSV 1005 Ninja Terminator
IVSV 1006 Star Crystal
IVSV 1007
IVSV 1008
IVSV 1009
IVSV 1010
IVSV 1011 What a Way to Go
IVSV 1012 Eyes of Fire
VDC9 1013 Night Screams
IVSV 1014 Robbery Under Arms
IVSV 1015 Lionman & the Witchqueen
IVSV 1016
IVSV 1017 Deadly Intruder
IVSV 1018
IVSV 1019 Kill Zone
IVSV 1020
IVSV 1021 Body Count
IVSV 1022
IVSV 1023
IVSV 1024
IVSV 1025 Mafia Princess
IVSV 1026 Ninja Dragon
IVSV 1027
IVSV 1028 Odd Squad, The
VDC9 1029 Uninvited, The
IVSV 1030
IVSV 1031 Las Vegas Weekend
IVS  1032 Shaolin Ninja
IVSV 1033 Assassin
IVSV 1034 Tormentors, The
IVSV 1035 Oceans of Fire
IVSV 1039 Jungle Wolf
IVSV 1040 Ambush Muders, The
IVSV 1041 Brotherhood of Justice
IVSV 1043 C.A.T. Squad
IVSV 1044
[VIP PREMIER] Aerobcide 
IVSV 1045
Silent Witness
IVSV 1046 I'll Take Manhattan
IVSV 1048 Combat Zone
IVSV 1052 Dead-Times Stories
IVSV 1053
IVSV 1054 Epitaph
IVSV 1055 Summer Camp
IVSV 1056
IVSV 1057 Raiders of the Living Dead
IVSV 1058 Mirrors
IVSV 1059 Bloody New Year
IVSV 1060 Edge of Hell, The
IVSV 1061 Zeus the Crime Killer
IVSV 1064 Mystery Mansion
IVSV 1066
Wilderness Family, The
IVSV 1067 Further Advetures of Wilderness Family, The
IVSV 1070 Lamp, The
IVSV 1073 If you Don't Stop it…
IVSV 1077
Tongs A New York Chinatown Story
IVSV 1079 Challenge to be Free
IVSV 1082
Comeback Kid, The
IVSV 1083 Curse of the Black Widow
IVSV 1084 Education of Sonny Carson, The
IVSV 1085 Prince of Bel Air
IVSV 1086
Killing Edge, The
IVSV 1087 Night Screams
IVSV 1091
Space Island
IVSV 1092 Delos File, The
IVSV 1095 Lady Truckers
IVSV 1096 Secret of the Sahara
IVSV 1098 She's in the Army Now
IVSV 1099
IVSV 1021 Body Count
ISVS 1102
Blue Movies
IVSV 1105
Pinocchio and the Emperor of The Night
IVSV 1108
Damning, The
IVSV 1109 Seven Up
IVSV 1116
IVSV 1118 Chinatown Wars
IVSV 1125 When Duty Calls
IVSV 1126
Can I Do it Till I Need Glasses?
IVSV 1157 Can I Do it Till I Need Glasses?
          /If you Don't Stop it… [DOUBLE PACK]


IVSA 1001
American Stud in Paris
IVSA 1002 Passion Island
IVSV 1003 Felicity
IVSA 1004
Marilyn My Love
IVSA 2005 Honeymoon In Paradise
IVSA 2006 Take My Body
IVSA 2007 Desert Lovers
IVSA 2008 Good Girl, Bad Girl
IVSA 2009 Blondes Like It Hot
IVSA 2010
IVSA 2011 Mobile Home Girls

Beverly's Productions

Secrets of a French Maid
Secrets of a Play Girl
Secrets of a Sensuous Nurse
Secrets of Lady Truckers
Secrets of Naked Girls
Secrets of Naughty Susan
Secrets of The Satin Blues

HBL Video (Hillbit Ltd)

HBL 1001 Lucky Seven
HBL 1002 Illusion of the Gun
HBL 1003 Death Code: Ninja
HBL 1004 Exorcist III Cries and Shadows, The
HBL 1005 Ninja Hunter

Manhattan Video

Alter Ego
Code, The
Hell Below
Induced Syndrome
Torn Between Two Values

Martial Arts Collection, The

MAC 101 Return of the Assassin, The
MAC 102 Martial Hero
MAC 103 Bronze Girls of Shaolin
MAC 104 Angry Fist
MAC 105 True Game of Death, The

Scan Euro Video

Enter the Devil
Executioner Part II
Gun of April Morning, The
Quest for the Seven Cities
Yellow Winton Flyer, The
Final Defeat

True World Video

FV 405 Revenge of the Living Dead
       Destroyer, The
       Shadow of the Werewolf
       Street Force

Vidplex Entertainment Group

870718 Werewolf Woman
870719 Tough Guy
870720 Wanted Women
870721 Police Women

Warad Movies on Video

Angry Gun, The
Banza Attack of the Warlords
Bladerider Revenge of the Indian Nations
Forbidden Justice
Forgotten Parallel, The
Good Die First, The
Gun Law
Peg Leg, Musket & Sabre
Return of Ringo, The
Survival Element [A]
Survival Element [B]
Time Wars The Day of Reckoning


VT012 Strife for Mastery
VT013 Iron Neck Li
VT014 Fatal Flying Guillotines, The
VT015 Snake in the Eagle's Shadow Part 3
      36 Crazy Fists, The
      Bloody Mission
      Cave of Diamonds, The
      Drunken Swordsman, The
      Four Shaolin Challengers, The
      Hero's Tears, A
      Leg Fighters, The
      Killer Panther, The
      Marvellous Kung Fu
      Pirates of the Mississippi
      Sacrifice to Desperate Spirits

Trans Ocean Entertainment

TOV 001 Day they Robbed America, The
TOV 002
Nightmare Voyage
TOV 003 Karate Kill
TOV 004 King Boxer II
TOV 005
Black Belt Jones 2

Paragon Communications

PCV 3  
Martin Luther King
PCV 6   Witches Brew
PCV 7   Cocaine One Man's Poison
PCV 8   Deadly Affair, The
PCV 9   War of the Wizards
PCV 10  Hercules Conquers Atlantis
PCV 11
PCV 12  Sensitive Passionate Man, A
INT 088 Fade to Black

In-House Movies

IHM 1093 Hydra
IHM 1094 Virgin Terror

Imperial Video

IMP 001 Witchfinder General
IMP 002 Horror Convention
IMP 003 Revenge of the Teenage Vixens
IMP 004 Outbreak of Hostilities
IMP 005
IMP 006 Mean Kung Fu Machine
ABC Films

ABC 001 Abigail Wanted
ABC 002
Dark Power, The
ABC 003 Return of Josey Wales, The
ABC 004 Comic, The
ABC 005 Little Boy Lost
ABC 006 Silent Heroes
ABC 102 For Your Height Only
TB  069 Certain Sacrifice, A
Arctic Video

A001 Force of Death
A002 It Lives Within Her
A004 Certain Heat

Tamo Video

001 Mystery of Chess Boxing
002 Fighting of Shaolin Monks, The
003 Secret Rivals, The

Oregon Video

Barbarian Master
Storm Rider

Ninja Theatre (VPD)

NT 010 Life Of Ninja, A
NT 011 Phoenix The Ninja
NT 012 Ninja Thunderbolt
NT 013 Mafia Vs. Ninja
NT 014 Golden Ninja Warrior
NT 015 Master Ninja, The :
       (a) Max
       (b) Out Of Time Step

NT 016 Master Ninja 2, The :
       (a) Hostages
       (b) State Of The Union

NT 017 The Master Ninja 3, The :
       (a) Fat Tuesday
       (b) Juggernaut

NT 018 The Master Ninja 4, The :
       (a) Good, The Bad & The Priceless, The
       (b) High Rollers

NT 019 Ninja Champion
NT 020 Diamond Ninja Force
NT 021 The Master Ninja 5, The :
       (a) Kuniochi
       (b) Java Tiger, The

NT 022 Master Ninja 6, The :
       (a) Place To Call Home, A
       (b) Failure To Communicate 

NT 023 Ultimate Ninja, The
NT 024 Challenge the Ninja
NT 025 Silver Dragon Ninja
NT 026 Bionic Ninja
NT 027 Master Ninja 7, The
       (a) Master, The
       (b) Rogues

NT 028 Ninja Destroyer
NT 029 Cobra Against Ninja
NT 030 Ninja Commandments
NT 031 Tough Ninja The Shadow Warrior

Picture Box Video

PBV 001 Devil Sleep

Elephant Video

ELT 001 Insatiable Alicia and the Marquis
ELT 002 Pleasure, The
ELT 003 Encounters in the Deep
ELT 004 Tunnel, The
ELT 005 Blood Brothers
ELT 006 Fear in the City
ELT 007 
ELT 008 
ELT 009 Sandokan Fights Back
ELT 010 Lust
ELT 011 City of the Living Dead
ELT 012 Eaten Alive
ELT 013 Beyond, The
ELT 014 House By the Cemetery, The
ELT 015 Lola's Secret
ELT 016 Erotic Games
ELT 017 Last Hunter, The
ELT 018 Gordon, the Black Pirate
ELT 019 Attack Force Z

Studio International

0101 Disconnected [A]
0101 Disconnected [B]

Show Channel Home Video

SCH 1101 Go-Kids, The™
SCH 1102 Gremloids™
SCH 1103 Dragons™
SCH 1104 Omen of Evil™
SCH 1105 Tim


CBV   8001 Don't Panic
CBOX  8002 Ghost House
CBOX  8003 Alphabet City
CBOXV 8003 Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity
CBOXV 8008 Imp
CBOX  8004 Creepozoids
CBOX  8008 Imp, The
CBOX  8009 Hollywood Hookers
CBOX  8010 Scumbusters
CBOXV 8011 11 Days and 11 Nights 2
CBOX  8013 Intruder [A]
           Intruder [B]
CBOX  8014 Dr. Alien
CBOX  8015 Django Strikes Again
CBOX  8017 Nudity Required
CBOX  8018 Ghosthouse II
CBOX  8019 Death By Dialogue
CBOX  8020 Blue Angel · The Final Temptation
CBOX  8021 Bad Blood
CBOXV 8022 Regenerator
CBOX  8024 Bad Taste
CBOXV 8026 To Beautiful to Die
CBOX  8029 Robo Ninja
CBOX  8030 Night Shadow



Laying bare the forgotten world of 1980s Post-Certificate Video.