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Secrets of Lady Truckers

Stu Segall | USA | 1976


Pre-dating the short lived C.B. movie craze by a whisker, Stu Segall’s CB Hustlers (aka Secrets of Lady Truckers) might win points for the novel idea, but it’s detrimental to both the film’s plot and entertainment value. Throughout its 70 minutes running time, CB Hustlers never once shifts gear from out of neutral, with its watery sexual romps, tiresome unfunny dialogue and dippy plot only confirming that this ‘big rig’ has got flat tyres. As Geoffrey Daniels, Segall produced and directed a number of porno films in the 70s and 80s, including the Marilyn Chambers classic Insatiable (1980), as well as bad film favourite Drive-In Massacre (1977) under his own name and featuring many of the cast and crew of CB Hustlers. Nowadays, Segall runs a very successful film and television production studio in San Diego.

Broadcasting in the coded argot of citizens band radio, Dancer (John Alderman, who also co-authored the screenplay) and his girlfriend Scuzz (Valdesta aka Jacqueline Giroux) set up sexual trysts for randy truck drivers — who get to take their pick from three lovely ‘C.B Annies’: Silky (Catherine Barkley), Dee Dee (a thick Scandinavian accented Uschi Digard) and Lemon (Tiffany Jones). 

Eavesdropping in on the airwave high jinks are ‘Boots’ Clayborn (John F. Goff) and ‘Mountain’ Dean (Richard Kennedy), the two proprietors of local broadsheet ‘The Clarion Weekly’, who suspect that something untoward is going down and snoop around hoping for the scoop which will propel them into the journalism big league! On the side of the law is ‘Smokey’ — in the rotund shape of Sheriff Elrod P. Ramsey (Bruce Kimball), who constantly tries to find an excuse to run the hustlers out of the county.


Video Unlimited’s April 1982 release was the UK premiere for this little seen title, which was shamelessly marketed to fans of Convoy et al. with a chrome plated truck image and “after CONVOY and BREAKER BREAKER comes....CB HUSTLERS” tagline. Krypton Force’s uncut late 1986 release on their Beverly’s Productions label,  anglicises the whole release with it’s ‘Lady Truckers’ title and glamour girl photograph.

aka : CB Hustlers; C.B. Hustlers
cast : John Alderman, Valdesta [Jacqueline Giroux], Jake Barnes [John F. Goff], Elke Van [Uschi Digard], Janice Jordan [Tiffany Jones], Catherine Barkley, Edward Roehm [Richard Kennedy], Michael Alden [Bruce Kimball], Lance Longworth [John Tull]