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Mysterious Planet

Brett Piper | USA | 1982


This maiden science-fiction feature from New Hampshire based special effects artist Brett Piper (Raiders of the Living Dead; They Bite) is the very definition of a low-budget independent movie: echoing sound, buzzing noises, muffled dialogue, bad lighting — it’s all here, bundled together with a run-of-the-mill script and static, creaky acting. Strictly Don Dohler school of film-making, Piper — who also produced and created the special effects — squeezed every cent out of the $5,000 budget, aided and abetted with a have-a-go spirit and a surplus of enthusiasm.

Loosely based and influenced on both the book and film of Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island, the story tells of a spaceship which disappears without a trace whilst taking off in the middle of a strange space storm. The ship eventually crash lands on the titular mysterious planet, its crew all survive: female Commander Rogan (Paula Taupier), telepath Krane (George Seavey), Poltrusian alien Hang (Bruce Nadeau), Arnus (Boydd Piper) and engineer Marcus (Michael Quigley).

They find themselves washed up on a beach and are immediately attacked by a stop-motion giant snail-like creature with two reptilian heads. Fending off the monster, they set off looking for signs of civilisation. Whilst Rogan is crossing a ravine using rope, a huge, grotesque avian creature attacks; she falls and is seriously injured. After disposing of the creature the group take refuge in a cave — actually one of the eye sockets of a huge skull carved out of a mountain. 

That night a strange circular red light materialises, rendering all of the crew unconscious. As they sleep, a bikini clad female (Marilyn Mullen) appears, passing her hand over the injured Rogan and instantly healing her. The following morning, the crew amazed by Rogan’s sudden recovery, discover that they are not the only intelligent beings on the planet, confirmed by the re-appearance of the enigmatic feral girl…




This very obscure and tricky to find space romp received its one and only video release in the summer of 1988. Global Sales Ltd., added this (appropriately enough) to their Fifth Dimension Movies series. Illustrator MARC’s cartoon-like attempt to realise the film’s themes features the omnipresent, powerfully-built, gun-toting macho man — an icon applied liberally to the artwork of literally hundreds of videos across the globe

Amazingly this low budget effort has found its way onto digital media in a German dubbed DVD version.


aka : Galaxie Warrior; Star Odyssey - Mysterious Planet

cast : Paula Taupier, Marilyn Mullen, Michael Quigley, Bruce Nadeau, Boyd Piper, George Seavey, Scott Nadeau, Melody Claudstein, Karen Rearden, Bernard Ner, Cynthia Vacca