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Lemon Popsicle

Boaz Davidson | Israel | 1978


This, the first of the Lemon Popsicle series (אסקימו לימון‎ [Eskimo Limon] in the original Hebrew), immodestly recreated what growing up in the 1950s was really like — a refreshing antidote to the sanitised schmaltz of Grease. The film, a home-grown Israeli production directed by Tel Aviv born Boaz Davidson, was such a massive international success that Davidson and his producers Golan-Globus remade the film in 1982 as The Last American Virgin for the English speaking market. One of the stars, Zacki Noy, who played the rotund Hughie, went on to become a major star in his home country (even starring in a ninth instalment of the series in 2001: Lemon Popsicle 9 — The Party Goes On).

Benji (Yiftach Katzur), Bobbie (Jonathan Segal) and Huey (Zacki Noy) spend their days at High School and their nights at the Montana, an American style ice cream parlour frequented by all the local teenagers. Here they listen to rock ‘n’ roll and try to bed as many young ladies as possible. When they're not getting it on with High School chicks, they're looking for sex wherever they can get it: from the local hooker (who gives them crabs), and the local nymphomaniac (whose sailor boyfriend comes home just as Huey slides it home!). 

Everything is great until Niki enters the scene. Benji falls in love with her immediately (he does this quite often in the Popsicle films) — only she gets off with Bobbie. After Bobbie gets her pregnant and doesn't want to know, Benji steps in to help like a teenage Sir Galahad. Is this his chance to prove his undying love for the girl of his dreams…or has fate one final painful blow left to deal?












Passed for cinema exhibition in 1978, this version had been re-dubbed into English, and had several of the songs featured in the Hebrew dub replaced (most probably for copyright reasons). Additionally, the scene in which Benji sells his bike to pay for the abortion was missing. The BBFC also requested the following cut:

Reel 5 :

    Remove shot of Hughie's thrusting between Stella's legs,                unmasked by the keyhole.

Starting in February 1981, Hokushin released the film throughout the pre-VRA years with no less the five different sleeve/packaging variants. Take 2 Plus's November 1988 effort showcases yet another of the colour crazy drawing style of sleeve illustrator ‘MARC’.

aka : אסקימו לימון; Going All the Way;

cast : Yiftach Katzur, Anat Atzmon, Jonathan Segal, Zacki Noy, Devora Halter-Keidar, Ophelia Shtrall, Denis Bouzaglo, Rahel Steiner, Menashe Warshavsky