Psycho Killer 1970

director: Robert Vincent O'Neil  



United States

Alternative Titles

  • The Psycho Lover
  • The Loving Touch
  • The Lovely Touch


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Distributor 1001 Video
Catalogue Number
Release Series
Release Date
Duration: 66m 54s
Printed Classification
Notes First release, BBFC 'X' cert
User Reviews:
by sabre210
This obscure thriller/drama is a bit of a curve-ball, having more in common with the opening pre-meditated murder one would expect of a Columbo episode than it does with the any sleazy exploitation flick which the sleeve art promises it to be. Being a massive fan of Columbo, I really enjoyed it, but if you tune in expecting Don't Answer the Phone or A Scream in the Streets, you might be in for disappointment. Marcus is a disturbed young man, compelled to rape and murder women in their homes by the disturbed voices and psychedelic visions in his head. The police know he's their man, but they don't have the proof to take him off the streets and so he is referred instead to playboy psychiatrist Kenneth who appears to be undergoing a mid-life crisis of his own, spending his dwindling energy speeding around in fast boats and cars and satisfying his young lover Stacey whom he wishes to leave his wife Valerie for. Aware of his affair, and not willing to sacrifice the lifestyle she has become accustomed to, Valerie steadfastly refuses to give Kenneth the divorce he so desperately wants, instead tormenting him that he will never be set free from their joyless marriage. In an effort to escape his troubled personal life, Kenneth throws himself into his therapy work with the deranged Marcus, creating a compliant state under hypnosis from which Marcus begins to reveal the depth and depravity of his sex crimes and the mysogynistic insanity which drives them. Seizing on Marcus' submissive and pliable state whilst under hypnosis, Kenneth subconsciously implants murderous intentions of his own with a view to finally ridding himself of his troublesome spouse. Following an upsetting bout of visions and inner voices, Marcus calls his Doctor at home to inform him of the building compulsion but instead inadvertantly alerts Valerie to the murderous plan during a rambling and confused phone conversation. Realising the imminent danger she is in, with Marcus now on his way to murder her, Valerie turns the tables on her husband and improvises a sweet revenge of her own. Psycho Killer ends at the exact point where the bumbling but infallible Columbo usually makes his first appearance before he goes on to unravel the case. Were it not for the decidedly 'un-columbo' sub-theme of rape, this film could pass for an elongated episode quite easily. The print as presented here by 1001 Video is most definitely shy of its full running time. There are some strange jump-cuts throughout, many seemingly due to sections being removed due to damage to the film print. There are 2 versions released on tape. A yellow sleeve and a pink sleeve, the former bearing an X certificate and the latter an 18. Both appear to be the same version. Almost nothing is known of 1001 Video beyond the fact that they were based in Birmingham, which combined with similarities in the sleeve layouts suggests a connection with the elusive and equally obscure Knockout Video.