Faces of Death 1979

director: Conan Le Cilaire  




United States



Prepare yourself for the ultimate experience. This video cassette will change your attitude to life.
"Death Closes All" - so wrote Alfred Lord Tennyson over a century ago. No matter who we are, rich or poor, death is an occurrence which at some time we must all face; first of those we know and love, and finally of ourselves. We believe this important video film ill help to prepare for the enormity of the ultimate experience. It explores the visual phenomena of death in many forms:- not only of human beings, but also of the defenceless beasts which mankind slaughters to satisfy its hungers and its greeds. The murderous horror of seal culling is exposed with grim reality: the awful consequences of fatal motor accidents - these scenes will surely promote a more considerate attitude by those who drive cars; the atrocities of war; the even greater devastation caused by starvation, disease, and the fatal effects of lung cancer; in startlingly frank scenes the miracles of modern surgery are fearlessly exhibited, as are the perversities of mankind, its crazed need to defy death unsuccessfully with stunts such as free-fall parachuting, aeroplane acrobatics, and the more common disasters like air crashes and train derailments, its needless slaughter of dumb animals. This video documentary will shock you: there is no doubt of that; but it will also bring you a message of hope: the possibility of life after death: the wonder of re-birth; and we believe will fundamentally change for the better the reverence and respect you will feel for the wonder of life. Scenes in this video film are of explicit and shocking nature. They should not be viewed by young persons, or those of a nervous disposition. In the opinion of the distributors many of the scenes contained herein would not pass the British Board of Film Censors.

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Distributor Atlantis
Catalogue Number AVP601
Release Series
Release Date September 1982
Duration: 71m 31s
Printed Classification
Notes Read more about this video, which is featured in the book The Art of the Nasty
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