The Devil Hunter 1980

director: Clifford Brown [Jesús Franco]  




Spain, France, West Germany

Alternative Titles

  • Devil Hunter
  • Sexo Canibal
  • Il cacciatore di uomini
  • Jungfrau unter Kannibalen



The lovely Laura, on a modelling job in South America is kidnapped by a gang who carry her off into the jungle from where they demand a huge ransom. Two men set off in a helicopter to rescue her, little knowing what horrors Laura is enduring in the meantime in the savage clutches of a primitive and bloodthirsty world. Laura's rescuers not only have to face the cruel violence of her captors - but also the horrifying lust for blood of a primitive and cruel god.


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Distributor Cinehollywood
Catalogue Number V1590
Release Series
Release Date November 1981
Duration: 85m 23s
Printed Classification
Notes Read more about this video, which is featured in the book The Art of the Nasty
User Reviews:
by lastmarine
Once again Jesus Franco attempts to disguise his real name from critics as he unleases yet another cinematic abomination. Clifford Brown (Franco) the master of Italian z-list, zero budget genre rip-offs, tries his hands at the popular cannibal theme. Franco fans will already know, he's not a director to shy away from a new field in horror, with already such success in the zombie, giallo and caged women genres, I bet you can hardly contain the excitement to see what he can make of the already gut bustingly over-populated cannibal genre. Hey if his other work on the subject 'The Cannibals' aka Cannibals on cinehollywood, serpent and EVC is anything to go by, then you're certainly in for a treat. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO THE REST OF MY REVIEW!!!!THERE WAS A FOUR PARAGRAPGH REVIEW THAT HAS DELETED ITSELF???
by Lee James Turnock
The prolific Jess Franco, AKA Jesus Franco, Clifford Brown (and so on) was responsible for a guilty pleasure of mine, the botched but enjoyable slasher flick [i]Bloody Moon[/i]. In that film, Franco genuinely seems to have made an effort - something he wasn't always keen on doing, as anyone who's sat through [i]the Devil Hunter[/i] will readily tell you. Here, Jess gives us endless crash zooms to nothing, dreamy music, terrible performances, clumsy dubbing (most of the male characters are apparently dubbed by the same actor!) and several interminable sequences, suggesting that he couldn't wait for the working day to finish so he could bugger off home and listen to his jazz records. Large parts of the film make no sense, and you'll run out of fingers and toes trying to count the goofs, but the really priceless ones are the actor who actually giggles when a squirt of blood hits him in the face, and the totem pole that bounces when it's supposed to be crashing to the floor. And check out those sound effects - since when did walking through the jungle sound like walking down a gravel drive? If you can find a copy of this tosh anywhere, I'll be surprised - it's as rare as rocking horse shit - but do yourself a favour and pass it by.