King of Kong Island 1968

director: Robert Morris [Roberto Mauri]  




Alternative Titles

  • Kong Island
  • Eva, la venere selvaggia
  • Eva, la vierge sauvage
  • Nackt unter Affen



Three mercenaries steal $3000 from a diamond mining company. One of them. Albert, shoots his two companions and runs off with the money. One of the survivors, Burt, follows Albert to Nairobi hell-bent on revenge. In a nightclub, Burt meets up with Diana and Robert, the owner's daughter and son. Diana is kidnapped during a safari, and Burt leaves with Robert to search for her. They violate a territory that black natives consider holy because it is inhabited by a sacred ape, whom Burt names Eve. Attracted by Burt, she follows him secretly. The expedition is attacked by the same gorillas that kidnapped Diana. They are joined by Forrester, an agent sent to arrest Burt and Albert, but circumstances force them to unite. She leads him to the cave where Albert, who has gone completely mad, is living. Albert robbed to build an extraordinary laboratory from which he now controls the gorillas through computerised brain transplants. Soon he hopes to control Man in the same way. It is he who, in love with her, had Diana kidnapped. But Burt won't let his crazy dream come true. Albert sends his gorillas to destroy the expedition, but Burt explodes the whole system. The gorillas come back, under the power of Eve, and she sends them to kill Albert. He dies from the very hands he wanted to use for criminal purposes...

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Distributor Intervision
Catalogue Number A-AE0166
Release Series
Release Date 1979
Duration: 88m 16s
Printed Classification
Notes Gatefold carton
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