The Last Horror Film 1982

director: David Winters  




United States

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Jana Bates, the beautiful queen of horror flicks, is in Cannes to open her film and to receive an award. Vinny is a taxi driver who lives with his mother in New York City and is a fan of Jana Bates. He is also in Cannes, where he has followed Jana in a last attempt to get her to star in his imaginary film, "The Loves of Dracula." Vinny hates the blood and gore horror films and the people who make them, all of whom have rejected him. He fantasizes killing off the ones that stand in his way, after the manner of scenes from the many famous horror films he has watched. Jana's ex-husband/producer, Bret Bates, who has also snubbed Vinny, is the first to be killed when she discovers him beheaded. Vinny still continues to follow Jana around when Marty Bernstein, a theatrical agent who has brushed Vinny off, meets his end in a theatre where he was supposed to meet with the first victim, Bates. Again, as in Bret Bates' case, the body has disappeared. Panic has gripped Jana's entourage. Director friend, Stanley Kline agrees to take his actress girl friend back to the airport after giving her a surprise... a surprise that takes them to the highest tower overlooking Cannes where they will both mysteriously die. By this time, Vinny is totally flipped and believes he is actually directing his own horror film. As in the case of the missing bodies, everyone again thinks it is a publicity stunt. By this time, Jana and he boy friend, Alan, realize that they have to get out of Cannes and plan to come back only for the awards ceremony. They retreat to a friend's castle in the country for some peace and quiet. The friend becomes another victim the first night that Jana and Alan spend in the castle. The closing five minutes of "The Last Horror Film" are the most critical ones, as you will the know who the killer is.

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Release Date June 1983
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