Alex, Kill 1976

director: Mohammed T. Zarindast [Tony Zarindast]  



United States

Alternative Titles

  • Kill
  • Kill, Alex Kill



He pulls the trigger, but who is pointing him?
After a failed mission in Vietnam, Alexis Bravo, his fellow soldiers and officers were captured and subjected to degrading confinement as prisoners of war. Was Alexis the traitor? Nothing was ever proved. Released and sent home, only to discover his wife and children have been murdered. Detective Sgt. Davis breaks the news to Alexis that the mob were the killers. A punishment for Spiros, Alexis' brother, because of his bungled drugs sale. Alexis vows to avenge their deaths. Adopting an ex cons' identity he infiltrates the mob, where he meats Katina. girlfriend of a mobster. Alexis' first test of loyalty is to liquidate two members of the mob who have gone too far. Katina's boyfriend, his first target escapes but Alexis second target has no such luck. The third target knows too much and must be liquidated as well, Katina. Her kidnap goes according to plan but unable to kill her he hides Katina and reports back, his assignment fulfilled. Katina can see his inner turmoil but cant stop him from completing his personal assignment. The destruction of his families' [sic] killers. In darkness during his next assignment he accidentally shoots Spiros. The moment has come. Full of rage he seeks out Vincent Trumanti, the mob boss, only to discover the real truth. But what of the tall stranger who has followed Alexis since his return home?

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Distributor PMA
Catalogue Number PMV10
Release Series
Release Date July 1982
Duration: 89m 20s
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