Daily Fable - Miss Ant 1968

director: Cocky Andreoli  





Alternative Titles

  • De Fabeltjeskrant



Martha and Myra Hamster would like to be the girlfriends of Bert and Fred Beaver so they send them an invitation to dinner but the brothers decide not to go, [sic] Meanwhile, Miss Stork has forgotten to send a birthday letter to her sister and, rather than send it through Uncle Gerard who she doesn't like, asks the Beavers but they want to charge too much. Eventually Gerald does deliver the letter but flies back with the news that Miss Stork has sent her greetings too early, much to everyone's amusement. Mr. Cunningham, the Fox, decides to visit Miss Ant for a free meal but she is broke and too proud to admit it. Mr. Cunningham is refused entry and Miss Ant invites him back the next day which means that she has to go out that night and search for food. She has no luck, and pretends not to be in when the fox calls. A further disaster occurs when a hurricane hits her house and she is rescued by Milord the Horse. She stays at the Beavers' home who offer to build a new house for her. Everyone decides to help - even Miss Stork who elects herself as "the Boss." She is quickly sacked and goes off in a huff. When her house is finished Miss Ant gives a party at which everyone (including Miss Stork) has a good time. Zippy the Hare takes a long time to deliver Shelley the Tortoise's medicine and when Miss Stork finds him sleeping in the forest she tells him off and delivers the package herself. A cold wind causes her to catch a cold and, at first, the animals don't believe that she is ill but when they visit her they discover that she has fallen out of her nest and Uncle Gerard flies off for some medicine which soon makes her well. Shelley visits the Beavers who have fixed his "Shelleymobile" but on the way home he is stopped by Zippy pretending to be a policeman. The disguise is recognised by George the Guinea-Pig who tells Zippy to be off. Boris the Wolf, the eternal wanderer, sings of his loneliness in the forest and when his friends come to see him he tells them "I want to be alone..."


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Distributor Spectrum (PolyGram)
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Release Date September 1981
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