Black Sunday 1960

director: Mario Bava  




Alternative Titles

  • La maschera del demonio
  • Die Stunde
  • Wenn Dracula Kommt
  • The Mask of Satan



Dare you strare into the eyes and discover deep within them the unspeakable terrifying secret of.... Black Sunday
BLACK SUNDAY - the one day in every century when satan is allowed to walk freely on earth. As the spiked mask of the demon is hammered onto the face of the evil Princess Asa, she curses the House of Vadja. Two centeries later her rotting corpse is still craving the drop of blood that will revive her demented hatred. Then two doctors stumble on her tomb and it isn't long before the night echoes with chilling invitation - "Come to me, kiss me, you will die but you will bliss beyond the reach of mortals..." Based on Nikolai Gogol's short story, "The Vigg", BLACK SUNDAY is one of the most universally acclaimed horror films of all time. With BLACK SUNDAY, Italian director Mario Bava claimed the title of "Master of Terror" and Barbara Steele became the First Lady of Horror. "There is no horror without beauty...Black Sunday is as beautiful as anything in any horror film anywhere." Raymond Durgant "Brilliant Black and White Photography....overhwlemingly terrifying atmosphere... Ed Nada author of "Horror from Scream to Scream" "...eerie Gothic atmosphere...a masterpiece of the genre." John Stanley's Creature Feature Movie Guide "Quality of the visual narrative superb... the best Black and White photography to enhance a horror movie on the past two decades." Carlos Clarens author of the definate book 'Horror Movies' "Undoubtedly Mario Bava's best and most atmospheric horror movies with moments of visual eeriness that provides an almost claustrophobic sensation of terror." Alan Frank, Film Crtic of the Daily Star

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Distributor Vampix (Videomedia)
Catalogue Number HVM1026
Release Series
Release Date October 1982
Duration: 81m 20s
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Notes Read more about this video, which is featured in the book The Art of the Nasty
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