Don't Go in the House 1979

director: Joseph Ellison  




United States



In a steel room built for revenge they die burning... in chains
Donny Kohler is sick. Very sick. He was cruelly abused as a child by his mother. He is 27 years old now and his mother is dead. Her death changes him - a long-dormant psychosis is brought to life. He methodically prepares his revenge. His first victim is a beautiful young girl. He burns her alive in a metal room he has built for vengeance. He cannot stop killing once he's committed this first gruesome murder. He keeps the horribly charred corpses in the house with him, dressed in mother's finest gowns. He shares his feelings and thoughts with them in a way he never could with living people, but suddenly a form of conscience begins causing him nightmares and hallucinations. Donny Kohler is lost in the terror of his own life... and the final revenge comes from his victims.


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Distributor Arcade (VideoSpace)
Catalogue Number AV007
Release Series
Release Date May 1982
Duration: 79m 01s
Printed Classification

Note: Later released (1983) in a certificate "X" theatrical version, running 77m 19s.

The cover has small BBFC: 18 (X) stickers front and back.

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User Reviews:
by lastmarine
So lets talk about Donny.... No, not Donny Darko, Donny Kohler. What! You haven't heard of Donny Kohler? Where the hell have you been hiding up until now? You need to get yourself a copy of Don't Go In The House pronto Sonny-Jim. In reality of course you could be forgiven for not having seen this film. Even Dan Grimaldi now retired from acting, and working as a history teacher somewhere admits to having little memory of this movie. But sometime back in his younger years, Grimaldi played the leading role in this fairly below the radar, low budget shocker titled 'Don't Go In The House'. The title alone tells a story of its time, another of the infamous 'DON'T' titles, an association of a million and one zero budget, drive-in, B movies from the 1970's. Don't go here, Don't look there, Don't waste your time with this movie........ But wait, hang on a tick, DON'T jump on your high-horse just yet. For Don't Go In The House might actually have one or two fairly nasty little suprises, tucked away in its dark little nooks and crannies, one or two grisly little treats you may actually find you have a soft spot for? I know I do. Which is why an original cinema quad poster of DON'T GO IN THE HOUSE adorns the door into my tape room. The story is a simple one, it plays off the strengths of those that have come before it, most notably Hitchcocks 'Psycho'. One might even go as far as to call this a complete rip-off of Psycho. An adult male, secretive, sinister, simple! Ignored by most, bullied by some, still living with his over protective and over demanding mother, tormented by memories of an unhappy childhood tortured by his mothers flame (literally). After the untimely death of his mommy, Donny is set free or at least he thinks he is. However it's not long before the voices set in, those soothing voices, always know just what to say and more importantly just what to do! Not content with his personal cremation of mother, Donny sets out on the road in search of more victims, innocent young females, to lure back to his house and proceed to burn them naked and chained in his room of revenge. Extremely lurid and mean-spirited scenes are on offer in the first on screen murder, arguably in my opinion rivaling any of the most disturbing scenes the DPP has to offer, and perhaps much more. Certainly it is made of strong stuff, and I challenge any who have seen it to disagree. One murder leads to another, and as the bodies begin to pile up in Donny's house, so does the mental baggage. One failed attempt latter, and it is Donny who is feeling the heat of the situation increasing, as the fallen seek a crispy revenge. Chargrill anyone? With the incredibly daring tagline featured on Arcade video's cover 'In a steel room built for revenge, they die burning in chains', how could the film fail to deliver? Well simple, it doesn't fail. In fact I'd say it is a triumph. It's a film that delivers it's narrative fluently with a suprisingly strong performance from its lead, the effects are good, the shocks work and the contents of the first murder are of the 'you have been warned' variety. All that aside, you have near 80 minutes of fine 70's Disco music to Groove to... Yeah baby! I'll round it off with the wisewords of the trailer: Don't go in the house! But if you do, don't say we didn't warn you!!! HAHAHAHA' LM