Mother's Day 1980

director: Charles Kaufman  



United States



Three college room-mates having their annual reunion, decide to go camping far away from the pressures of city life. As they lie in their sleeping bags reminiscing about college days, they begin to doze off. Suddenly, two deranged looking men (brothers Ike and Addley) plunge out of the darkness and stuffing the girls into their sleeping bags, drag them to a strange, lonely cabin where their mother lives. Once in the cabin, mother supervises her sons' various attacks on Jackie, whilst her two friends, who are tied up, watch in horror. The three girls manage a terrifying escape the next day.

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Distributor VTC
Catalogue Number VTC1137
Release Series
Release Date February 1984
Printed Classification
User Reviews:
by Lee James Turnock
Nubile young women will insist on going camping in the creepy forest, and deranged hillbillies will insist on dragging them back to their shithole shacks to mistreat them. Yeah, it's another of the late seventies - early eighties cycle of slasher films, except this one was made by the notorious Troma organisation, back when they actually tried to make a decent film occasionally instead of the usual self-consciously gross / tasteless / outrageous bollocks. [i]Mother's Day[/i] isn't always successful, and the emphasis on the degradation of the victims didn't win it many friends in the critical and censorious communities (it remains banned in Britain), but there are still enough surprises and imaginative touches to make it worth a look if you're interested in the offbeat. Or you might just want to see a loathesome inbred thug cop a claw hammer in the goolies whilst his brother gets drain cleaner poured down his throat. It's all down to the individual. A tentative thumbs up from me, though.