Superstition 1982

director: James W. Roberson  




United States

Alternative Titles

  • The Witch



You'll believe it just before you die...
n [sic] 1784, the witch Elondra Sharack is sentenced to death by crucifixion, but as Satan's daughter her evil spirit cannot be destroyed and lurks in the lake (known as Blackpond). 200 years later a series of bizarre killings shock the area and the young Rev David Thompson assists the police with their investigations while installing the new vicar and his family into the house by the lake. The last family who ived [sic] there al [sic] met with gruesome deaths. The Reverend's daughter is attacked and his son meets with a hideous death, and while Thompson researchs [sic] the horrible facts of Elondra's past, the rest of the family and the chief of police are brutally murdered.

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Distributor VTC
Catalogue Number VTC1036
Release Series
Release Date December 1982
Duration: 81m 30s
Printed Classification
Notes First release

Trailers: The Changeling.
User Reviews:
by lastmarine
Demonic horror has always been a soft spot for me, in that, if done well it's one of the few areas of supernatural horror that can attually keep me awake. To expalin why, would need some serious soul searching, as it's not something I can just answer in a sentence, however whatever the reasons behind my tortured atheism, when the cinematic ingredients are mixed well enough together, demonic horror can prove to be quite nerve tingling. I try and shy aware from the term 'scare', since i'm a long way off sleeping with the lights on, but lets just say watching the Exorcist gave me at least a small shudder the first time I watched it (perhaps why it remains a favourite of mine even today 15 years on - and for the obseravnt amongst you, yes I am still on the good side of 30). All that said and done, I dont want to fool you into thinking Superstition is on par with The Exorcist, far from it. However whether or not the intention originally was to create a similar film, or just to ride off the success of its predocessor is irrelevant, since the final product is a cinemactic success, which stands horns and pitchfork above many of its peers and when you consider the sheer volume of demonic/possession/witch horror films that were churned out in the 1970s and 80s following the success of William Friedkins masterpiece, that's quite an acheivement in itself. The story surrounds an abandoned house owned by the church but long since forgotten about by the local clergy. Instead it has become a dumping ground for residents, a make-spot for high schoolers and a general pranksters haven. Recently though people have been turning up dead, some in the most horrific manor. The local police force suspect foul play. With the aid of the churchs' newest priest, a detective begins an investigation into the murders, only to uncover the grisly truth surrounding the history of the house. Witnessed through flashbacks, it becomes clear the evil goings on are as a result of the demonic hauntings of a long since executed witch back in the 1600's. Armed only with the truth and a powerful ancient crucifix, can the young priest stop Satan's dwellings before a new family are massacred? Ok so the plot is perhaps not the most groundbreaking in the genre. But regardless of that, the story is delivered flauently with strong performances from nearly all the cast. The murders are plentyful from start to finish, and it is of no suprise to learn that this title appeared on the Section 3 list from the DPP, since it certainly has its fair share of bloodshed and gory deaths. Head explosions, decapitation, inpalement, just some of the treats in store, and whilst some deaths may take place off-screen, the rather alarmingly good effects on the killer and tension surrounding its appearances are chilling. It's refreshing to see a horror movie, where the makers have the courage to keep that suspence running right through till the end, without feeling the need to hollywoodise it, ie provide the expected, this is demonstrated in a number of elements that I don't want to spoil for you by listing. Although there really is nothing wildly original in this movie, it is still a highly entertaining, and hopefully at least mildly chilling cinematic experience, and is one I would recommend to any horror fan, cult-fan or otherwise. LM