Because He's My Friend 1978

director: Ralph Nelson  




Alternative Titles

  • Love Under Pressure
  • Peter



Eric and Anne have been married for fourteen years and are still deeply in love. They describe their marriage and home life as perfect, but how valid is the image they have created for themselves?

A Canadian in the Royal Navy. Eric is transferred on exchange to the Australian Navy and is to undergo the rigorous Commanding Officer Qualifying Course. With him come his American wife Anne and his son, Peter.

Twelve year old Peter is retarded. He has the mental age of three and is unable to perform even the simplest tasks for himself. By devoting herself completely to him, attending to his needs and wishes every minute of the day and avoiding tantrums by not enforcing discipline, Anne has so far coped and maintained a degree of peace and stability in the home.

Anne enrolls young Peter in a special school where the headmaster Geoff Morgan. who understands from experience the difficulties faced by a family with a retarded child, suggests to Anne some basic changes in their attitude to Peter.

Anne is reluctant to accept Geon's observations and advice. but has reached the point of desperation and knows she cannot for much longer continue in the pattern she has established.

However, while Eric cannot accept his son's limitations, he is unable to accept Anne's new methods with the boy, seeing them as harsh and cruel.

A coming school sports day assumes an importance out of all proportion as Eric drives Peter to train for the races, determined to prove that his son can achieve and is not like his fellow pupils.

Unless Eric can be made to accept reality there is little hope for the continuation of his career success, for the marriage, or for the boy.

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