Blood and Black Lace 1964

director: Mario Bava  



Italy, France, West Germany

Alternative Titles

  • Sei donne per l'assassino
  • Six femmes pour l'assassin
  • Blutige Seide
  • Blood & Black Lace



One stormy night, Isobeella is murdered outside Contessa Cristiana's lavish fashion salon where she worked with four other models. Her diary is found by Nicole. It contains entries mentioning drug addiction and illicit affairs concerning the models, their men friends, and Cristiana's partner Morlacchi. Peggy steals and burns the diary bringing upon herself the sadistic wrath of a masked intruder. Nicole's nude and mutilated corpse is now discovered. Meanwhile, Greta drags Peggy's body indoors from the tree trunk where it has been deposited. She is strangled by a masked figure. Inspector Silvestri, who has been holding all the male suspects in custody, is forced to release them when he realises that none of them could have committed this last murder. Terrified, the last remaining model packs in readiness to leave Cristiana's house, which she shares. She is drowned in a bath by a ssmasked figurewho turns out to be Cristiana, the killer also of Greta. The other murders, including (previously) that of Cristiana's husband, had been commited by Morlacchi in the guise of a sex maniac. The lovers had planned the killings together to mislead the police and the true source of their guilt, contained in the diary. Morlacchi now arranges for Cristiana, whose wealth he covets, to fall to her death. But she returns covered in blood, and shoots him in the back as they embrace.

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Distributor IFS (Iver Film Services)
Catalogue Number
Release Series Videorama
Release Date Nov 1979
Printed Classification
Notes First release, adapted Super 8mm box
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